The First Hair Show in Dubai at Art Nation 2014 on Friday the 23rd of May at BURJUMAN


The very First “Hair Show” will be taking place this Friday the 23rd at BURJUMAN as part of Art Nation at 7:00pm. Art Nation strives to showcase talent and creativity in every genre, then why should hair be ignored. We have some of the most brilliant hair stylists working in this region and at this show you will witness the work by Splendour Beauty & Hair Centre.

ImageMalini Ohri is the founder of Splendour Beauty & hair Centre 
Splendour Beauty & Hair Centre :At Splendour the therapists can take care of your every beauty need- Hair, Skin ,Body ,Nails , Make-up and Slimming.
Splendour even provides make-up & hair styling classes that are taught by Malini Ohri & her team of experts.

Malini Ohri is a well known name in Dubai in the field of cosmetology, she is a UK trained health and beauty therapist, make-up artist, Reiki master and aromatherapist with over 30 years of multi-facetted experience in these fields.She has always supported creativity and its no wonder she is the first to step in to showcase the First Hair Show in Dubai which predominately celebrates the craftsmanship and skills of Hair Stylists. Her along with her leading team at Splendour will be creating some outstanding works of Art using Hair!



At Splendour Beauty & Hair Centre with the Team– Located on Mina Road – Dubai



Malini Ohri is also the Founder of Saante– 100% pure aromatherapy products for the mind, body & face. 

To find out more about Splendour:

Don’t miss the most exciting Hair Show on Friday the 23rd of May at BURJUMAN – we will be sizzling the ramp sharp at 7:00pm with Malini Ohri’s team of experts and our Gorgeous Models!

Art Nation:

Make Up Artists take the stage at Art Nation’s Makeup Competition – On 17th May at BURJUMAN

The Competing Makeup Artists introduced online!! See them Live on 17th of May at BUR JUMAN

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Art Nation sticks to its promise and offers creative minds in every genre a chance to shine, leaving no stone unturned, and no genre ignored, we are extremely happy to include the Craftsmanship and Skills of Make Up Artists at Art Nation. This is a platform that offers Make Up Artist recognition and appreciation for their talents and efforts- the theme this year is RETRO GLAM and the makeup is Sponsored by none other than the ever popular brand in the region, BOURJOIS.

BOURJOIS celebrates its 150th anniversary The history of BOURJOIS is a narrative of beauty and the desire to enhance the beauty regime of women, through the decades and also of France and its capital, Paris. BOURJOIS tells the story of an evolving society, accompanying and enchanting generations of women. For 150 years now, the colour, joy, complicity, and authenticity of a unique expertise remain at the heart…

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The Performing Artists at Art Nation 2014 – (Part 2)

Watch the youngest DJ in Dubai take stage at ART NATION 2014

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Anas Abdul Aziz – I met Anas when I was looking for a choreographer and he was highly recommended by a friend, on meeting Anas, I couldn’t believe how young he was and I wasn’t sure if he could handle the pressure, but not only did Anas prove me wrong. His dedication and attitude towards my event was remarkable, he made people who couldn’t walk right – actually Dance – I have been working with Anas ever since and I am so happy that he will be performing on Art Nation Stage – a few words from Anas: “My name is Anas Abdul Aziz, hailing from God’s own country, Kerala. I was born and brought up in Dubai, and I’m 21 years of age. I’ve always had a passion for dancing, although I took it up as a profession only three years ago. I started off by being a part…

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The Talented Film Makers at Art Nation 2014

The Final List of Film Makers at Art Nation 🙂

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My fascination with moving pictures (Motion Films) led me to camp for a Film Screening at an Art Show. It took 3 years and now finally we have everyone in agreement, that “Films” are a sacred form of Art, where a story is told using Color & Sound. The beauty of storytelling combined with technology that we have at our finger tips gives this genre a Power like no other.

When we got a thumbs up for the Screening at Art Nation this year, we went all out trying to get Film Makers to Submit their work, which resulted in a combination of Films, from various Film makers and also from various genres, most of the films you will see at Art Nation 2014 this year are  Produced locally and we also have a few International submissions to showcase as well.

Its with great pleasure and Honor that I introduce…

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High Fashion at Art Nation – Watch Wearable Art Walk the ramp on 16th and 24th May only at BURJUMAN

If there was one form of Art that spoke to millions, it would definitely be FASHION. With its constant movement with the current times, and its strong roots in the past. Fashion has re created itself and remained fresh in every era. Fashion is a form of Art that has defined generations, has influenced the young, the old, the conservative and the outspoken. Its been an instrument for the rebel to speak without uttering a word, it has been symbol of style and a hint of ones personality all wrapped in the colors of the current season.

This incredible form of expression comes to ART NATION 2014- Featuring the works by 4 Designers this year, showcased on 16th and 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

Introducing the Fashion Designers of ART NATION:



Fashion | Image | Design | Serendipity


SASH is the essential new fashion statement for real women. Indo-western fusion finds its home in bohemian design essence, compiled by two designer sisters. When the method of Sandhya and the madness of Sheetal combine, style connoisseurs can look forward to new garbs sculpted to become classics.



Sandhya Rajan is a student of Fashion and Events from JD Institute of Technology and a self-proclaimed Gypsy. Her eye for detail and thirst for adventures through garments, textures and colours makes her an essential part of what SASH stands for. Sandhya believes every design in life has a story and the wearer is the storyteller.

Sheetal Rajan is an writer, traveller and designer working in advertising. She injects the madness in to SASH with her artistic flair and her passionate need to be different. Sheetal believes it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.


–          Launched Summer Collection “REBELLIOUSLY HAPPY” at Fashion for All – 2014

–          SASH goes online on and – 2013

–          Showcased DIDO Collection at JYK Fashion House, Jumeirah – 2012.

