7 Steps to make Cold Calls, Warmer – Entrepreneurs Guide from the Gyaan Guru

1. Focus your mind  – This is the key to making successful business calls, as entrepreneurs our minds are programmed to be constantly churning and working with a million things but my advice is to focus all your positive energy on the phone call making process. Treat it like a child, that needs all your attention. Silence the cell phone, turn off the Ipad and just calm your mind before dialing the number.


2. Use a Landline – I know I sound Old School but here is my reasoning of why to use Landline over cell phones when making business calls, when you use the Ladnline you are guaranteed 2 things, One, that you always have network. Your calls will be clear to the receiver. Second, your battery wont run out in the middle of a call. There is nothing worst than being on the receiving end of a call that is white noise or worst the phone dying in the middle of your best marketing pitch. So use the Landline when making important Business calls to avoid clumsy first impressions on the phone.

3. Timing is important – Just take a few seconds and think about this one, would you like to get a call first thing is the morning, when you are running over your emails and planning your day or worst when you are home about to have dinner. Well, this is my mantra – call during work hours (Respect that people have lives outside of work). I choose around 3:00pm to make my calls – its after Lunch and its a time when most people respond positively. You can come up with your perfect time to call – as you make calls and feel the vibe.


4. Be Organized  – Highly important, to have a list of who you are calling and also keep a track of the calls made, I use an excel sheet, with a date column/time I called/feedback and when to follow up. As an entrepreneur, who is establishing a new business at a time you will end up making over 100 calls and if you are organised, this process will be a breeze.

5. Make time to Research – A cold call only feels cold when you have no idea who will be on the other end of the phone, with technology at our finger tips – it be a shame not to use this to our advantage- I mean you can Google almost anyone on this planet. Take a few minutes to do that for all the people you intend to call, it will make your conversation much lighter and if you learn something interesting about the Brand or Person you are calling you can use it in your conversation. This will always add value to the call and make you seem genuinely interested in doing business with the company!

6. Be Polite – You need them to hear you out and its always good manners to ask people if they are free to chat before you start your marketing speech. If they say they are busy, kindly ask them when would be the best time to call back, and once you get that – make sure you call/email – on the stated date and time – this will showcase your professionalism which is key to a successful Business relationship.


7. Enjoy the Call – When you are relaxed and positive, it will reflect in your voice  to the receiver of the call. I strongly believe in energy transference and therefore if you are having a bad day at work, avoid making business calls that day – keep it for a day that you are feeling your best!