The Talented Film Makers at Art Nation 2014

My fascination with moving pictures (Motion Films) led me to camp for a Film Screening at an Art Show. It took 3 years and now finally we have everyone in agreement, that “Films” are a sacred form of Art, where a story is told using Color & Sound. The beauty of storytelling combined with technology that we have at our finger tips gives this genre a Power like no other.

When we got a thumbs up for the Screening at Art Nation this year, we went all out trying to get Film Makers to Submit their work, which resulted in a combination of Films, from various Film makers and also from various genres, most of the films you will see at Art Nation 2014 this year are  Produced locally and we also have a few International submissions to showcase as well.

Its with great pleasure and Honor that I introduce the talent behind the Lens to all of you, our extraordinarily talented line up of Film Makers at Art Nation.




Kalyan Chakravarthy – Creative Artist/ Actor/ Director / Producer  – I can go on and on about this talented Gentleman, Kalyan is one of the very few Media Personalities in the region who is aggressively supporting the Film Makers of the UAE, his knowledge and guidance has been priceless to our team and we are so delighted to be showcasing one of his Award winning Short films at Art Nation – If you want to see an incredibly well made Film than come and Catch “SOLUS” by Kalyan – which will be screened daily from the 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

Kalyan Chakravarthy wears many hats. A focused events manager, an accomplished film maker, a creative artist , a talented DJ – the list goes on. He is known in creative circles for the prestigious projects that he has handled in Events, Media & Film Productions.  An artist who started his creative journey with stage performances, he understands the ins and outs of building a story not just on paper but also bringing it to the fore. He appreciates the defined and absolute but has a soft corner for abstract where there remains room for thought and reflect. He now heads his company EVENTAINMENT, which takes his work forward.




Faisal Hashmi is an award-winning UAE-based filmmaker with a number of winning short films and branded content under his belt. At the age of 21, his short film ‘Perfect Living’ screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in May 2011 & won Best Film at Season of Film judged by acclaimed Emirati director Nawaf Al-Janahi. He then directed a dramatic short film ‘Bubble’ under his banner Hashmic House Films, which played multiple festivals worldwide with acclaim. His latest horror short film ‘Scrambled’ played in six international film festivals and won a Best Film award, and he followed that with his 48 Hour Film Project horror film ‘Cold Feet’, that won 4 awards. Combined, his short films have more than 100,000 views on Youtube and counting. He’s currently working on more genre short films and a feature film screenplay for production next year.

Hashmic House Films – A UAE-based Filmmaking Initiative


Jamal H. Iqbal – Creative Director, Film and Theatre Actor/Director/Producer/Writer, Standup and Improv Comic, Poet and a Performing Artist.

Having spent 10 years as a Creative Head by day and a Theater Actor/Director by evening, Jamal’s 5-year stint in the UAE helped him diversify to film, comedy, performance art and poetry. His film career includes acclaimed short films like The Journey, which won the Abu Dhabi Film Festival Black Pearl Special jury Award and has been screened worldwide including Leiden, Cannes and the Berlinale. His first feature was Nawaf Al Janahi’s highly awarded Emirati film, Sea Shadow. His first film as producer, Melody, went on to win the Best Ensemble Cast at this the 2012 48-hour film festival, It subsequently did the festival circuit, winning Best Short at the Mumbai International Women’s Film Festival 2013. It is also in competition on the festival circuit this year. He was also seen in Juna Amsler’s DreamCatcher, Yasser Howaidy’s multiple award winning short Long Way Down. His next films will be French director Camille Lugan’s Karama Karama and Waleed Al Shehi’s Dolphins – the IWC winning Emirati Feature. His next big project is Producing his Sino-Indian feature The Cowboy Indian to be directed by a multiple award winning South African director.

