Make Up Artists take the stage at Art Nation’s Makeup Competition – On 17th May at BURJUMAN


Art Nation sticks to its promise and offers creative minds in every genre a chance to shine, leaving no stone unturned, and no genre ignored, we are extremely happy to include the Craftsmanship and Skills of Make Up Artists at Art Nation. This is a platform that offers Make Up Artist recognition and appreciation for their talents and efforts- the theme this year is RETRO GLAM and the makeup is Sponsored by none other than the ever popular brand in the region, BOURJOIS.

BOURJOIS celebrates its 150th anniversary The history of BOURJOIS is a narrative of beauty and the desire to enhance the beauty regime of women, through the decades and also of France and its capital, Paris. BOURJOIS tells the story of an evolving society, accompanying and enchanting generations of women. For 150 years now, the colour, joy, complicity, and authenticity of a unique expertise remain at the heart of a brand that knows and loves women.

To make this experience for all the contestants as fair and exciting as possible the selected Judges are not only experts in the Makeup industry but also adored and highly regarded in this region for their knowledge and fine taste.

Meet our incredibly talented judges for the Make Up Competition.


Aleksandra Mainka – Judge

Middle East Marketing Manager – BOURJOIS

I had the pleasure of meeting Aleksandra at her office, in first glance you would mistaken her for a walking doll. She is well poised, polite, and most importantly her make up is immaculate! We discussed the Art Nation event and her eyes glimmered as she spoke passionately about her love for Fine Arts and also about make up. Her energy is extremely positive and she is 100 percent one of the best judges for a competition like ours at Art Nation where the most important trait required is passion and Aleksandra offers that in abundance.

A few words from Aleksandra about herself: “I am Polish but currently living in Dubai. I grew up in the Polish countryside, studied and travelled in Poland before settling down in Paris to start my adventure in the world of fashion and beauty. I graduated in marketing and international business, followed my passions and have worked for beauty brands since. About 15 months ago I packed my LBD and the wind of change brought me to the desert. I landed in Dubai as marketing manager for Bourjois, feminine and joyful make-up brand with the French accent. I like getting flowers, drinking coffee (preferably Cappuccino), waking up early and getting lost in the Louvre’s countless halls. My motto: If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep.Actively trying to find a solution to make the day last longer than 24hrs.”



Reshu Malhotra – Judge

Celebrity Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Founder:The Artist Beauty Lounge

It was a few years ago when I came across this wonderfully written Blog by Reshu: “Essence of beauty-the inner you” – her writing was honest and also very insightful to an outsider like myself. I was on the look out for a makeup Artist for Fashion For All and after reading her work, I knew I could approach her. She not only agreed to be our makeup Artist for FFA 2012 but she offered support that left an unforgettable impression on all of us. On meeting Reshu, I was surprised by how gentle she was with all the models, there was a kindness in her eyes and acceptance in her demeanor.  Reshu made everyone feel at ease and like her writing, she patiently studied each individual and offered the best options for their face structure and skin tone. Her expertise and professional approach is what makes Reshu a very special Makeup Artist. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently at her newly opened Salon – “The Artist beauty Lounge”  – we are proud to see Reshu become an entrepreneur – She is truly inspiring and without a doubt having her as one of Judges at the Make Up Competition is truly an honor.

The allure of  “RESHU MALHOTRA” a versatile Makeup Artist and a Fashionist

Every face has a god’s own gifted feature but shines and look beautiful with mystic strokes of brush by Reshu Malhotra , Reshu Malhotra is a preferred and mostly recalled name in the fashion and beauty world . A lady behind so many happy bride’s ,celebrities from  bollywood & fashion fratenity and so many fashion event .

Reshu comes from an Indian family from Delhi where modesty and kindness are a daily affair and thus humbleness and kindness flows in her every act of art and life. After finishing her formal education, she winged her career with prominent airline in India and now an International brand “Jet Airways” and as being a perpetual aspirational in her life and career she moved into international waters with an entry into the world most preferred airline “Emirates” and staged the growth of her career with performance awards .Her unending quest to achieve something larger than life and spreading happiness in society saw her activating her fervor art of makeup in less that 3 years.She now is a name surely will not go unnoticing in the industry.

