The Yoga Experience for a first timer with Sucheta Chadha – by the Gyaan Guru

Yoga, one of the few ancient disciplines that has followers in the millions, not because Madonna swears by it but there is a higher calling for Yoga enthusiasts and after reading about it for years and joining up for group classes, I still wasn’t satisfied.

Then came along, Sucheta Chadha, a good friend turned Yoga Teacher. I have known Sucheta for 8years now and when I first met her, she was a strong headed Marketing Executive, someone who was driven and ambitious, someone I could totally relate to and respected. In the past few years, Sucheta found her true calling through Yoga, and now on meeting her, its like meeting a twin of Sucheta’s – I mean don’t get me wrong, the strong headedness still persists, but the passion and love are oozing out of her is remarkable, there is a constant smile on her face, no stressful energy and most of all, she is at peace. There is a serenity in her approach that’s very appealing. Especially to someone like me, who is constantly wired and restless.

Since, for years I had been wanting to explore Yoga and She being a Yoga Teacher, it was the universe lining up the opportunity for me and without wasting any time I signed up for a private class.

What you are about to read, is purely my personal experience, my 5 steps of learning about Yoga.

When to do Yoga

1. Yoga is ageless – You’re never too old to try out Yoga, each body type accepts yoga differently and depending on your strength, endurance and flexibility you are given space and time to learn. This was a great piece of information when I got started off.


2. Yoga is one with Nature – Since, we are in Dubai with 42 degrees heat out, we chose indoors, however It was a wonderful Yoga room, that had huge glass windows letting the sun shine inside, there were potted plants, shimmering a bright green in the sun, and to top it all off, there were Sucheta’s handmade wind chimes making soft sounds and calming music running through out the room. The natural elements of nature all emit positive energy and it plays an important role, especially when meditating.

Yoga Guru - Sucheta

3. Important to Bond with Yoga teacher – Sucheta took out 15minutes to just speak to me about Yoga, and her experience as a teacher so far, it was lovely to hear the joy in her voice, each time she spoke about teaching, since sharing is a huge part of what I do, this session bonded us and I knew that I was in good hands.

Deeper Meaning

4. Yoga combines Mind, Body & Soul – This came through, when Sucheta explained all the levels of breathing and their purpose, she spoke calmly and asked me to offer love to all my body parts, this experience was like none other, once you start shutting out your mind and focusing on yourself, your Mind, Body and Soul start connecting and communicating and the positive energy started vibrating through you and all around you. I hope that all of you will experience this, it truly is blissful.

Self Love

5. Yoga is a lifestyle – A true Yogi  is compassionate towards other human beings, towards nature, towards our universe, the nature of a yogi is altruistic, a yogi wants to give back to the planet. Once you start exploring yoga, you really start learning about yourself and your choices.

With Yoga Guru

As someone who is just beginning to learn Yoga, I am grateful to the generous teachings of  my Yoga Guru Sucheta and I recommend reaching out to her if you are interested in Yoga.

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