–          Won the Best Fashion Designer Award at Fashion for All 2012

–          Launched Third Collection “DIDO” at Fashion for All – 2012

–          Showcased THE GYPSY at O Concept Store, Jumeirah – 2011

–          Launched Second Collection “THE GYPSY” at Fashion for All – 2011

–          Launched First Collection “ELEMENTS” @ Fashion for All – 2010

–          Finalist of Swarovski Young Designers Award – April 2008

–          Designed National Costume for Middle East Model Agnessa Vuthaj for Top Model of the World – 2007

–          Showcased at Creations Show, BurJuman as Upcoming Designer – 2007

Snaps of SASH Collection:











Rahymat Elarif is a fashion designer, writer and fashion photographer from Comoros islands but now living in United Arab Emirates. She holds an honor degree of Arts in fashion design from a UK university called BEDFORSHIRE and certified as a professional Make-up Artist from a French fashion university called ESMOD. Co-founder of the clothing brand, LADY RE-COUTURE, house of Haute Couture and Couture creating clothes for Women, Men and children. She is deeply passionate with the previous decades from the 20s to 80s in a point that she always creates a story behind her work that defines her signature style issued from her personality. Mystery is another way of attraction to her the reason why she loves doing things in a unique way. “I never seek perfection, I seek rightness because when I do it right that`s when it becomes perfect in a simple way ART is what completes me as an Artist….”

Rahymat Elarif’s Brand LREC at ART NATION 2014.






Introducing Saadiah Lakhani, a passionate fashionista of nineteen years. “My inclination was always towards fashion since early childhood, I found an endless interest in dressing myself up in different clothes and this later turned into an overflowing eagerness to know more about style adding to the rushing urge to enter the fashion world, coming up with my very own clothing line. Moreover, I did a short make up diploma which is a major part of styling , after that, I decided to pursue a diploma in fashion designing. I believe fashion and styling form an integral part of a person’s personality and everyone is accustomed to their own choices. Being in this world, I am understanding the fashion world better and I hope one day I am able to come up with my own clothing line.”

To Watch the works of these talented Fashion Designers visit ART NATION 2014 from May 15th till the 24th at BURJUMAN:


Make Up Artists take the stage at Art Nation’s Makeup Competition – On 17th May at BURJUMAN


Art Nation sticks to its promise and offers creative minds in every genre a chance to shine, leaving no stone unturned, and no genre ignored, we are extremely happy to include the Craftsmanship and Skills of Make Up Artists at Art Nation. This is a platform that offers Make Up Artist recognition and appreciation for their talents and efforts- the theme this year is RETRO GLAM and the makeup is Sponsored by none other than the ever popular brand in the region, BOURJOIS.

BOURJOIS celebrates its 150th anniversary The history of BOURJOIS is a narrative of beauty and the desire to enhance the beauty regime of women, through the decades and also of France and its capital, Paris. BOURJOIS tells the story of an evolving society, accompanying and enchanting generations of women. For 150 years now, the colour, joy, complicity, and authenticity of a unique expertise remain at the heart of a brand that knows and loves women.

To make this experience for all the contestants as fair and exciting as possible the selected Judges are not only experts in the Makeup industry but also adored and highly regarded in this region for their knowledge and fine taste.

Meet our incredibly talented judges for the Make Up Competition.


Aleksandra Mainka – Judge

Middle East Marketing Manager – BOURJOIS

I had the pleasure of meeting Aleksandra at her office, in first glance you would mistaken her for a walking doll. She is well poised, polite, and most importantly her make up is immaculate! We discussed the Art Nation event and her eyes glimmered as she spoke passionately about her love for Fine Arts and also about make up. Her energy is extremely positive and she is 100 percent one of the best judges for a competition like ours at Art Nation where the most important trait required is passion and Aleksandra offers that in abundance.

A few words from Aleksandra about herself: “I am Polish but currently living in Dubai. I grew up in the Polish countryside, studied and travelled in Poland before settling down in Paris to start my adventure in the world of fashion and beauty. I graduated in marketing and international business, followed my passions and have worked for beauty brands since. About 15 months ago I packed my LBD and the wind of change brought me to the desert. I landed in Dubai as marketing manager for Bourjois, feminine and joyful make-up brand with the French accent. I like getting flowers, drinking coffee (preferably Cappuccino), waking up early and getting lost in the Louvre’s countless halls. My motto: If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep.Actively trying to find a solution to make the day last longer than 24hrs.”



Reshu Malhotra – Judge

Celebrity Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Founder:The Artist Beauty Lounge

It was a few years ago when I came across this wonderfully written Blog by Reshu: “Essence of beauty-the inner you” – her writing was honest and also very insightful to an outsider like myself. I was on the look out for a makeup Artist for Fashion For All and after reading her work, I knew I could approach her. She not only agreed to be our makeup Artist for FFA 2012 but she offered support that left an unforgettable impression on all of us. On meeting Reshu, I was surprised by how gentle she was with all the models, there was a kindness in her eyes and acceptance in her demeanor.  Reshu made everyone feel at ease and like her writing, she patiently studied each individual and offered the best options for their face structure and skin tone. Her expertise and professional approach is what makes Reshu a very special Makeup Artist. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently at her newly opened Salon – “The Artist beauty Lounge”  – we are proud to see Reshu become an entrepreneur – She is truly inspiring and without a doubt having her as one of Judges at the Make Up Competition is truly an honor.

The allure of  “RESHU MALHOTRA” a versatile Makeup Artist and a Fashionist

Every face has a god’s own gifted feature but shines and look beautiful with mystic strokes of brush by Reshu Malhotra , Reshu Malhotra is a preferred and mostly recalled name in the fashion and beauty world . A lady behind so many happy bride’s ,celebrities from  bollywood & fashion fratenity and so many fashion event .

Reshu comes from an Indian family from Delhi where modesty and kindness are a daily affair and thus humbleness and kindness flows in her every act of art and life. After finishing her formal education, she winged her career with prominent airline in India and now an International brand “Jet Airways” and as being a perpetual aspirational in her life and career she moved into international waters with an entry into the world most preferred airline “Emirates” and staged the growth of her career with performance awards .Her unending quest to achieve something larger than life and spreading happiness in society saw her activating her fervor art of makeup in less that 3 years.She now is a name surely will not go unnoticing in the industry.

Having learned the art of makeup from The London makeup school , Esmod Dubai , Makeup For Ever , Hairstyling from Fat Mu pro Makeup Academy and a Certified skin care consultant from world favourite skin care Brand Dermalogica . Reshu also has international certification in Airbrush Makeup , Special Effects (SFX) makeup .  Her work is noteworth and noticeable  everywhere from the most high fashion to notable red carpet looks .The charmer has gone an extra miles for so many happy brides to give them their desired look for their D day. Being a habitual seeker and giver she passionately talks and write about her life, life events and profession in her own blog which now for many women world over is fast becoming the dictionary for beauty, fashion , styling and makeup tips as where she inspires and advice her follower’s on her favourite beauty and makeup products ,techniques and trends. A name who has created its mark very soon in middle east and has follower’s from all over the world. Reshu is also a social media aficionado where one will see her sharing her thoughts and work related topics. She is a very popular and beautiful face in social media and expresses herself vividly.