Having learned the art of makeup from The London makeup school , Esmod Dubai , Makeup For Ever , Hairstyling from Fat Mu pro Makeup Academy and a Certified skin care consultant from world favourite skin care Brand Dermalogica . Reshu also has international certification in Airbrush Makeup , Special Effects (SFX) makeup .  Her work is noteworth and noticeable  everywhere from the most high fashion to notable red carpet looks .The charmer has gone an extra miles for so many happy brides to give them their desired look for their D day. Being a habitual seeker and giver she passionately talks and write about her life, life events and profession in her own blog which now for many women world over is fast becoming the dictionary for beauty, fashion , styling and makeup tips as where she inspires and advice her follower’s on her favourite beauty and makeup products ,techniques and trends. A name who has created its mark very soon in middle east and has follower’s from all over the world. Reshu is also a social media aficionado where one will see her sharing her thoughts and work related topics. She is a very popular and beautiful face in social media and expresses herself vividly.

Her unceasing Zest for creating beautiful faces saw her launching a state of The Art beauty Lounge “The Artist beauty Lounge” located at Oud Metha behind Move n Pick Hotel. Reshu’s Artistic outlook in her words ,” If beauty was yet to be discovered , I would love to be the first one but now i will only make you realize how beautiful you are …

Meet the Competing Artists of Art Nation 2014:


Janki Darshan – Makeup Artist

Hi, I’m Janki Darshan. I was born and brought up in Dubai. I’ve always been inspired by this vibrant city and all the different cultures here. I’ve had a passion for art and design ever since I can remember. At a very young age I started experimenting with colors and different styles. I am currently Studying fashion design at the CEE institute at the knowledge village. I believe that applying make up is an art that needs to be practiced. It is something I’m truly passionate about and would love to pursue it further along with fashion designing.




Diana Saldhana – Makeup Artist 

Diana has over a decade of experience in the Beauty industry, she has worked with some of the most notable Salons in the region, from doing makeup for individuals to working exclusively for Bridal Makeup as well. In Diana’s experience, she has covered Theater actors, She has also worked on TV shows as a Makeup Artist, and for shoots, which require very specific looks and demands very skilled hands. With every experience, Diana wishes to explore her talent further with Art Nations Makeup Competition.




Zainab Rehman – Makeup Artist

My name is Zainab Rehman I am 18 years of age and I was born and bought up here in Dubai but my nationality is Indian.. I just graduated my high school and now just trying to discover myself and see what my life takes me to! I wanna become an dental surgeon as well as an makeup artist!  It’s one of my dreams to glam up celebrities and model! My love for makeup started at an really early age and got serious when I came across YouTube! And saw some really wonderful girls teaching others the basics and tips and tricks and that’s how I mastered it!  I consider Promise Phan as my huge role model! , She has got some serious magic in her hands!!

Nicole Odufua Dania – Makeup Artist
Applying makeup on other women means giving them confidence and making them feel comfortable and beautiful it gives me great joy. This is a passion of mine and true beauty shines from within, makeup can only highlight whats already inside. My specialty is my ability to work with all skin shades, Dark and light and I would love to showcase my talent on stage at Art Nation.
Noreen Shehryar
As being born in an artist environment I was always surrounded by vibe rant colors! Half of my family is a  born  artist , so holding a brush n stroking it into creation was my favorite pass time
Being a makeup artist n hairstylist in an already saturated market isn’t an easy task but standing in the crowd is inevitable ! So for past 6 years I’ve been doing this freelance work and realize that each year there are hundreds of MUA’s these school of art produce but very few of them are up to the standard !
Whenever I do makeup and hair I do it with all my passion n heart because I’ve set my own bar very high , either my way or highway! Even if I’m doing 5 in a row ,I see them as my blank canvas  waiting to be filled by me. I’ve a passion of doing bride makeovers and change faces ,and feel so satisfied after seeing there faces fills with joy!”
With a few days leading up to the Make Up Competition – we request everyone to attend this unique competition held on Saturday the 17th of May at BURJUMAN – come watch incredibly talented contestants on stage from 7:30pm till 8:30pm.