The Introvert Artist behind the Extrovert Artworks – an interview with Ashwin Pillai by The Gyaan Guru


When I receieved this invite in my mailbox, I was estatic, since it was from Ashwin Pillai; he is special in many ways to me. He was a part of a group show I organized a few years ago and since then has been a steady support to so many Artists, he has a generous nature which makes him extremely approachable and yet he is so humble that you would’nt even know that he is a certified Doctor, a Fashion Designer, a writer, and most importantly a passionate Artist. This Multi talented Man has been always soft spoken, except when he paints, his work offers a voice to his personality that manifests in the vibrant colors and limitless boundaries that he makes and breaks in an outburst of outspoken creativity.

I had the pleasure of seeing his Solo Show in The Space – AUH – and it was brilliant, the selection of Artworks, the Colors, the controversial titles were my favorite and most all the personal tour from the Artist himself, since good things should be shared, here is a one on one interview for all of you; with the Man who constantly speaks through his Art.


On Passion for Art – It’s been a long long journey from my childhood sketches leading up to school and then at college level competitions transitioning to group shows and now finally my solo. I surely got more opportunities to showcase, after coming to the UAE.

A Color Blind Artist – I would state it as being differently abled. I see colors in a different shade than normal people do. So I play & experiment more with contrasts and textures and different shades. Also I have limited my current solo to the colour yellow. This limitation has actually freed up my other technical aspects. Being colour selective in a unique manner make my works more abstract that actually what meets your eye. I honestly feel that is also one of the main reasons why I have has instant buyers and serious art lovers.


Favorite Art Form – I have fallen in love with pour art, which seems to give the maximum amount of freedom to the paint. It usually involves pour paints on a canvas and turning and tiling the canvas to achieve different shapes. In other words it lets me dance with my frame titling and moving in tai chi manner.

Behind the title of your Solo “The Incessant Ramblings of A Yellow Kind” – Honestly I need to thank my friend and curator Archana RD for that. We come up with titles after discussing what went behind each work. Just like after drafting the scrip of the movie… the team decides to give an appropriate name to call it. The titles are merely depict what I see in the paintings, usually stemming from abstract thoughts and ideations. Its just a guideline, you may follow it or not. “Yellow is the spiritual representation of Manipura chakra or solar plexus. The seat of emotions if you may translate in energy terms. To me it also represents youth, happiness and prosperity.”


Timing of your Solo – The solo was always in the offing, it was just  a matter of time, location and ideas falling together. There could not have been a better time. Completely glad about every bit of it.

Solo Experience – It has been a great show with good sales and a wide range of connect with the audience.

Career Highlights – When I was commissioned to present a painting to Shri Pandit Jasraj Ji, one of the stalwarts of indian classical music and to have been able to hand it over to him in person. It was an emotional moment for me.

Art Lover’s feedback – Plenty of feedback in person and from the guest diary at the gallery. “Your paintings makes one think, dream, smile”… is what I can remember immediately… It was jotted by a Belgian traveller who happened to visit the venue. She also bought one of the works.

The feedbacks almost summed up what I hoped to achieve through my paintings.

Media Coverage – Almost all papers and art magazines announced/covered the event. To mention few :

I try to assign a face to emotion try-to-assign-a-face-to-emotion-1.1377699

Ashvin’s art is all yellow

Commercial Success – The sales have been good with as much as 8 pieces sold, and a lot more enquiries.

Show’s Venue – THE SPACE in Abu Dhabi is a beautiful venue, easily accessible and has wonderful positive energy.
Art - passion

5 tips to young artists by Ashwin Pillai

  1. Don’t stop having fun as an artist
  2. Visit and participate in as many as art shows possible
  3. Practice discipline yourself to attract the right people/thoughts into your life
  4. Keep learning art no matter how good you may think you are… invest in right tutors/artists/institutions… everyone enriches you
  5. Forget money

Where can we find Ashwin Pillai’s Art


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