The Exhibiting Artist of Art Nation 2014 – (Part 2)


Amruta Ketkar

PASSION CAME TO REALITY – I have always been fascinated by colours and design forms, which inspired me to take a degree in Applied Art. After having worked in different design studios in India and Dubai for several years, I am now pursuing my passion for colours. Painting is like meditation for me. It gives me a great peace of mind and a wonderful opportunity to express myself in vibrant colours, especially when I am all stressed by handling responsibilities as a young mother. It is a great feeling when my daughter recognizes elements from my paintings. It always motivates me to paint and do more.

You can see Amruta’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Rizwana Buch

Having a creative mind since childhood, I dived in to meaningful paintings and my subjects varied as did my tastes through my extensive travel. I have used various mediums but my favorite by far has been using gumming powder to draw portraits and using palette knife to bring the work of art to life.

You can see Rizwana’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.



Anupa Bhambhaney

Anupa Bhambhaney was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and currently resides in Dubai. She is a qualified Accounting professional and worked for several years in the corporate world with audit and banking roles but fate had other plans for her. One fine day, she gave in to an urge within her to start the journey as an artist Anupa has a style, which embodies a free spirit and movement similar to the flowing water. The paintings reflect the various stages of human life in the form of myriad concentric circles. The paintings have evolved into warm vistas of simple images with nature showering its blessings into our lives. The colour palette is warm and takes inspiration from the Middle Eastern sun. Anupa considers painting to be her connect with the divine.

You can see Anupa’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Devayani Dayal

Devayani Dayal is the Founder and CEO of She Moves – Chic Active Wear, a retail concept that will sell stylish fitness apparel to women who aspire toward a healthy lifestyle in the UAE from January 2011.  Devayani graduated with honours in Dance (BFA Hons. Fine Art – Dance) from York University in Toronto in 2005 and went on to do her MBA in Marketing and Consumer Psychology from Queen’s University, Ontario in 2008. When she is not working, Devayani is an avid traveler and also enjoys creating works of art with chalk pastel, acrylic and stippling. She is most interested in shapes and forms through the exploration of geometry and the human body. Her work is a reflection of her experiences and the geometric painting has incredible depth and attention to detail.

You can see Devatani’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Nadeem Ismail

Nadeem Ismail, an English born young 11 year old can best be described as an Artist in denial and a very unique personality. Family and friends add that once he has a creative brain, he will not rest or be aware of his surrounding until his message is brought to artistic life. Recently, he was nominated as his YEAR 6 leader in Wellington International school to be in charge of prop creations for the school annual play. His art work not only includes different themes such as, instruments and buildings, but he has also taken part in art competetions. Over the last two years, his work has been exhibited at Art Nation, Meydan Race Course, Treasures of the UAE SMCCU Art Competition and Wellington International school, through the support of his peers and teachers he will strive to continue with pieces that will leave his fans wanting more.

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You can see Nadeem’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.



Kuchay Visweswar has a Painting degree from Rabindra Bharathi University Calcutta India. Teaching is my passion Presently teaching art to young students in Dubai, Exhibited widely in India and Dubai I’ve always been interested in FACE and the Figure, which has led me to render with strong color, pattern and detail. Basically works in Acrylic and watercolor medium.

You can see Kuchay’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Veena Devagiri

Veena is one of the most passionate Artist’s I have come across with also a very mechanical inclination. Veena is not only a gifted painted but also has used an Old Cycle wheel to invent a Color Wheel  using “Spin and Paint” tool – which propels around with a brush and produces mesmerizing rings of color – Her invention will be at Art Nation – she will be present from 4:00pm till 8:00pm at BURJUMAN on the weekends of Art Nation starting on the 15th of May. She gets a lot of her talent and encouragement from her Father, who is a renowned photographer from Ranibennur in Karnataka he is also a gifted Artist like Veena. When growing up, she used to be inspired by his love for the Arts. Veena aspires to fulfill her passion for Arts and Handicrafts.

You can see Veena’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Priya Dilip Kumar

A visionary artist who has a way of reflecting spiritual experiences, an echo of her feelings on a deeper realm into her canvas. Her approach towards painting is genuinely positive depicting an immensely efficacious attitude towards life. Her belief that her creations are a blessing from the cosmic powers shows her modest self and the invaluable strength she Priya has had her exhibits including solo and collective shows at various prominent places in U.A.E and India.Even though she has carved a niche with her unique style of expressionism , she is exceptionally good with portraits and real life images .She has grown from painting as fun to, painting as hobby to painting as passion.

