5 Deadly Sins of a Business Woman – An Entrepreneurs Guide by the Gyaan Guru

As a business woman who has been working in the Middle East close to a decade, its very encouraging to see a rise in females joining the workforce. I love that my gender is being offered the same opportunties as their male counterparts. I see, that there are many women working hard to establish themeselves and rise in the corporate ladder through dedication and sheer will to succeed, these women are truly exemplary and inspiring. One of the most important skills that these successful women have is presentation, they work hard to offer a great first impression. They understand the importance of dressing the right way, So my Blog today will cover the Wrong Ways – so Ladies (and Men reading this Blog) please take a few minutes and review the 5 Deadly Sins.

These points are based on my personal experience and come from years of frustration, looking at young business women making some of these horrendous mistakes over and over again, I have finally decided to stop complaining and instead help by posting these 5 Sins.



1. The 9 inch Heels – Ladies, when you can be heard pounding the floor a mile away before you walk in, that’s never a great start to any meeting, apart from the noise factor, that constantly irritates people around you. The Heels when worn throughout the working day, are bad for your back and your posture. Plus, believe it or not, no one cares if you are taller than your real height, it will never make or break a deal – so stop stressing yourself out and as an alternative,  try a wedged heel, Flat pumps or even Platforms, they are are good  options to wear for work. (Your colleagues and your feet will be greatful for the change)

Messy Hair

2. The Messy Hair – Its great for a party when you have a shabby look, I am sure it adds to your personailty or when you are posing for a Selfie to post online, the hair messed up and the out of bed look can do wonders for your social life however, when you are coming to work and half your face is covered by your hair, no one will be impressed, if we cant see your face properly, people might even opt not to speak to you.  Your face is the window to your soul, so let it be seen, let it shine bright – there are many hairdos that will allow for that to happen, a simple Pony tail, Clipped up hair, an Elegant bun or my favorite the Braids.

express-tie-neck-sleeveless-top_071908short skirt

3. Too much Skin – Yes, Dubai can get hot, I have lived here long enough to know that but we have air conditioning in our cars, at home, and at work. There is no excuse to walk to work looking like you are about to go Sun bathing. It doesnt matter if you have awesome arms and legs, I firmly believe that your experience is what will work in your advantage more than anything else. My advice for when choosing a shirt, please opt for sleeves rather than sleeveless, same goes for a Short skirt, too much skin is not appropriate and you will be ogled at rather than be taken sersiously. Lets not ignore the thousands of Posters put up about decent clothing across public areas like malls, “your work environment”, also falls in to the same category, its public and therefore you have to remember that we work in a multi cultural environemnt in the UAE and we have to be respectful to the sensitivity of the culture here in order to gain the respect and trust of our fellow colleagues in business.

too much makeup

4. Make Up Overload – We all love our makeup brands and no one is asking you to stop wearing makeup –  I only suggest not to wear a Mask to work. When your face is too caked up with makeup and their are visible cracks forming on your face from the extensive layering, nobody will be able to take their eyes off of you but trust me this is not the kind of attention you want. Try to be smart and moderate with your makeup, it should work to enhance your features not to hide who you are.


5. The Girls on Display – This is by far the worst mistake made by women. Yes it will get you attention but, I am obliged to point out that its not the ideal attention you seek at work. To be honest, its offensive for your colleagues whether they are male or females, to witness you on display. It actually hinders concentration levels at work and it reflects cultural ignorance when too much can be seen. Ladies, the only things that need to be on display are your talents at the work place, let your work ethics be the reason people look up to you and respect you. Be mindful and respectful of your environement when dressing for Business.