Her unceasing Zest for creating beautiful faces saw her launching a state of The Art beauty Lounge “The Artist beauty Lounge” located at Oud Metha behind Move n Pick Hotel. Reshu’s Artistic outlook in her words ,” If beauty was yet to be discovered , I would love to be the first one but now i will only make you realize how beautiful you are …

Meet the Competing Artists of Art Nation 2014:


Janki Darshan – Makeup Artist

Hi, I’m Janki Darshan. I was born and brought up in Dubai. I’ve always been inspired by this vibrant city and all the different cultures here. I’ve had a passion for art and design ever since I can remember. At a very young age I started experimenting with colors and different styles. I am currently Studying fashion design at the CEE institute at the knowledge village. I believe that applying make up is an art that needs to be practiced. It is something I’m truly passionate about and would love to pursue it further along with fashion designing.




Diana Saldhana – Makeup Artist 

Diana has over a decade of experience in the Beauty industry, she has worked with some of the most notable Salons in the region, from doing makeup for individuals to working exclusively for Bridal Makeup as well. In Diana’s experience, she has covered Theater actors, She has also worked on TV shows as a Makeup Artist, and for shoots, which require very specific looks and demands very skilled hands. With every experience, Diana wishes to explore her talent further with Art Nations Makeup Competition.




Zainab Rehman – Makeup Artist

My name is Zainab Rehman I am 18 years of age and I was born and bought up here in Dubai but my nationality is Indian.. I just graduated my high school and now just trying to discover myself and see what my life takes me to! I wanna become an dental surgeon as well as an makeup artist!  It’s one of my dreams to glam up celebrities and model! My love for makeup started at an really early age and got serious when I came across YouTube! And saw some really wonderful girls teaching others the basics and tips and tricks and that’s how I mastered it!  I consider Promise Phan as my huge role model! , She has got some serious magic in her hands!!

Nicole Odufua Dania – Makeup Artist
Applying makeup on other women means giving them confidence and making them feel comfortable and beautiful it gives me great joy. This is a passion of mine and true beauty shines from within, makeup can only highlight whats already inside. My specialty is my ability to work with all skin shades, Dark and light and I would love to showcase my talent on stage at Art Nation.
Noreen Shehryar
As being born in an artist environment I was always surrounded by vibe rant colors! Half of my family is a  born  artist , so holding a brush n stroking it into creation was my favorite pass time
Being a makeup artist n hairstylist in an already saturated market isn’t an easy task but standing in the crowd is inevitable ! So for past 6 years I’ve been doing this freelance work and realize that each year there are hundreds of MUA’s these school of art produce but very few of them are up to the standard !
Whenever I do makeup and hair I do it with all my passion n heart because I’ve set my own bar very high , either my way or highway! Even if I’m doing 5 in a row ,I see them as my blank canvas  waiting to be filled by me. I’ve a passion of doing bride makeovers and change faces ,and feel so satisfied after seeing there faces fills with joy!”
With a few days leading up to the Make Up Competition – we request everyone to attend this unique competition held on Saturday the 17th of May at BURJUMAN – come watch incredibly talented contestants on stage from 7:30pm till 8:30pm.



The Exhibiting Artist of Art Nation 2014 – (Part 2)


Amruta Ketkar

PASSION CAME TO REALITY – I have always been fascinated by colours and design forms, which inspired me to take a degree in Applied Art. After having worked in different design studios in India and Dubai for several years, I am now pursuing my passion for colours. Painting is like meditation for me. It gives me a great peace of mind and a wonderful opportunity to express myself in vibrant colours, especially when I am all stressed by handling responsibilities as a young mother. It is a great feeling when my daughter recognizes elements from my paintings. It always motivates me to paint and do more.

You can see Amruta’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Rizwana Buch

Having a creative mind since childhood, I dived in to meaningful paintings and my subjects varied as did my tastes through my extensive travel. I have used various mediums but my favorite by far has been using gumming powder to draw portraits and using palette knife to bring the work of art to life.

You can see Rizwana’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.



Anupa Bhambhaney

Anupa Bhambhaney was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and currently resides in Dubai. She is a qualified Accounting professional and worked for several years in the corporate world with audit and banking roles but fate had other plans for her. One fine day, she gave in to an urge within her to start the journey as an artist Anupa has a style, which embodies a free spirit and movement similar to the flowing water. The paintings reflect the various stages of human life in the form of myriad concentric circles. The paintings have evolved into warm vistas of simple images with nature showering its blessings into our lives. The colour palette is warm and takes inspiration from the Middle Eastern sun. Anupa considers painting to be her connect with the divine.

You can see Anupa’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Devayani Dayal

Devayani Dayal is the Founder and CEO of She Moves – Chic Active Wear, a retail concept that will sell stylish fitness apparel to women who aspire toward a healthy lifestyle in the UAE from January 2011.  Devayani graduated with honours in Dance (BFA Hons. Fine Art – Dance) from York University in Toronto in 2005 and went on to do her MBA in Marketing and Consumer Psychology from Queen’s University, Ontario in 2008. When she is not working, Devayani is an avid traveler and also enjoys creating works of art with chalk pastel, acrylic and stippling. She is most interested in shapes and forms through the exploration of geometry and the human body. Her work is a reflection of her experiences and the geometric painting has incredible depth and attention to detail.

You can see Devatani’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Nadeem Ismail

Nadeem Ismail, an English born young 11 year old can best be described as an Artist in denial and a very unique personality. Family and friends add that once he has a creative brain, he will not rest or be aware of his surrounding until his message is brought to artistic life. Recently, he was nominated as his YEAR 6 leader in Wellington International school to be in charge of prop creations for the school annual play. His art work not only includes different themes such as, instruments and buildings, but he has also taken part in art competetions. Over the last two years, his work has been exhibited at Art Nation, Meydan Race Course, Treasures of the UAE SMCCU Art Competition and Wellington International school, through the support of his peers and teachers he will strive to continue with pieces that will leave his fans wanting more.

FB:  Https://

You can see Nadeem’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.