0nline Gallery:

You can see Priya’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Jagruti Narwani

Being in the Media Industry and full time into events for almost 2 years, I hit the peak of boredom. My desire to do something creative after working hours got me to an art supply shop. While I stood staring at a blank canvas, I wondered how one would paint on this. After some intelligent and many stupid questions thrown at the shopkeeper, I purchased my first canvas and oil paints. My relationship with canvas and colors started 4 years ago and it is going strong each day! Definitely the one I’d want to keep for many more lives to come. Recently, I have got into making Black and White portraits using waste materials such as buttons, CDs, floppies, newspapers and old canvases. This has not only challenged my skill as an artist but has also given me intense satisfaction and peace. Every time I look at the bin to trash something, I wonder how I could put it into use while creating an art piece. With no training at all and no conscious efforts to begin with, it is only God’s grace that has got me so far in the world of art. Painting is my Meditation, my addiction!

You can see Jagruti’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

Artist Shahla Shubu

A childhood full of drawing and painting, graduated in Applied Arts from College of Fine Arts, Kerala,India and currently working as an art educator inspiring young minds. My passion for art has been the same throughout. I love keep experimenting and knowing more forms of visual art so that I work with different mediums and surfaces. Mixed media paintings, water medium, pyrography, graphics, illustrations, pottery designing, jewelry designing, doodling there goes my list. Art gives me pleasure and my artworks are mainly nature inspired. The forms and compositions of nature are admirable and a great source of inspiration for my art. But none of it was intentional, it all developed from my time pass doodling’s. I play with colors and experiment with textures and mediums.My paintings speaks for itself and whatever it says to the viewer – it’s the right message because there isn’t a wrong and a right message. Recently I have found that im attracted to bright blue color which evently took me to take peacocks as my subject. I painted playing with the color vibrancy, texturing with recycling, a juxtapose of nature and manmade things. In my journey I saw the beautiful nature, then how it adapted to the new situations, as man adapted himself for a better life.

You can see Shala’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Bindiya Farswani
Is a resident  Artist of Dubai, UAE. “I’m 29 years old and since birth The Almighty has blessed me with Cerebal Palsy. As a special needs child, in Dubai I first attended the Dubai Center for Special Needs. However being a bright & intelligent student, later on I decided to enroll myself in Keystone National High School, which is based in USA. Just last Dec, 2013 I successfully completed my high school & achieved my diploma. I believe Art is the language of soul & no one has to be a genius at first go- We learn as we do it. Being an art lover, I’ve managed to complete various types of art- silk painting, canvas, pot, water paints, oil paints, & pastels. Every week I attend art classes where most of the work is done by me, but when it’s tough to do the fine touch-ups, my art teacher Poonam Kakkar comes to my rescue.”
You can see Bindiya’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Reena Dhiman

Is a talented painter who combines different mediums and experiments with her style constantly. She is one of the few Artists who has the patience to work with coffee and Tea and Art Nation you will see some of her remarkable Portraits made with Coffee and Tea.

You can see Reena’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Poonam Kakkar 

Is a Dubai based Indian artist with a bachelors degree in psychology. Painting is enjoyable and exciting it transports you to a totally different state of mind and provides an excellent medium of self expression.Fell in love with this art form at a very young age. Started to understand colours and how much difference a bit of colour can make .Soon it had me experimenting with new mediums oils , fabrics and acrylic. My professional endeavors began as I was qualifying for formal diploma in oil painting.It was here that I got involved with the commercial aspects of my hobby. Looking back , my involvement in art grew from water based to oil , charcoal to pastels and from paper to canvas ,glass to fabric and silk as a medium and eventually to Tanjore. Want to spread joy and happiness through my work. Each piece of my art carried a piece of my heart ,a part of my soul and a moment of my life ! I find joy in sharing her skills and passing knowledge to students so they can create works of art also love working with special needs children.

You can see Poonams’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.


Yesha Sagar

Art is not just about my passion for creating something new, but its more than that. Ever since i realised the impact of art .. I have never been the same and therefore reaching out and creating a revolution has become my goal. Step by step, we all get what we want.


You can see Yesha’s work exhibited at Art Nation from 15th till the 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

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