He is a member of the French Organic theatre collective StarToo as well the Dubomedy, Dubai’s indigenous comedy troupe. Additionally he regularly directs and acts in the country’s Theater World. He has also been involved as an artist in Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As a writer, he was first published in 1996 as a young poet in India. Post which he was on Poetry.Com’s worldwide Anthology of Young Poets in 1998. He is published in Xanadu Press’ Nowhere Near a Damn Rainbow – an anthology of poets writing from the Middle East. He was also commissioned by Dubai Culture where his poetry collaborative pointCOUNTERpoint was displayed at the Sikka Art Festival, 2013. He recently published in Unplugged: Dubai – a global coffee table anthology on the city, as well as in Sukoon – the Middle Eastern literary journal. His next book of Poetry titled ‘The Sonapur Diaries’ shall be published by mid 2014 and he is working on ‘Padmavati Colony & Other Stories’ a collection of anecdotes from his travels across 13 cities in India that shall publish end 2014.

Jamal considers himself an ambassador for the Arts community in this wonderful country, which has been his second home for close to 5 years now. SugarDandy is his entrepreneurial baby. Jamal considers himself as much an artist as a producer, because he wishes to use his majnoon to add creativity to business solutions for artists. In return, he brings his acumen of his years and years in corporate life as a Creative Head to the film business. A mission he began at last year’s DIFF and wishes to further continue through this year.

Paraphrasing Lennon, “In the end, the friends you make, are the friends you take.”


Sharon Carvalho – The second youngest but one of the wisest of the Oedipuss SugarDandy crew, Sharon is a seasoned Production and Communications professional at just 22.  While completing an MBA in communications, she concurrently edited Tempo – Abu Dhabi’s premiere Youth Culture and Arts magazine.

She assisted Hana Makki on The Journey very quickly rising to Head of Production on not just The Journey but a host of other film projects that included Melody and the international short film ‘51’. The wise head on this maverick team, Sharon is also an accomplished actress and is on her way to being one of the strongest women producers that will emerge from the region.

Her greatest moment of pride with regards to Melody was signing an authorization letter of guardianship for her baby sister Simone, who at 17, was the youngest of the Oedipuss SugarDandy team.



Mylène Gomera Dubai based, multilingual actress and producer, Mylène Gomera has been performing for local audiences since the age of five, having won several awards, including a recent Best Acting Ensemble prize for her portrayal of Melody in a predominantly female-led film crew, part of the Dubai 48hour film project competition. Mylène has appeared in various TV, film and theatre productions in the UAE, Germany, and the US. Her most recent credit includes the principal role of Faith in Faith in Love, a story by Emirati director Alwiya Al Thani and the award winning Dubai 48HFP performance in Brown Town Productions’ Go On Then. Mylène is a proud member of the Women in Film and TV – UAE Chapter. She is presently working as co-lead in the upcoming short film 51, co starring with famous Hollywood actor, Navid Negehiban and the Hollywood blockbuster Fast and the Furious 7.


Hana Makki – Yemeni Saudi British, Hana began her career in film by working her way up through production. Over the past few years she has been under the mentorship of renowned British filmmaker Bader Ben Hirsi, after working as assistant producer on his feature documentaryChanging Sands (2009). Hana then went on to work in production coordination for German feature film A Christmas in the Orientwhere her work took her to the Eiffel in Germany and was broadcasted on ZDF. Hana then produced various corporate, poetry videos, event videos and creative shorts, including the Zayed Future Energy Prize 2010 series of documentaries, the short film Single Male(2011).


Hana then Directed Abu Dhabi Film Commission’s much acclaimed short film, The Journey, before going on to produce noted documentary Half Emirati. She then directed the Dubai 48-hour film festival 2012 finalist short ‘Melody’ again with Mylene and Jamal. She heads up the production services for Greener Grass Films in France. Her current projects include Co-directing and producing the feature length documentary ‘The Brain that Sings’. Presently she is working on her independent documentary on Autism, as well as assisting noted Emirati Filmmaker Khalid Al Mahmood on his next film project.


Melody is the Film is the collaborative work of the Cast and Crew mentioned above – you will be able to see Jamal H. Iqbal and Mylene Gomera in this film Screened at Art Nation 2014 – from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Melody – Made for the Dubai 48HFP, Melody was a first for the UAE’s film industry in many ways. The first time filmmaking students and professionals collaborated on a project. One of the first shorts that used Embedded Marketing but with creative flair. Most importantly, a crew led by women, with 22 of 35 being strong ladies. Two assistant directors went on to direct festival shorts of their own. And of the 48 hours allocated to us, we were the first to hand it in 45 and some sleepless hours.  We were finalists and won best ensemble cast at the Dubai 48HFP, and recently won Audience Choice Award for best short at the Mumbai International Film Festival 2013. It is also in competition on the festival circuit this year.