Kuchay Visweswar has a Painting degree from Rabindra Bharathi University Calcutta India. Teaching is my passion Presently teaching art to young students in Dubai, Exhibited widely in India and Dubai I’ve always been interested in FACE and the Figure, which has led me to render with strong color, pattern and detail. Basically works in Acrylic and watercolor medium.

You can see Kuchay’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Veena Devagiri

Veena is one of the most passionate Artist’s I have come across with also a very mechanical inclination. Veena is not only a gifted painted but also has used an Old Cycle wheel to invent a Color Wheel  using “Spin and Paint” tool – which propels around with a brush and produces mesmerizing rings of color – Her invention will be at Art Nation – she will be present from 4:00pm till 8:00pm at BURJUMAN on the weekends of Art Nation starting on the 15th of May. She gets a lot of her talent and encouragement from her Father, who is a renowned photographer from Ranibennur in Karnataka he is also a gifted Artist like Veena. When growing up, she used to be inspired by his love for the Arts. Veena aspires to fulfill her passion for Arts and Handicrafts.

You can see Veena’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Priya Dilip Kumar

A visionary artist who has a way of reflecting spiritual experiences, an echo of her feelings on a deeper realm into her canvas. Her approach towards painting is genuinely positive depicting an immensely efficacious attitude towards life. Her belief that her creations are a blessing from the cosmic powers shows her modest self and the invaluable strength she Priya has had her exhibits including solo and collective shows at various prominent places in U.A.E and India.Even though she has carved a niche with her unique style of expressionism , she is exceptionally good with portraits and real life images .She has grown from painting as fun to, painting as hobby to painting as passion.

0nline Gallery:

You can see Priya’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Jagruti Narwani

Being in the Media Industry and full time into events for almost 2 years, I hit the peak of boredom. My desire to do something creative after working hours got me to an art supply shop. While I stood staring at a blank canvas, I wondered how one would paint on this. After some intelligent and many stupid questions thrown at the shopkeeper, I purchased my first canvas and oil paints. My relationship with canvas and colors started 4 years ago and it is going strong each day! Definitely the one I’d want to keep for many more lives to come. Recently, I have got into making Black and White portraits using waste materials such as buttons, CDs, floppies, newspapers and old canvases. This has not only challenged my skill as an artist but has also given me intense satisfaction and peace. Every time I look at the bin to trash something, I wonder how I could put it into use while creating an art piece. With no training at all and no conscious efforts to begin with, it is only God’s grace that has got me so far in the world of art. Painting is my Meditation, my addiction!

You can see Jagruti’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

Artist Shahla Shubu

A childhood full of drawing and painting, graduated in Applied Arts from College of Fine Arts, Kerala,India and currently working as an art educator inspiring young minds. My passion for art has been the same throughout. I love keep experimenting and knowing more forms of visual art so that I work with different mediums and surfaces. Mixed media paintings, water medium, pyrography, graphics, illustrations, pottery designing, jewelry designing, doodling there goes my list. Art gives me pleasure and my artworks are mainly nature inspired. The forms and compositions of nature are admirable and a great source of inspiration for my art. But none of it was intentional, it all developed from my time pass doodling’s. I play with colors and experiment with textures and mediums.My paintings speaks for itself and whatever it says to the viewer – it’s the right message because there isn’t a wrong and a right message. Recently I have found that im attracted to bright blue color which evently took me to take peacocks as my subject. I painted playing with the color vibrancy, texturing with recycling, a juxtapose of nature and manmade things. In my journey I saw the beautiful nature, then how it adapted to the new situations, as man adapted himself for a better life.

You can see Shala’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Bindiya Farswani
Is a resident  Artist of Dubai, UAE. “I’m 29 years old and since birth The Almighty has blessed me with Cerebal Palsy. As a special needs child, in Dubai I first attended the Dubai Center for Special Needs. However being a bright & intelligent student, later on I decided to enroll myself in Keystone National High School, which is based in USA. Just last Dec, 2013 I successfully completed my high school & achieved my diploma. I believe Art is the language of soul & no one has to be a genius at first go- We learn as we do it. Being an art lover, I’ve managed to complete various types of art- silk painting, canvas, pot, water paints, oil paints, & pastels. Every week I attend art classes where most of the work is done by me, but when it’s tough to do the fine touch-ups, my art teacher Poonam Kakkar comes to my rescue.”
You can see Bindiya’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Reena Dhiman

Is a talented painter who combines different mediums and experiments with her style constantly. She is one of the few Artists who has the patience to work with coffee and Tea and Art Nation you will see some of her remarkable Portraits made with Coffee and Tea.

You can see Reena’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Poonam Kakkar 

Is a Dubai based Indian artist with a bachelors degree in psychology. Painting is enjoyable and exciting it transports you to a totally different state of mind and provides an excellent medium of self expression.Fell in love with this art form at a very young age. Started to understand colours and how much difference a bit of colour can make .Soon it had me experimenting with new mediums oils , fabrics and acrylic. My professional endeavors began as I was qualifying for formal diploma in oil painting.It was here that I got involved with the commercial aspects of my hobby. Looking back , my involvement in art grew from water based to oil , charcoal to pastels and from paper to canvas ,glass to fabric and silk as a medium and eventually to Tanjore. Want to spread joy and happiness through my work. Each piece of my art carried a piece of my heart ,a part of my soul and a moment of my life ! I find joy in sharing her skills and passing knowledge to students so they can create works of art also love working with special needs children.

You can see Poonams’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Yesha Sagar

Art is not just about my passion for creating something new, but its more than that. Ever since i realised the impact of art .. I have never been the same and therefore reaching out and creating a revolution has become my goal. Step by step, we all get what we want.


You can see Yesha’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

See these incredible Artists Exhibiting at Art Nation:



Art Nation’s Baking Competition – “The Bake OFF Challenge” on 15th May at BURJUMAN

As we all know, Dubai has a sweet craving for divine desserts and cakes. Not only do we demand great taste but the look and feel of the cakes are also getting increasingly important for all us “Dubaites”. Luckily this demand has open doors for enormous growth in the Baking sector, especially in Home Bakers, these passionate freelancers who are dedicated to creating the most delicious treats. With the high numbers of Bakers in one small city, the competition is tough and one of the best ways to stick out from the rest is by being creative – These creative Bakers are giving even the established Bakeries a run for their money.

At Art Nation we want to celebrate their passions and exhibit their Skills to the public by hosting the very first “Bake Off Challenge” where its all about the looks!

