Women of the Desert – Art & Fashion Show – April 4th till 11th at Gallery 76

First Fashion Show in Dubai to embrace Models with Disabilities “Women of the Desert”, will open on 4th of April, an Art and Fashion Show to break stereotypes about the Middle Eastern Culture through the eyes and influence of the west.

On 4th April to celebrate the opening of the Show; Five Fashion Designers come together to create Designs to inspire change, amongst the models, two are special needs. Bindiya Farswani and Kimberly Miranda are two young models suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP); Cerebral means ‘of the brain’. Palsy means ‘a complete or partial loss of the ability to move a body part’. Cerebral palsy means loss of ability to move a body part because of a problem with the brain; despite having CP their spirits and personalities are as fashionable as any young girl their age and with shows like Women of the Desert, the organizers (Woman2Woman) will highlight just that; Bindiya (30yrs) will be on her embellished wheelchair in her Designer wear and Kimberly (15yrs) will bravely walk the ramp using her crutches; wearing customized designer wear made especially for her on the show.


The Fashion Designers working to create this magical show are Noushin Haghnejat an incredibly talented Fashion Designer from Iran, with roots in Italy, India and Canada is showcasing her brand NUNUCCI; which include evening gowns and elegant Abayas.

Dutchess Riley a well travelled American who represents Dutchess Design Concept Boutique, her designs use the finest fabrics procured from around the world and her outfits are for all sizes and ages of women; her work is eclectic and unique; from Haute Couture to Evening wear – She also creates Statement Abayas for the modern Arab women. Kalki Ramani is a young Singaporean Artist and Designer, who is embarking on the design world and this will be her debutant line; showcasing her visions of the east in a westernised world. Anisa Begum’s label known as Anisa Begum was started to inspire and open minds about the Abaya, the new Abaya line is modern and glamorous for the hipper younger generation; her collection also includes Evening gowns and Couture. Last but not the least on our list of Designers is Rahymat Elarif, an extraordinary Designer whose label is Lady Re- Couture was one of the driving forces behind this Fashions shows’ inclusion of Disabled models; she championed the initiative and offered opportunities to models through her customized designs. She is also the only designer that designs actively for Men.


Fashion Designer Rahymat Elarif explains why she was drawn to creating designs for Binidya and Kimberly; “I don’t want to sell clothes, I want to share stories with the world; each of my designs should have a purpose and once worn should inspire. Both Kimberly and Bindiya’s stories should be told and I am glad that my designs can offer that opportunity.”

The event will open with a Fashion Show on the 4th of April; there are 20 Artists displaying for the 10 days of the show till the 14th of April and on 4th and 11th of April, there will be Poetry reading, Drumming and Live Music sessions at the Gallery 76 to celebrate the Event.

The month of April is also Autism Awareness Month and we will be partnering with Dubai Autism Centre to offer literature and information about Autism; there will be a representative from the Centre on the Opening night of the event, and information sharing throughout the 10 days of our event to the Public.

The event is open to the public in Dubai, the event starts at 6:00pm in the evening till 9:00pm at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre – Jumeriah 1- Behind Mercato Mall. The Event Entry is FREE for public, however RSVPS are required to register please email: w2w.events.dubai@gmail.com


Women of The Desert Event:-

Fashion Show – 4th April

Fashion Show time – 6:30pm onwards

Art Show Dates – 4th till 14th April

Time – 10:00am till 8:00pm (Except Fridays – the Gallery is closed)

Venue– Gallery 76, Dubai International Art Centre

RSVP- w2w.events.dubai@gmail.com