Jacques Brown was born in South Africa where he attended the Pretoria school for art, ballet, music and drama. Following his travels abroad as a photographer he settled in Cape Town where he pursued an artistic career focusing on art and photography, later moving across into the medium of film. Shooting his first short film in 2010 he followed that with a variety of short films he wrote, produced and directed. He also shot fashion shows, music and corporate videos. It was his love for fashion and film that inspired him to produce “Lovers Requiem” which he wrote, shot, directed and edited. Jacques has now joined the team at tambi Studios here in Dubai as a producer/ director and looks forward to creating and producing projects inspired by the city which will now be his home. To catch this beautifully shot Film “Lovers Requiem” – you can visit BURJUMAN from 15th till the 24th of May – it will be playing daily at selected timings.


Priyanka Geriya – is known to be a feisty girl with a lot of spirit and ambition. She likes to involve herself in activities that are mainly creative and would let to learn something. Being from the field of media, I like to keep a thumb on what’s happening around me.

Communication is my favorite and important. Intelligent people and conversations interest me very much – I like stories that are told – not really a fan of reading books. Dream is to someday lead a vagabond lifestyle, make movies of the experience and see the world!

You will be able to view a collection of Films by Priyanka – during Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.






Dhaval Shah – An incredibly talented Film Maker, someone who has fascinated me since I saw a short film by him 7 years ago – called “Dear Mom”, it was shot and produced in a very low budget but the impact the Film had on my psyche was immense. I still remember the ending, I had goose bumps and that’s how a great film leaves a mark on you. The mastery in his direction and story telling is beyond his age in years, his maturity as a Film Maker came through years ago and as time has passed he has gone on to bigger and better projects. He is one of our International submissions from India and I am so proud to introduce the Film Maker behind the brilliant Film “Cirkus” – which will be Screened at Art Nation from the 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN at selected timings.

In his own words: “If there was ever an ocean of people, it is here in my city, Mumbai. This city has given me everything, and I enjoy the never-stop attitude, it has also given birth to an underlying daydreamer in me.  There is a constant need in me to escape in thought, in dreams, and in writing a part of me is travelling, perpetually. This journey has created memories. Memories, of love and loss, of success and of failure, but mostly of the self-satisfying peace one desires ever so thanklessly. Memories have evolved into a reflection of another part in me. A reflection in the form of pictures, poems, scripts and characters. This part of me is FUNNY, MELANCHOLIC,  . With a strong belief that religions are concepts born out fraud, fear, greed and imagination. This part of me is self-sympathetic, perhaps. Searching uncompromisingly. I have come to understand that dreams are not born out of purpose but out of passion.  A part of me dreaming such dreams. The stories I’d like to tell are conceivably minimalistic stories of a quest for the grail, or arguing a dogmatic life, of magic and of death, of rebellion. The sum of all these parts is the whole me?  Or is there a whole me in these different parts? My search continues.”

Work Experience:

  • Co-writer – God Lives in The Himalayas (Feature Length, 2008-09)
  • Director – Taj Holiday, Diamler, Several Short Films
  • Asst. Director – The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Feature 2011), and over 80 TV commercials.
  • FAMU (Film & TV School of the Performing Arts in Prague) Dropout – Out of rebellion and choice
  • Currently – Creative Producer & Associate Director at FOID




Len Prasad – Is a Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker and above all he LOVES Dubai – him and a group of his talented friends got together and produced this sensational Dance Video –(Dhoom Dubai)  In his words, this video is an  expression of our love for Dubai, its people and respected rulers through our new dance cover. The dancers performing in this video are from Bits Pilani Dubai University. This awesome video will be showcased at our screenings and you can catch a glimpse of it for all 10 days of Art Nation 2014 from 15th till the 24th of May.



