Women of the Desert – Art Show from 4th till 14th April – The Extraordinary Artists Revealed


“Women of the Desert”, will open on 4th of April, an Art and Fashion Show to break stereotypes about the Middle Eastern Culture through the eyes and influence of the west. The works of 20 UAE based Artists will go on display and sale; here is the introduction to the regions most creative and diverse Artists.

Profile Picture- Anupa

Anupa Bhambhaney

Was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and currently resides in Dubai. She is a qualified Accounting professional and worked for several years in the corporate world with audit and banking roles but fate had other plans for her. One fine day, she gave in to an urge within her to start the journey as an artist. Anupa has a style, which embodies a free spirit and movement similar to the flowing water. The paintings reflect the various stages of human life in the form of myriad concentric circles. The paintings have evolved into warm vistas of simple images with nature showering its blessings into our lives. The colour palette is warm and takes inspiration from the Middle Eastern sun. Anupa considers painting to be her connect with the divine and a supreme form of meditation.


Asma Reyad

My name is Asmaa Reyad born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. It is the second largest city and the second largest metropolitan area in Egypt. I am 28yrs old and currently residing in Ajman with my husband and my children. I love architecture and arts since childhood, I studied all kinds of arts and coloring types (oil, colors, acrylic, watercolors and chalk) but I specialized in mural painting. I graduated from the University of Fine arts – Alexandria in 2009. I worked and Participated in exhibitions during my study at the university. After graduation I worked at an atelier for a year in mural painting. My artworks were made for hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and the entrance to the city of St. Catherine. Drawing offers me the widest possible scope for creative expression. I am very interested in Mural Painting and drawing. My family is always supporting me to success in my career.


Batool Jafri

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Batool is a Textile Design Graduate from the University of Karachi. Immediately after graduating, she left her home country to settle in the Middle East. Since the very beginning, she had always had a keen interest in the Arts, a love which was encouraged and influenced by her grandmother, an artist herself. It was she who introduced her to oil paints and more importantly the works of Vincent Van Gogh, arguably one of her favourite artists. His passionate depiction of nature and human life resonates throughout Batool’s work; drawing inspiration from the raw beauty of the turmoil a person’s or object’s soul experiences in the vicissitudes of life. For the past decade and a half, Batool has spent her time traveling extensively and studying various forms of art including Ceramics (Indus Valley School of Arts), Abstraction in Design (Virginia Commonwealth University) and most recently a series of Courses in Interior Design from the Chelsea College of Art. Batool’s desire to connect with people, create art and her life as a mother of two, led her to a self-start up artisan cake making and decorating business, Yummy Mummy, comprising wholesome products. But her first love is painting. Oil and acrylic are her preferred medium as well as pen and charcoal on paper. Having grown up in a third world country, and seen the suffering of people less fortunate, especially children, Batool has always been passionate about giving back to the community. This passion and her love for teaching led her to START world; a charity organization, founded by Art Dubai and Al Madad Foundation, to teach art to children with special needs and autism.


Doaa Hamad

Was born in Alexandria Egypt in 1987, resident in Abu Dhabi. Is an Artist and Sculptor. She grew up in a family interested in the Fine Arts over the years she has participated in many art competitions in various stages of study. To further pursue her education, she joined faculty of fine arts Alexandria University in 2004 and graduated with very good honors degree in 2009. Since 2005 till now she participated in many exhibitions all over the world. Professionally she has worked as an Art and Craft teacher in many schools. She constantly volunteers in many charity projects to teach sculpture and arts. Excellence, flexibility, aerodynamics and delicate lines characterize her artwork.


Deepa Gopal Sunil

Deepa Gopal Sunil is a folk artist from Kerala, India. She spent the earlier part of her childhood in Bangalore. Later she moved to her hometown to complete her education. She obtained her Masters in English Language and Literature. She is a self-taught artist who loves working with acrylics and pen & ink. She is inspired by lot of artists from various genres. Author of the blog, Hues n Shades, Deepa won the IndiBlogger Award 2013 in the Arts and Theatre Category. Her blog was also in the top 8 in the BlogAdda Awards. Deepa engages herself in self-exploratory visions that she transfers into canvas adding soul and spirit to it; they weave a story of their own. She also has a mystical rhythm with symbolism to her work which explores the spacelessness and timelessness. Her works portray harmony between man and nature in general and human life in particular. Art is her passion and to be part of such a vibrant art community has always been a dream of hers. She has exhibited in shows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Currently she is working on a commission on Gond – Gond is a tribal art form of Madhya Pradhesh inspired painting.