The live competition will be held on the 15th of May – the theme “Fashion” – from 6:30pm till 7:30pm at BURJUMAN.

For the competition to be fair and just, we have called upon industry professionals who are equally enthusiastic and passionate about food:-

There are 3 Judges who we are honored to have onboard this unique competition, Delna Prakashan, Ritu Chaturvedi & Group Executive Chef Glen from Arabian Courtyard & Spa –

Meet our Amazing Judges:-


Delna Prakashan – Judge

Ever since I can remember I have always been a food connoisseur. From a very young age I would read cookbooks like fiction and watch food shows as they were cartoons. I graduated in Hospitality Management from the famous Emirates Academy of the Jumeirah Group. In 2010, I began blogging under the name ‘Discover Spice!’ as I had a passion to share my own life’s lessons through food and travel. My mantra when it comes to cooking great food is keep it simple, bring in your best intention and keep your counter clean! My specific interest lies in patisserie and boulangerie because, for me that’s where taste, art and science intersect in perfect harmony. My dream one day is to enroll at the French Pastry School in Chicago and open up a patisserie as a community project in India.


twitter @discoverspice



Ritu Chaturvedi – Judge

I have a master degree in English Literature and a professional background in Art but no formal education on Food photography or Food Styling. My food blog is the result of my love for Food, and food styling. Everything I know on this from my own experience and experiments. Kitchen is my creative zone, every day I love to cook healthy and delicious food. For me presentation and styling of food is as important as the taste.

Empty plate is a blank canvas for me in which I present colorful food to create delicious delights. I believe in cooking organic and natural food. Food should be prepared with love and passion.

The colors of vegetables & fruits and the varieties of species are my inspirations. I develop recipes, take pictures of cooked food and post them on to a website. This task gave me complete satisfaction and I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of cooking and presenting. I believe in “Eat better & feel better” concept and completely obsessed with healthy & honest food. Last two & half year I am contributing my recipes in Kitchen Classic column of Weekend Magazine of Khaleej Times. My 250 recipes are on my blog: ’Ritu’s Fuss free Cooking’

Ritu’s Blog:


Chef Glen

Chef Glen – Judge

Group Executive Chef Glen from the Arabian Courtyard Hotel is our 3rd Judge Glen is a Sri Lankan born, and he has been very passionate to his dream of becoming a Chef; he has joined various internships and cookery classes in Ceylon. Like all other professionals as a start Glen has worked as a kitchen helper in Sri Lanka in 1977. Glen never stopped in pursuing his dream; he has been to a lot of places like Amsterdam, Thailand, Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia where he developed his knowledge in Arabic Cuisine, England, China, United States of America, Doha & France from which he develop his French & Italian Cuisine.

He has also given the privileged of preparing the food for Queen Elizabeth 11 on her flight back to England in 1984 and also to cook at the Great Hall of the People in China when the President of Sri Lanka visited China in the year 1985. Currently Glen is the Executive Chef of Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa a 4 Star Deluxe Hotel in Bur Dubai since June of 2007. “Choose a profession that you most love and you will not work a single day” -Chef Glen



Our line up of contestants is as impressive as our Judges, we received over 30 applicants and from those 4 of the best were chosen to compete at Art Nation’s first Bake Off Challenge!


Sahar Latheef – Baker

A passionate and creative Baker, has been baking for years and launched her home based Baking Business since 2009- She has custom designed over 1000 cakes in the past few years and her popularity as an Artisian is what makes her one of the Bakers at Art Nation 2014.

“Born and brought up in Dubai, and having a degree in fashion, it’s quite odd that I ended up as a cake decorator! Started caking as a hobby almost 4 years ago after constant prodding from my sister. With no training whatsoever in the field, having a new business was probably a bad idea! But having a keen interest in art like painting and sculpting helped me with cakes, which also helped me know colors and combinations better and worked to my advantage. I love to learn and watch videos and classes online to make sure I’m learning and doing a better job with my cakes.”


Here are some of Sahar’s Creations:-


Sahar’s Travelling Bag Cake


Sahar’s Breakfast Cake


Sahar’s customized Cake


Sahar’s Princess Cake

To see more of Sahar’s work visit her FB page:



Shamim Ismael – Baker

Shamim Ismail, 35 years old, grew up in Zambia, Africa of British Nationality, free lance Events Manager, mother of 2 boys and known to be a chocoholic by friends and family. A bit of history where the passion of pastry came from, I grew up in a third world country, where getting a basic loaf of bread in the 1980s was difficult. Everything had to be either baked at home or imported from the neighbouring countries which were more developed. So, since I was 13 years old I started baking and the interest grew in baking and innovating different kinds of pastries and savoury foods. I have made cakes/bakes/childrens healthy treats for school/family/friends. I have been a secret baker. Suddenly, something happened early this January and I told myself I have to come out of my shell and be recognized for my work, as I am gifted with a talent that I can literally mold anything just by my imagination. So, I decided to take up a qualification in pastry and cake modelling which I successfully did. I am looking to specialize in chocolate as chocolate is my passion…. I promise all my fans I will not let you down and you will see more and more innovation in the future.

Some of Shamim’s Creations:-


Shamim’s Star Cake


Shamim’s Chocolate Chess Board


Shamim’s Chocolate Slipper Lollies


Shamim’s Customized Cake

To see more of Shamim’s work you can visit her FB page:  Https://


Arwa Federal – Baker

Mould, blend, create, whisk, expression, play, imagine, create the list can go on, watching Arwa Federal at work can add up to a lot of things but what she values most is satisfaction of knowing that each detail has been handled to perfection, juggling between baking and creating the perfect masterpiece, careful selection of the freshest ingredients to nailing the right expression she goes the whole nine yards.

Not one to rest on her laurels she’s constantly working on reinventing herself through a process of continuous learning from the best in the industry from both local and international celebrity cake artists, this contest being looked at as another milestone in her illustrious career. From baking for friends and family to Bollywood maestros and big wigs in the corporate world she’s now all set to challenge herself in front of a live audience, this is one contestant to watch out for!