Ravi Shankar – I have to give you a special introduction to Ravi, and the best way I can do that is through his Film “Soch”. It was around 5 years ago when I saw “Soch” – (A Thought) Halfway through this film, I got teary eyed, it took me by surprise, the story, the tormented young main character and the honest questioning of choices all got me a little unsettled. It stayed with me and its message was so relevant to the masses that the Film had to be Shared with many. I started campaigning with Dubai Mall (The PictureHouse – at REEL Cinemas) –to screen the film for a larger audience, not only did they agree but we also had the honor of inviting Mr. Sanjay Verma (The Council General of India at that time) to inaugurate the screening. The positive energy and enthusiasm around this film was incredible. On the Screening Day everything was in place and I was super excited because I was about to meet the Man whose Vision I was campaigning for, I finally met Ravi Shankar on 8th of August 2010 – the Day we Screened Soch for Dubai Audiences- Ravi the Director/Writer/Film Maker extraordinaire, meeting him, gave Soch more meaning and depth, since the Man behind the film was so passionate about his nation, about his people, I finally understood the essence of Soch. This Film is a timeless classic, since it questions the audience, it challenges popular beliefs and it offers a chance for us to think and ponder. This masterpiece will be played during Art Nation 2014’s first Film screenings and I as a curator, welcome all of you to this Film which truly is a work of Art. The Screenings will be held from the 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

Ravi’s Credentials:

  • Writer – Story Screenplay Dialogues of Bhoot Returns (2012) Directed by Ram Gopal Varma Starring Manisha Koirala.
  • Worked at Sahara Motion Pictures India as Executive Producer Scripts & Development
  • Worked at Fox Television Studios India as Associate Creative Director – Scripted Development
  • Film: Story, screenplay, direction of ‘Soch’, a 52 minute High Definition Video (HDV) film. Screened at ‘The Picture House’ @Reel Cinemas Dubai.

Work Experience:

  • Editor- ’The Life and Work of Legendary Hindi film make-up artist Ram Tipnis’
  • Editor- Promos and Press Clips-The Tri-Continental Film Fest.
  • Editor-Experimental Play ’Blue Mug’ (Reference Copy) directed by Atul Kumar
  • Research Assistant to Dr.Naveen Namboodiri on a study of ’Otters in Kerala’ —Periyar Tiger Reserve/Alapuzha
  • Assistant Director to the national award winning Malayalam filmmaker Jayaraaj in the film ‘Anantha Bhairavi’ based on the ancient art form of Kathakali.
  • Content Editor and Marketing Executive  at (Star India Pvt Ltd) Handled the web content on, major shows being Kaun Banega Crorepati 2 and Nach BaIiye. Also handled all the online marketing activities for in-house shows and serials.
  • Marketing Trainee at NDTV Media Pvt Ltd.
  • Production Manager at The Company Theatre on internationally acclaimed experimental play ’Voices’- 35 shows, Castrol ’Drive for Safety’ Play -75 shows and ’Noises Off’ -5 shows.
  • Part-time Radio Jockey and Packaging Designer  GO 92.5 FM Handled shows like the College Radio Show and City updates.
  • Assistant Director Clockwork Productions on Reliance Petroleum A/V Shoot at Jamnagar and Mumbai-Corporate ad

Ravi received critical acclaim for his short film, Metamorphosis-a short film based on the lives of 3 clowns appreciated by film makers. He is also the Winner of Go 92.5 FM College Radio Challenge  in Radio Jockeying, competing against more than 40 colleges. Ravi was also Awarded Best Film in the Animation category for clay-animation film ‘Grace the Human Race’at the SymbiosisCollege Pune.

Ravi is Currently in talks with film studios for 2 feature films as a Writer and 1 as Director.



Neeraj Mehta – Filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer, editor, musician, song writer, radio producer and a voice over artiste, Neeraj started his career in music in 1993 and in 1997 was part of a national award winning band in India called ‘Spyrals’. In 2003, he became the first Indian artiste to have a previously unreleased track, to feature in an international compilation album, courtesy the BMG Middle East label. The album was called ‘Lounge Sessions’ and it featured Neeraj alongside international renowned artistes like Aqua Bassino, Faith and Dido, among other artistes. He went on to feature in the follow up to the album called ‘Lounge Sessions Vol.2’, where two of his tracks were part of the album. Neeraj moved to Dubai in 2002 and was part of the setup team for an Asian radio station. He joined in the capacity of Production Manager and moved on to become the Director Of Programming at City 101.6 FM, the leading asian station in the region. He later joined Cool 94.7 FM and was the Director Of Programming. Neeraj completed a filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy, NY in 2005 and currently undertakes projects as a freelancer. His range of work includes corporate videos, music videos, corporate presentations, short films, radio commercials, jingles and voice overs. From writing scripts to directing and filming, to editing, sound design and finalizing, Neeraj executes projects from start to finish, making it easier for clients to work within the realms of a one-stop destination for their projects.Having written, produced and directed short films, Neeraj is currently working on the script of a feature film which he hopes to produce and direct.