Deepa Swaminathan

A commerce graduate from University of Delhi, with A Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Communications Management, she was always drawn to Art but her passion was revived after her children took to art as a hobby from a tender age. Currently, teaching Art to children of different ages from her home in Dubai gives her immense satisfaction and ample inspiration to explore new subjects for her ever expanding canvas. With a deep interest in spirituality and philosophy, she likes to bring her experiences into form on to her canvas through colorful expressions. She is intrigued by her urge to do detailing in Mixed Media which offers her a holistic experience of various techniques. ” The purpose of my Art is to infuse positivity into the viewer and help him/her look at the brighter side of life. Since life is as much an Art, I believe Art must encapsulate the most important aspect of life … Hope and Optimism ! Art, for me, therefore is a way of life, a path.”


Gehan Fawzy
Began her life in the business management field after graduating from the Marine Academy in Alexandria, Egypt. Following her husband to Dubai and after her child was born, Gehan found a hidden talent that she possessed, Art. Under the guidance of Italian and Persian art professors she further developed this talent attending classes in both Italy and Canada. Accordingly she was able to produce quite a few art pieces that were soon to be the talk of the community. Encouraging her to further expand her work, her husband’s family business requested her to produce 350 art pieces of 90cm x 90cm to decorate three Hotel locations in Cairo, Safaga and Marsa Alaam, in Egypt. Gehan’s art is a reflection of her deep inner feelings towards the current and future status of her life and prefers to work in seclusion from the outside world. She prefers to work with oil paints and so much with acrylic. She has a few charcoal and pencil sketches which are a ‘spur of the moment’ which are not for display. She also prefers to paint partitions where the output can be displayed together as parts of a ‘panoramic picture’ or a separate unconnected paintings.


Haafiza Sayed

Visual artist Haafiza Sayed lives and works in Dubai .She was born and raised in Mumbai-India .She received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Sir.J.J School of Art. She has been a regularly exhibiting her work in various exhibitions and art fairs in UAE, her works also prominently feature on International Museum of Women’s website. Her body of work is basically a spiritual quest that weaves through the personal, feminist, socio-political tapestry of contemporary life. Most of her paintings are reflective, and express her inner journeys and state of mind. She likes to experiment with various art techniques, mediums and styles. In almost all of her work there is an attempt to explore the emotional and mental spheres of human existence. Nature, in its undisguised form inspires her. Lately, she has been expressing her thoughts in the social context; but here too as in her other paintings she dwells on the human aspect and emotion pertaining to the socio political scenario. She tries to connect with the viewer through subjective expressions trying to find a common thread of shared human emotions and experiences.


Kalki Ramani

My name is Kalki Ramani, I’m an artist thriving in a scratch card world; where under the bleak, there’s a whole world of embellishments awaiting to be scratched free.I was born and brought up in Singapore for the first half of my life, and am currently doing my senior year in high school in Dubai. Having Indian origins, my start in Singapore and my schooling in Dubai, in addition to travelling to many other countries, has really unfurled my knowledge on different cultures and thus has burgeoned my mind to different art forms. Somewhere in middle of this whole ‘growing up’ and process, I discovered my dream. Fashion designing. Although I’ve been an artist who has great appreciation for art in all forms having practiced a few myself, Fashion designing struck me on a whole different level. I could create clothes and patterns in my mind just from a quick glance at a source of inspiration, and that’s when I knew for sure:)


Natalia Sroka

Natalia Sroka graduated The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland in 2009. Faculty of Artistic Education full-time Master’s studies in the fields of: Fine Arts Pedagogy and Art Criticism and Promotion and a second field: Painting. Studied in The National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania (Erasmus exchange – international scholarship). Graduated Adam Mickiewicz University. She has participated in Several Art Exhibitions since and will be showcasing at Women of the Desert in Dubai.


