The Talented Film Makers at Art Nation 2014

The Final List of Film Makers at Art Nation 🙂

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My fascination with moving pictures (Motion Films) led me to camp for a Film Screening at an Art Show. It took 3 years and now finally we have everyone in agreement, that “Films” are a sacred form of Art, where a story is told using Color & Sound. The beauty of storytelling combined with technology that we have at our finger tips gives this genre a Power like no other.

When we got a thumbs up for the Screening at Art Nation this year, we went all out trying to get Film Makers to Submit their work, which resulted in a combination of Films, from various Film makers and also from various genres, most of the films you will see at Art Nation 2014 this year are  Produced locally and we also have a few International submissions to showcase as well.

Its with great pleasure and Honor that I introduce…

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