Neeraj will be showcasing his Film at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.












Nonidh Yadav

My name is Nonidh Yadav. I have been making short films for the past 3 years. My only dream is to change the face of our very own Indian Cinema. We are a group of 6 people who work together on every project. Our team is called MVTV productions. My very first short film, ‘Egregius’, based on autism was made for a mass communication assignment for merely 10 marks. It was my very first attempt but I didn’t really see it coming. It went to the final movies for the We care film fest organized for children with special needs. My next short film with MVTV Productions, ‘FLIPSIDE’ which was a thriller went on to win a lot of awards and be a part of film festivals. We won awards in India as well in UAE. Our next short film called ‘SIX:FORTY’ was actually an experiment. It was a comedy. A time travel hindi short film which also was selected at few fests in India and earned a great response from the Indian crowd. Then we took part in our very first 48 hour film project with our movie, ‘ENVELOPED’, a crime/gangster film and made it to the top 12 winning 2 Awards for best editing and best sound design and a special mention for cinematography. Then we took part in the second round of 48 hour film project and the movie ‘INTERVENTION’ was well received and we won 1 award.

Our latest short film which is a part of Art Nation called ‘NEVERLAND’ has been made 10 days back. It won 5 awards which were Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Screenplay and Best Direction at a fest called ‘LIGHTS, CAMERA & ACTION’ which took place in Bits Pilani Dubai. It has been noticed by many influential indie filmmakers. Hoping for a good response.

You can like us and view our short films on Youtube- MVTV PRODUCTIONS

You can like us on Facebook- MVTV PRODUCTIONS.

Nonidh will be showcasing his Film at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.










Alastair Newton Brown

Alastair is a screenwriter/director/actor, and occasionally journalist/photographer from Sydney, Australia. He has experience working around the world with a range of writers, filmmakers, journalists and artists on a diverse range of projects. His writing has led to commissions from Sky Business News, The Australian Defence Force, the Sharjah Art Foundation, the Dubai International Film Festival, The Middle East Film and Comic Con, the BBC, and Hopscotch, Australia. As well as this, his directorial efforts have received critical acclaim in international film festivals. His photographic work has been exhibited in the UAE, the UK and Australia, and featured in international publications such as National Geographic and Time Out. Alastair holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in History and English from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and a PGTD in History and English from Monash University, Melbourne. Before writing and filmmaking, Alastair was a history teacher at Merchiston, Edinburgh (one of Britain’s top boarding schools) and then Head of History at Repton School, Dubai. He is currently based in Sydney, where he continues to develop unique content for the American, Australian and British radio, television and motion picture industries.

Alister will be showcasing his Film at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.






















From a very early age, Kirill knew he wanted to be a filmmaker. With a film degree from the prestigious Ryerson University in Canada, he has worked professionally in the industry there and in the UAE for over a decade. Aside from his professional work, Kirill has made and worked on more than 40 short films and received numerous and varied awards. In 2012, he co-directed his first feature starring Kristy Swanson and Kevin Sorbo. His favourite film is Forrest Gump, which also happens to be the greatest film ever made. If you disagree, you are wrong. 🙂

Kirill will be showcasing his Film at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


started making clips at the age of 10, editing on movie maker, age 13 moved to premier.
studies at LAU radio/TV/film in 2007 graduated 2010
worked for a year as an editor in orbit TV, then as an assistant director, and production, in Revolution films.
came to dubai in 2012 to do a degree in film at SAE.
joined the 48 hour when i first came and won 6 awards with the movie Attached
worked as a Director of the yahoo show for a while.
at the moment working my final short film and a commercial.

Watch the most creative Films by these inspiring Film Makers at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

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