Some of Arwa’s Creations:-


Arwa’s Customized Cake


Arwa’s Camera Cake


Arwa’s themed Birthday Cake


Arwa’s Handbag Cake


Arwa’s Cereal with Pouring Milk Cake

To see more Arwa’s work visit her FB page:


Samar Jalil – Baker

Is an incredibly talented Baker whose passionate about baking and decorating, giving her cakes a look and feel that are unique and very artistic. Hidden away in the cultural heart of UAE is Dolce Gateaux, a cake design studio that inspires from the nation’s diverse melting pot to create incredibly delicious works of art. It is a creative factory started because I have an incredibly huge sweet tooth, a passion for cakes, art, painting, sculpting and poetry. All this blessed with a marketable design sense perfected through the exposure to architecture studies and media planning. We create cakes that are cute, creative, fun and even flamboyant; with designs that range from classical and elegant to the fresh and contemporary. What makes it more interesting is that, we bake everything from scratch using the finest ingredients making it fun for us to try new flavor combinations that take you right back to a time when a bite of something sweet could make the world a little brighter.

Some of Samar’s Creations:-


Samar’s animation inspired Cake


Samar’s Starbucks Cakes & Cookies


Samar’s Customized Cake


Samar’s Floral Cake

To see more of Samar’s work add her on FB:

All Bakers will be competing on Thursday the 15th of May at BURJUMAN – you can catch them in action from 6:30pm till 7:30pm – the Stage will be set up near Virgin Mega Store. Come support these incredibly talented Bakers!

Zoya Umer

Zoya Umran – Baker

I started off baking as a hobby, and over time, it turned into a great passion! Baking whilst being a university student taught me a lot of things! It’s definitely a challenge, but certainly turned out to be a great idea in the long run as it helps me achieve a healthy balance between my priorities. Its even more fulfilling as I have the opportunity of meeting such wonderful people through this career.

In my head, my cakes need to look as perfect as it can, to the tiniest details possible! Playing with the colors, painting, decorating, for me, is the best way to spend my spare time! Creating a cake that is not only appealing to the eye, but tastes as good as it looks is a great factor i keep in mind! I try to satisfy customer needs down to the most minuscule detail, because I love making people happy! And if I have the power of spreading joy, why not? Practice makes perfect- applied it, doing it, and its going great! Practicing and being enthusiastic about baking is THE thing that has gotten me where I am today!















Zoya’s Shisha Inspired Cake

Zoya’s Baby Shower Cake

Zoya’s I Phone inspired Cake

To see more of Zoya’s Creations FB:

All the finished Cakes will be on Display at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May.

Art Nation:

The Performing Artists at Art Nation 2014 – (Part 2)


Anas Abdul Aziz – I met Anas when I was looking for a choreographer and he was highly recommended by a friend, on meeting Anas, I couldn’t believe how young he was and I wasn’t sure if he could handle the pressure, but not only did Anas prove me wrong. His dedication and attitude towards my event was remarkable, he made people who couldn’t walk right – actually Dance – I have been working with Anas ever since and I am so happy that he will be performing on Art Nation Stage – a few words from Anas: “My name is Anas Abdul Aziz, hailing from God’s own country, Kerala. I was born and brought up in Dubai, and I’m 21 years of age. I’ve always had a passion for dancing, although I took it up as a profession only three years ago. I started off by being a part of the dance troupe, The New Dance Factory (TNDF) I’ve been a part of several award functions, stage shows, concerts, fashion shows, etc. Recently I’ve also started choreographing for few events and now I’m into modelling as well. I was fortunate to be chosen as the hottie of the month, filmfare magazine middle east and the second runner up for the fair and handsome model hunt. My philosophy is, if you have a dream to achieve, all you have to do is work hard towards attaining it.”

You can watch Anas on the Art Nation Stage on Saturday 17th of May.


Sofia Abubaker  – I was sent a Youtube video by Sofia’s mom and I literally stopped what I was doing at the time, because her voice is amazingly refreshing and with her being so young, she can only get better! In her own words, “Hi, my name is Sofia Abubaker Im 11 years old and from Moscow. I’m living in U.A.E for a pretty long time already about 10 years. I love singing, photoshooting  and music really inspires me. I enjoy singing because it became my passion. I have entered a lot of competitions like; kidz stars, kidzania superstars, kids fest and many more! When I grow up I want to be a doctor because my whole family are doctors.”

You can watch Sofia on the Art Nation Stage on Thursday 22nd of May.


Two Men and a Baby Doll – Although this unique team of three just recently started working together, their chemistry is years in the making! They have bonded through the passion of Music and Dance.  The Guru of the group is the mastermind, Siva a young Sri Lankan who will take the world of dance and choreographing by storm in the upcoming days in the UAE.

Second member of this esteemed trio is the Dance instructor Anas Abdul Aziz, a young dancer and model whose million dollar smile will captivate all the gals.

And last but not the least is Swayam Bhatia – the Baby Doll.  A young 6 year old that can be found involved in various forms of performing arts. Wait and watch the exciting and unique collaboration you will witness when they all share a stage.

You can watch Two Men and a Baby Doll on the Art Nation Stage on Saturday 17th of May.


Sofia Shakin – I received around 6 emails from this talented young singer and her perseverance to come on stage to perform, got my attention. She is a sweet little girl, who really wanted the world to hear her sing and Art Nation really is the stage for passionate performers – In her own words, “Hi my name is Sofia Shakhin, I am 15 years old and I am from Russian – I was born in Palestine. I love to ski, I am professional for skiing and I run tracks and a basketball player. I love to sing I always wanted to perform and to become a singer. I want to make this dream come true.”

You can watch Sofia on the Art Nation Stage on Saturday 17th of May.


Allyssa “Yesha” Pardo –  was born in the Philippines on June 11, 2004.  At an early age she already showed signs of Musical inclination by humming some of her favorite songs.  By the age of three, whenever her Mom is having a singing session she usually grabs the microphone and sings on her own. From that moment on she will always be singing either just by herself or with somebody else.  Her love for singing continues until such time that she moved to Dubai and started joining Singing competitions.  Her talent branched out not just from singing but also with fashion modeling and acting. She has already done TV commercial and has participated in numerous Print Ads and Catwalk modeling, she has also been selected to represent her school in Group Musical Competition.  At a young age Allyssa has already participated in so many events either it be Modeling, Singing competition or just plain Talent Guesting.  With natural love for singing embodied in her, success will surely be just footsteps away.

You can watch Yesha on the Art Nation Stage on Thursday 22nd of May.


Ahmad Molham Makki – On meeting Makki, I was taken back by his maturity and serious concern for Peace in the world, his music and his words are a message of peace and harmony. T have such a sensitivity at this young age is remarkable. I am very excited to have him perform at Art Nation and spread the love.

