“Warriors Painting Away the Pain” at Against the tides 2014 – By w2w Events

“I sleep on my canvas

Eating pastels and drinking

Acrylics, in the house made of 

Charcoal & chalk” – Sree Lakshmi


Sree Lakshmi – Sketching is an integral part of my life, my mind is always brain storming creating new ideas for a new artwork, there isn’t a single day that I don’t scribble something, I’m a self taught artist my art style is a mix of gothic, grunge, comic and pattern art. I mostly do mix media art where I combine paper works with digital softwares to enhance  it and give it a dynamic look. Most of my inspirations come from Tim Burton’s movies and sketches.


Abhyudayaa Chawak – With almost 2 decades of advertising experience, Abhyudayaa ( Abhay within close circles) is a photographer, artist, thinker and a student of life. Graduated from Sir. J.J School of Art and specialized in Photography, Abhay has an eye for the uncommon in the common. Travelling and traditional music are his vices. Claycanvas is his way of pursuing art with a heart.


Harpreet Oberoi

Kim Oberoi – “As an Obsessive Compulsive Artist, I stay up all night succumbing to art attacks. My passion is my scream that finds its colours through the tip of my brush.” ­ Kim (Harpreet Oberoi)

Spiritual and philosophical, with a spirit of the Generation, raised in various metropolitan cities, Indian Artist Kim (Harpreet Oberoi) has been exhibiting her artworks locally (Dubai) and Internationally as well (Germany & Beijing-China). Having travelled to about just over a 120 destinations across the world , Kim has found ultimate solace in the lap of art inspired by different people, cultures and phases of her life. Kim’s reasons to art are just as different as every good artist’s individuality. She has fallen in love with the myriad colours and forms that now define her. She wants to live and die for the love of art. “My Art and Creations is the bridge that fills the gap between the little world of my imagination and the perceived reality. Its my comfort zone…..its my necessity……its my space without any fears.”

Circusscular Bio

Biji Divakar – Accomplished Dubai Based Artist has won the Coveted Prize at The Grand Kerala Festival for her Art – she has exhibited in Numerous Art Shows in the region starting her exhibitions from Against the Tides in 2009 and since then, she has been unstoppable, with Fan Following reaching thousands, and being a dedicated Arts Teacher; she has groomed many in her footsteps. A truly inspiring and gifted Artist.

Fatema Raj

Fatema Raj –  Also Knows as  Captain TwinkySpiff of the spaceship- Pathological Pernicious Sparkles” has always adventured into unknown territories, battling societal conforms and cultural barriers since she was deposited into worldly establishments; “Schools” & “Colleges” where she explored life changing realms of Fashion Designing, Fine Arts, Human Psychology, Art of Writing, 2D/3D Animation & Film Studies.

Currently, she travels to different planets and stars through prismatic vortexes picking up other creatures from space dimensions who join her as Lieutenants on further exciting journeys!
If you spot her, please, do give her a Hi5 and a Hug. She loves those.

Justin - Artist

Justin Paul – Art ,in my meaning .is working with creative independent spiritual and natural way. I has never expected the thing till job finished. Drawing and painting where part of me since I was first able to hold my crayon. Like every emerging artists, life got complicated and I stopped painting for few years after my high school. Then after two years i took my brush and started painting , with special concentration on the homeless, child labours and oppressed working class men. In my paintings, I bring all homeless and oppressed peoples, to meet the viewer, And all those darkened corners of our personalities that we refuse to visit in our daily life. We all walk hand in hand with fate.No one is ever completely at home on this planet .Every thing is on loan.

Pari Safar

Pari Sagar – A passionate surrealist Artist believing in a creative lifestyle. Art cannot be express in small canvas as life continues so as story on canvas continues. Each canvas has its own faced of life. She likes to play with Colors, figures, patterns with spiritual touch. When words are not enough there comes the paints, brushes, textures and canvas to express joy, happiness sadness, celebration all mixed emotion are all poured on canvas. Art is the rhythm of soul that built the art piece of Pari. Inspiration of painting is always been excitement adding new page to journey of new painting. And the journey continue…..