Pari Sagar

Pari Sagar, a self-taught Indian artist has been Dubai’s resident for the past 25 years. Her work is inspired by the interesting combination of the Indian & the Arab culture and heritage. She showcases her work regularly at Art markets & exhibitions taking place in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Some of her iconic works are Seven Horses, Radha-Krishna and Angels in love. She believes that true art is characterized by an irresistible urge towards creative freedom and self-expression. She enjoys doing different mediums like oil, acrylic and mixed media experimenting with colours, figures and patterns. Her work unintentionally materialized into figurative surrealism works. She has done series of ethnic, angels, horses and abstract paintings etc. Pari’s Statement: “When words are not enough to express certain emotions I try to show it through my art. My art reflects vibrant emotions of love, romance, peace and tranquility with a touch of spirituality.” www.parisagar.net


Priyanka M.K.

Priyanka M.K. is a U.A.E based realistic sketch artist who uses charcoal & graphite as her medium. Her artistic process started at a very young age at an art workshop, gradually she refined her technique over the years. Now her primary source of inspiration comes from the moments where she tries to capture the emotions of her muse on paper. This being said her lifelike drawings sometimes have a haunting depth in their eyes almost like they have a life of their own. Her collection is now represented under the art label MonoKrome.  “..you can give me the most colourful HD photograph possible, but I will add a filter and change it to black & white because my world is Monochrome.”Priyanka M.K. www.monokrome.ae


Pratibha Jain

Pratibha, a Market Researcher by profession, has been actively creating works of art past one year. She creates unique compositions, working with multiple mediums. The canvas is her field, and paints, clay, threads, lights, glass, amongst others, are her players. She draws inspiration from Nature and Human emotions, and uses her artworks to convey messages of Love, Warmth, Happiness and Hope. The elements- light and texture, add a unique dimension to her work, and brings the composition alive. She also creates upcycled art and crochet jewellery.


Rajita Parameswaran

Art Enables Us To Find Ourselves & Lose Ourselves At The Same Time”- Thomas Merton As a homemaker this is one of my favorite quotes. Starting a painting and creating something out of nothing has been a life changing experience for me. I have been asked many times by friends and family what inspired me? Honestly there have been many factors in my life. Watching my father  sketching  every time he found a piece of paper, sketching kerala landscapes and elephants and he would do so with  much ease. There were those boring classes in college which would make me want to doodle in my notebook. The best part of Art, it has no age limit. After marriage and two kids I have found painting to be a new beginning in my life.

rehab ali

Rehab Ali

Rehab Ali, born on December of 1986, graduated with Honors from faculty of fine arts ( June 2009 ) ” painting section ” , Alexandria University in Egypt. She is now residing in Sharjah with her husband and her daughter. Rehab Participated in several Art Exhibitions in Egypt and in Dubai she has participated in celebrate national day of UAE at cultural and scientific association (Dubai). In her own words, “I use more than one method of drawing with different kinds of color such as(Oil, Acrylic, Wood color, Coal, Water color, Water color pencil,  Gouache color,  pencil ,Pen , Ink , soft pastel , oil pastel).”


Samar Rafaat

Was born on September 1987, she studied Information Technology and is a graduate from the Academy in Cairo, Egypt. She currently resides in Dubai, UAE with her husband and two kids. Samar discovered her love for painting 15years ago and her talent grew stronger with every passing year. Samar has attended online courses to offer her a guide to the world of Arts. Her Artworks have grabbed a lot of attention over the past years and now she is actively exhibiting her Arts for the Public. Samar’s Art is a reflection of her deep inner feelings towards the current and future status of her life and she prefers to work in seclusion from the outside work. She enjoys using Oils and Acrylics when working. Some of her work is on partitions; she believes it works well since it gives the viewer a “Panoramic Picture” of connecting separate and otherwise unconnected paintings.

SAmar kamal

Samar Kamel

Was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, had been inspired to paint from an early age being a part of a family of artists. A graduate of English Literature, she chose banking as a career, which she eventually left to focus on her art. Her first solo exhibition, “Diversity”, in 2014 brought together a body of work created over the past ten years. It embodied what intrigues her most, facial expressions. She believes they reflect a person’s spirit as the eyes are the mirror to the soul and she yearns to capture those fleeting moments of sadness or mischief. She also exhibited in Times Art Museum Beijing, China, Art Hub Abu Dhabi, Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi & Impact Hub-Dubai. Samar has painted a “C” installation in collaboration with City Center celebrations for the 43rd UAE National Day. Other works include participation with “Save the Rhinos”, The Sameness Project, an art facilitator of children’s workshops in Abu Dhabi Art 2014 and Dubai Canvas 3D Art Week and a wall at Street Nights Art Dubai 2015. She is soon exhibiting at WAD 2015, Dubai and in UNESCO Palace, Beirut, Lebanon. Her palette is a mix of vibrant and somber hues bringing her subjects to life. She often works in oil and acrylics and in mixed media, consisting of pages from Arabic books, with techniques including impasto and cross hatching. She feels it symbolizes the raw and rustic beauty of her Egyptian heritage.


