High Fashion at Art Nation – Watch Wearable Art Walk the ramp on 16th and 24th May only at BURJUMAN

If there was one form of Art that spoke to millions, it would definitely be FASHION. With its constant movement with the current times, and its strong roots in the past. Fashion has re created itself and remained fresh in every era. Fashion is a form of Art that has defined generations, has influenced the young, the old, the conservative and the outspoken. Its been an instrument for the rebel to speak without uttering a word, it has been symbol of style and a hint of ones personality all wrapped in the colors of the current season.

This incredible form of expression comes to ART NATION 2014- Featuring the works by 4 Designers this year, showcased on 16th and 24th of May at BURJUMAN.

Introducing the Fashion Designers of ART NATION:



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SASH is the essential new fashion statement for real women. Indo-western fusion finds its home in bohemian design essence, compiled by two designer sisters. When the method of Sandhya and the madness of Sheetal combine, style connoisseurs can look forward to new garbs sculpted to become classics.



Sandhya Rajan is a student of Fashion and Events from JD Institute of Technology and a self-proclaimed Gypsy. Her eye for detail and thirst for adventures through garments, textures and colours makes her an essential part of what SASH stands for. Sandhya believes every design in life has a story and the wearer is the storyteller.

Sheetal Rajan is an writer, traveller and designer working in advertising. She injects the madness in to SASH with her artistic flair and her passionate need to be different. Sheetal believes it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.


–          Launched Summer Collection “REBELLIOUSLY HAPPY” at Fashion for All – 2014

–          SASH goes online on Avenue247.com and ALifeofEnergy.com – 2013

–          Showcased DIDO Collection at JYK Fashion House, Jumeirah – 2012.

–          Won the Best Fashion Designer Award at Fashion for All 2012

–          Launched Third Collection “DIDO” at Fashion for All – 2012

–          Showcased THE GYPSY at O Concept Store, Jumeirah – 2011

–          Launched Second Collection “THE GYPSY” at Fashion for All – 2011

–          Launched First Collection “ELEMENTS” @ Fashion for All – 2010

–          Finalist of Swarovski Young Designers Award – April 2008

–          Designed National Costume for Middle East Model Agnessa Vuthaj for Top Model of the World – 2007

–          Showcased at Creations Show, BurJuman as Upcoming Designer – 2007

Snaps of SASH Collection:








SASH on WEB: www.facebook.com/sashsisters



Rahymat Elarif is a fashion designer, writer and fashion photographer from Comoros islands but now living in United Arab Emirates. She holds an honor degree of Arts in fashion design from a UK university called BEDFORSHIRE and certified as a professional Make-up Artist from a French fashion university called ESMOD. Co-founder of the clothing brand, LADY RE-COUTURE, house of Haute Couture and Couture creating clothes for Women, Men and children. She is deeply passionate with the previous decades from the 20s to 80s in a point that she always creates a story behind her work that defines her signature style issued from her personality. Mystery is another way of attraction to her the reason why she loves doing things in a unique way. “I never seek perfection, I seek rightness because when I do it right that`s when it becomes perfect in a simple way ART is what completes me as an Artist….”

Rahymat Elarif’s Brand LREC at ART NATION 2014.



LREC on WEB: http://www.ladyre-couture.com

Lady RE-Couture.facebook.com


Introducing Saadiah Lakhani, a passionate fashionista of nineteen years. “My inclination was always towards fashion since early childhood, I found an endless interest in dressing myself up in different clothes and this later turned into an overflowing eagerness to know more about style adding to the rushing urge to enter the fashion world, coming up with my very own clothing line. Moreover, I did a short make up diploma which is a major part of styling , after that, I decided to pursue a diploma in fashion designing. I believe fashion and styling form an integral part of a person’s personality and everyone is accustomed to their own choices. Being in this world, I am understanding the fashion world better and I hope one day I am able to come up with my own clothing line.”

To Watch the works of these talented Fashion Designers visit ART NATION 2014 from May 15th till the 24th at BURJUMAN: https://www.facebook.com/Artnation1