Ritu Dua – I have let myself be drawn by the strong pull of what I love to do…draw and paint. I am self-taught and learn and get inspired by the things around me. I am obsessed with the magic of color and adore pattern. I am mesmerized by different cultures, their dress and their adornments. I am most intrigued by faces and often use them in my art. I love to mix faces, patterns, the floral, the geometric, the stripe, the intricate infusing bold and bright colors with subtle. I love to play, to mix and match using textures using crayon, pencils, micron pens, water colors, acrylic and oil- paints in my work and any bits that take my fancy! Mixed media is my forte! I also create environment friendly art by recycling things. The healing properties of Zentangles made me adopt this art too and I am sure it can help many if taught in the right environment. I strongly believe that “Life is about using the whole box of crayons”. I pour my heart out at my blog…Beneath my heart…Art.

Profile Photo christos

Christos Psaras, is a Dubai based photographer, Established in the industry with his early use of photojournalism techniques in wedding photography, striking editorial and commercial portraits. He is also notable for using his skills to promote awareness in many social issues including drug abuse, cancer awareness, domestic violence infant mortality and child welfare. He has worked in a wide range of photographic specialties including: Photojournalism, Movie Stills, and Theatrical Headshots.

 Christos Psaras was born in Limassol Cyprus, where he graduated High School and later moved to New York to study aviation and becoming a Pilot. His passion and interest in photography at 14 photographing weddings in his local community transformed almost immediately into a career, shooting professional assignments and leaving aviation career behind him.


Reena Dhiman – I am dubai based self taught  indian artist having masters in commerce. Painting for me is a medium through which I can express myself easily with different combination of colours and styles. I always loved to work with oil, water, acrylics, pastels and now I am really loving experimenting with coffee and tea. I love the beauty of nature thats why most of my paintings have the glimpse of it..   “Do your good and the best is waiting for you”  is what I believe in..


Satya Sunitha  19.09.14

Satya Sunitha – Hailing from the fertile land of Andhra Pradesh in India, Satya Sunitha graduated in Computers & Statistics and belongs to family devoted to arts from last 3 generations. Currently, settled in Dubai, she is pursuing career in teaching arts to students of all age groups and uses mixed media very effectively to develop painting which speak to her and others about the beauty that exists around us. Her interest on face & figures which requires extreme detailing seems to give her finished works life of their own. Her ideas, designs and lifestyle portrayed on canvas breathe life to various cultures and are breathtaking. She is very passionate to pass her knowledge of painting to her students.

Shiva - Pic

Gomathi Siva Subramanian – I am an Indian National, living in UAE since 1996 and a freelance artist. I have been passionate and have been developing paintings and art works. Some of my works include varied themes; Nature, Wildlife, Culture depicting emotions and feelings. I have done Oil on Canvas, Acrylic, and Water color paintings. Besides, I also carry out portraits using Charcoal and pencil sketches. I have participated in various events, galleries, street night art festival, cultural and heritage events in UAE including ABU DHABI ART HUB, KOBO ART GALLERY. Many of my artwork had been displayed in such events in various important shopping malls during Gallery events and have sold quite a few of them. Besides the above, I also make tailor made paintings to customize the requirements. I develop my skills through various online sources and enhance the knowledge, having formally trained in Painting and arts in the school level.

Yuvika - Pic

Yuvika Gupta – I am a Dubai based Indian artist. I started painting at a very young age. Since childhood my natural talent and interest in art has made me explore sketching, water painting, glass painting and acrylics. Every blank canvas inspires my thoughts which take the form of strokes. I paint on different topics as doors, landscapes, portraits and abstracts. I also use metallic leaf with acrylics as a mixed medium. Art holds a special place for me. I want to spread beautiful and heart warming messages through my paintings. 


Zaahria - Pic

Zaahirah – is a passionate artist who is originally from the sparkling crystal island set in the turquoise panoramic, Mauritius. Now a resident in Dubai, she is a natural, enthralling positive vibes with her pirouette style and approach.  Innovation, Imagination and Inspiration have always formed a supernova in her quest. She grew up to, feel the allure of developing a conversation between her two passions community engagement and the Arts. Zaahirah takes the helm in launching the ZeeArts Community, which is a platform to empower emerging and leading artists to foster community-development projects.

Invitation - ATT 2014

ATT 2014  – is an Art Exhibition that showcases talented Artist in the region  – this year we are proud to pay tribute to “Cancer Surviviors & FIghters”.

Against the tides : https://www.facebook.com/AgainstTheTidesArtists

The Exhibition Opens on the 28th of September and it runs till 4th of October – its a FREE entry event and we invite all of you to visit and show your support to these Artists and their fighting spirit!

The Venue : Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre, Jumeira

Exhibition Opens at : 7pm on 28th September 

Contact for info: w2w.events.dubai@gmail.com

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