Shital K Gusani (K’sd)

Poetry is perhaps the most precarious of all literary art forms. When a visual mode of expression is employed effectively when approaching poetry, enjoyment in the meaning of detail multiplies many folds. Paintings allow an instant emotional reaction, while poetry needs more concentration. Once a recipient of the art forms has reacted emotionally to a painting, the next level of understanding may be approached. The fascinating poetic paintings of Shital K. Gusani (K’sd) reminds me of the poetic paintings of Japan and China where both art forms were expressed and experienced in unison. Creating paintings with poetic resonance, sometimes with ties to specific lines of poetry, is a practice that existed in India from time immemorial and also was practiced in China in the eleventh century, the Northern Sung period. A Nudge is a vivid flowering of a poetic art expressed simultaneously as a poem and a painting. This is a unique expression of sublime and subtle divine thoughts as poetic paintings. Shital has done this with remarkable stroke of excellence. Poetic moods, metaphor and symbols, patterns, structure and rhythm wonderfully match with symmetry and balance aesthetically expressed as paintings by her. Shital K. Gusani signs all her paintings as K’sd, currently living in Dubai for over thirteen years, has had no formal training to paint, however, considered painting as a serious art form of expression when her works were appreciated. Painting is a passion for her soul and which is expressed as each stroke and colour of her brush on a canvas. Poems echo and express artist’s expressions in her work of art, both as poems and paintings. Shital’s paintings are in private collection or have contributed to the numerous social causes through auctions, such as Tsunami Relief Fund, Children’s Hope Foundation and supporting a leukemia patient, Erisszel Cortez at the Universal Empire Institution of Medical Sciences. It is indeed eventful to publish poetic paintings of this Indian painter-poet.


Samrat Ghosh

A resident of Dubai for the past 8 years has spent a greater part of his life in Kolkata – the “City of Joy”. He indulged in Oil & Acrylic paintings as a pass time during the early days of 2007 which very soon translated to a serious hobby. He is a self taught painter, without the restrictions of formal art education he is able to distort and create stylazations in his work more fluidly. His works are characterized by use of bright colors on hues, his outlines are carefully drawn and the shadings create a softnessin his Artwork. In his own words about himself as an Artist: “I am an amateur and wish to continue being the same..” as Edgar Degas said “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do..”


Wael K. Hamadeh

“My name is Wael K.Hamadeh my nationality is Lebanese and the universe is my family.” It is where history of stone merges with the beauty of nature, my mountaineer village Baakleen glow with Lebanese culture. When you pass by its roads, olive trees dance with the breeze of the valley that unites seven hills together. The weather takes you to the freshness of soil, hardness of rock, and the brightness of color that saturate your sight. My favorite landscape in my village is that valley which left lots of memories, which enriched my abilities every time I dive in silent inspirational moments. I live in Dubai since 1995 and I work with airlines industry, and in addition to this, I listen to my inspirational thoughts and I do mixed media paintings, photography and sculpture. I have accomplished an Art diploma in Edinburgh- Scotland and then I started discovering the perspective of my inner creation through brush and color. I built an image library of 200,000 images (from 55 destinations) between digital, 35mm & medium format. My paintings’ themes focus on the Arabic heritage and the folklore dancers. The folklore dancers are messengers from the time machine that translate the joy and happiness of the eastern culture and the colorful heritage of our Mediterranean sea. My passion to paint the movement and contrast of who we are is a non-stop adrenaline rush and love. I grave knowledge of my surrealistic brush and enrich my style to be a brand that raise our ethics and honor our existentialism. http://www.waelhamadeh.com

To see the works of all these incredible Artists:-

Women of The Desert Event Fashion Show – 4th April

Fashion Show time – 6:30pm onwards

Art Show Dates – 4th till 14th April

Time – 10:00am till 8:00pm (Except Fridays – the Gallery is closed)

Venue– Gallery 76, Dubai International Art Centre

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