Makki was born in Syria, 19-year-old Molham Rebel makes his way through the local scene of Hip-Hop in the U.A.E gradually. He captures the message that a lot of people who don’t have a voice want to say and puts it in a frame. A big fan of the positive rap, the kind of rap that actually can make changes, or at least he tries his best to portray that in his music. Trying as hard as he can to urge the people to change themselves before saying there is something wrong with the world, even though he believes that changes should happen in the community, but he also believes that the community would be a lot better if each of us as people to not look past our own faults.


You can watch Makki on the Art Nation Stage on Saturday 24th of May.


NICO JAVIER–  I had the pleasure of seeing Nico perform for my Talent show a couple of years ago and ever since, I have seen this young talent go from strength to strength, He has not only trained his voice but also is an incredible dancing sensation.

Just 11 years old, Nico’s passion for the arts has been evident from a young age. Through the years, his love for the performing arts evolved from singing to writing his own songs. During his downtime, he immerses himself in activities that can contribute and enhance his craft.

This June, he will be performing alongside other talented youth of Dubai as they present “We Are the World” at The Madinat Theatre.

More information about Nico’s journey can be found on his facebook page: NicoJavier.Rocks as well as on YouTube under Nico Javier.

You can watch NICO on the Art Nation Stage on Thursday 22nd of May.


D‘ Fashionista Girls– 3 amazing little girls, first auditioned for me for a talent show – where they were the winners in their age category. They are one of the most hardworking kids in the Business, you will see them performing in the biggest events in the UAE and I know for a fact that they will take the world by storm soon.

D’ Fashionista Girls began in October 2012 as a breakaway group from the kids fashion modelling. The group wanted to tryout in a talent contest and was fortunate to pass the audition. They became one of the favorites amongst the judges during the competition and reached the finals. Although they were not successful in being one of the winners, they maintained their commitment, dedication and discipline for dancing. They later on bagged 2 championship crowns and a couple of runner-up places.

The trio has 4 dedicated choreographers (Angel, CL, Marvin , Dave and Danny) each one has their own distinct style ranging from K-Pop, Jazz and Different styles of hip-hop like popping, krumping and lyrical. They have changed their craft and character and have carefully sorted their expression that appealed to a wider audience. They’ve been regularly invited to perform in different Malls and events within the Emirate.

The girls carry standards linked with their name, “Fashionista”. Not only do they support their name and choreographers with an obvious pride but they are also considered an act in itself. Their training has extended from the best dance education with extra detail and care put into their styling and costuming. They go an extra mile to make every performance with a noticeable passion and love for what they perfect.

D’ Fashionista Girls are Isabelle, Heart and Sheena.

You can watch D’ Fashionista Girls on the Art Nation Stage on Thursday 22nd of May.


Ajmal Abdul Rahiman AKA FURA – I met FURA last year when we were talent hunting for Art Nation, he is a force to be reckon with, this young performer really packs in the punches and his fan following transcends age groups. He raps with his heart and he sings with his soul.  Having the pleasure of seeing him perform at my events, I am so Proud that he is returning to the Art Nation stage this year.

Ajmal  Who Goes By The Name Of “FuRa” Is Not Your Any Other Rapper From The Block. He Is A Poet, Writer, Music Producer And A Well Known Performer.

When He Starts Flowing On The Mic He Is On A Completely Different Level, A Level You Can’t Even Imagine. He Is Well Known For His Power Packed Energy Performances And Straight-Forward Lyrical Flow And Always Has Something New To Showcase On Each Of His Shows. Having Released 2 Mixtapes In The Past 2 Years, He Has More Than 30+ Tracks To His Name. And Is Currently Working On His Third Mixtape Which Should Be Out By The End Of Summer’14. His Music Is Available Via YouTube, Soundcloud , Reverbnation , Facebook & Bandpage.

You can watch FURA on the Art Nation Stage on Friday 23rd of May.


Adarsh Govindan – I have known Adarsh since he was a shy and young kid, he is also one of the most intelligent kids I have ever come across, he reads more books in a month then most people do in a year and he pursues his passions with dedication and hard work. When he discovered his love for drumming, he has been practicing endlessly and focusing on fine tuning his skills, he is someone to watch out for, because he has a drive to succeed.

Adarsh is a twelve year old boy who has been drumming for the past two years. He started playing because he felt that it was important for him to play at least one musical instrument, and found that the drums resonated with his personality. His family have been incredibly supportive of his aspirations, especially his mother Mrs. Rashmi Govindan who has always encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Adarsh was very lucky to find a teacher, Richie, who helped him develop his skills and learn new techniques.  After performing for the first time on stage this year at Fashion For All 2014, he loved the energy and excitement that came with being in front of an audience. Adarsh’s is inspired by the late Keith Moon (from the Who) as he is a wizard with the drumsticks, and has the amazing ability to transfer his talent and personality to hype up a large audience. Besides drumming, Adarsh is an avid basketball player and a supporter of Miami Heat. He also spends a large amount of time on a couch reading science fiction.

You can watch Adarsh on the Art Nation Stage on Friday 23rd of May.


The Gaia Centre – Is run by two wonderful teachers Ashwin and Jesika, they are one of the most creative individuals I have met in a long time and what was very refreshing to see, was their passion to teach and share – they will be collaborating and showcasing their works on stage and also the Live Art area of Art Nation.

The Gaia Centre is a world for those who love the expressive, creative side of the universe and aims at spreading fun, creative skills & inspiration.
The Gaia Centre trains children & adults in all various forms of verbal and artistic expression.

Our main areas of work include SPEECH, DRAMA and COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRAINING, SPOKEN ENGLISH & ART for children and adults. Our teaching methodology includes games, outdoor excursions & practical application of performance skills. We offer International Exams & Certification from TRINITY GUILDHALL LONDON.

Comprising of professionals coming from strong backgrounds that include theatre, art and drama, we have created a platform where you can choose a skill you find most interesting and we will help understand, learn and apply those skills sets in your everyday life.

Curious young minds, eager teenagers, theatre lovers and aspiring actors will have the opportunity to train for and acquire Trinity Guildhall ‘s grade, certificate and diploma qualifications in drama and speech, communication skills which provides a structured framework to encourage and assess candidates in the progressive mastery of a wide range of performance skills.
The Tree of Expression welcomes your Energy!


You can watch the Performance by Gaia Centre on the Art Nation Stage on Thursday 22nd of May.


YASMINA ALIDODOVA – Is a talented singer that I had the pleasure of working with at our Talent show and since then I have seen her on numerous stages and each time she performs- she mesmerizes the audience, she is a truly hardworking performer with the ability to reach the stars!

Yasmina is an accomplished, SINGER, ACTOR, MODEL & DANCER !

In her own words, “Acting, Dancing and Singing is my passion since when I was just 5 years old. My interest  inspired my parents to encourage me to go for it in a professional way. Professional coachig, daily practice and hard work made me an “artist in making”.  I have attended many competions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Appeared as a guest singer and dancer in Dubai One and MBC TV. I am also the proud recepient of this years JILO Award (Tajikistan International Award Ceremony for contribution for Arts and Culture) as “Debut of the Year 2014”. We the artists should believe in themselves and accept the positive or negative feedbacks from ever one. This is what I feel is the source to boost confidence and learn from the mistakes.”

You can watch Yasmina on the Art Nation Stage on Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd of May.


Neeraja Raj – When I received her Youtube video, I knew we had to have her perform, her voice is raw and honest. In her own words, “My name is Neeraja Raj but I also go by Susmi. I am 19 years old, currently studying animation at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I love to sing; it’s been my passion ever since I was a child. When I was fourteen, I taught myself how to play the guitar because I wanted to be just like Taylor Swift, whose songs inspire and move me a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day without singing, even if its just me in the shower singing to my shower-head. Music is my life!”

You can watch Neeraja Raj on the Art Nation Stage on Saturday 24th of May.



Siva – My name is Siva, Sri Lanka is my nationality but Dubai is home to me. Dance came into my life as a hobby where I used to randomly jam at school not knowing anything other than having true passion for this art. Things changed when I reached my second year of college and at that point in my life I learned the professional language of dance which includes choreography, coordination, and stage presence.  My greatest achievements include opportunities working as a choreographer and as a dancer for various corporate events, film fare awards, inter school and college competitions and working with various dance troupes around the United Arab Emirates. Hip Hop and Lyrical forms of style are my strong points when it comes to choreographing despite not being formally trained. First true inspiration came from a gentlemen named ….Rahul who I call my “GURU” and then by Mufaz. To date, they remain as my two main points of reference and admiration’s as a choreographer. All this put together has made me the person who stands in front of you today and about what I aim for. I want to keep learning and working harder towards my passion and pass on valuable lessons in dance that I have learnt to those who are really willing to learn.

You can watch Siva on the Art Nation Stage on Saturday 17th of May.



Michelle Ribbens – runs Prima Performing Arts. Which is a Dance school here in Dubai teaching all students of ages 18 months to teenagers different styles of dance from I.S.T.D classical ballet, Contemporary, jazz, hip hop, Musical theatre and Gymnastics. You will find our classes all over Dubai, that include Green Community, Dubai Marina, Motor City, Mini Monsters. We have highly qualified teachers. If you would like any more information on timetables and registrations please contact us at:

You can watch Prima Performing Arts on the Art Nation Stage on Friday 16th of May.


The Dancing Trio: (L to R ) Mahek Anadkat, Zia Mirza, Ashar Hussain – I am so honored to have these wonderful Dancers on the Art Nation Stage, they are no ordinary kids, all having faced challenges from an early age and have come through it Stronger and shining bright, having their hearing impaired, they have to work harder and longer than everyone else to make their dreams come true. Making this Dancing Trio, Art Nation’s most prized performers. Don’t miss this incredible performance, come and join us to celebrate Perseverance and Inspiration to achieve!

The Dancing Trio will be on the Art Nation stage on Friday 23rd of May.

jake -Roomstar


DJ Jake Roomstar, the youngest electronic deejay in the Middle East learned the craft in Dubai starting form the age of six.  By age seven he was learning tips and methods from top deejays in the region, and was later given a full scholarship to study at UDDJs under the current reigning digital deejay champion in the UAE.  DJ Roomstar was a semi-finalist in the Pioneer Digital Deejay Championships, Under 21 Category in 2012, performing his first debut set to a prestigious audience at Ndulge Atlantis The Palm.  Since then DJ Roomstar has also deejayed for fashion shows, talent shows, and produced a radio show for a year at the age of eight, called ‘The DJ Roomstar Show’ where it was commissioned on Ibiza Hott Radio, winning accolades and thumbs up from renowned international electronic House music artists, getting him noticed not only only for his DJ skills but also for his affinity for new music producers and latching onto future hits in the electronic genre.  DJ Roomstar also enjoys other performing arts such as dancing freestyle popping and robotics, having had solo dance cameos at the Red Bull BC One Championship UAE, and has also studied acting at the Young Actors Camp with Disney actors from Los Angeles as well as studying comedy with Dubomedy Arts Academy Dubai.  DJ Roomstar was accepted to his GEMS school radio programme, usually reserved from year 7 onward, allowed to join at year 4 with his experience demonstrated in radio.  DJ Roomstar is a brand Ambassador for Skechers and Palladium Boots Middle East.   Find DJ Roomstar’s mixes and info on Reverbnation at:

DJ Roomstar is prducing the tracks for Art Nation Fashion Shows and you can Watch him LIVE on stage on the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Van Wendell came from a family of performers.His grandparents were both dancers down to his parents. Van started at the age of 4 in the musical play ‘Joseph’ and was given award and recognition at a very young age. Always been a performer in his school. He’s a multi talented kid with such talents as  Dancing, Modeling, Acting, Cosplaying and playing instruments such as the guitar, piano and recently working on drums. A consistent top student in school. A member of the Band ROCK4LIFE. Van recently played a role in The Wizard Of Oz and Joseph and The amazing technicolor dreamcoat under POPULAR PRODUCTIONS. He has finished two short independent films by JMFILMS. He won numerous talent competitions such as Kidsfest,Kidstalent,Dubai Dancing Sensation and Big Ideas.Stage is his platform.
I believe everyday is a learning experience. All children are special and they all have their own areas of strength. In everything I do GOD is my top priority and I give my best shot to every challenge. My talents determine what I can do, My motivation determines how much I am willing to do and my abilities determines how well I will do it.
Thank you to my parents,my believers and my fandom for this NEVER ENDING SUPPORT!
ART NATION Performances..May 22,23

Art Nation 2014 –