Anisa Couture launches their summer collection of “Ageless Fashion” on 6th of June at Pret Motif Boutique

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Anisa Couture launches its Summer Collection in the UAE on June 6th at Pret Motif in JLT. Anisa Couture is a homegrown brand, drawing inspiration from Dubai’s vibrant cultures and eccentricities. The Brand offers Haute Couture, Signature Abayas , Bridal and also exclusively designed formal children wear. ANISA Couture is the Brainchild of Anisa Begum whose education in Fashion Designing is from London Edexcel, CEE in Dubai.


Founder of Anisa Couture; Anisa Begum says “As a woman and a Fashion Designer; I have always wanted every woman to feel beautiful in their own skin; Fashion is a medium for women to express their own unique styles and personalities. At Anisa Couture, we believe fashion should offer freedom to be at our best at any age and hence, the title of our collection this season is “Ageless Fashion” for every woman.”


ANISA Couture believes in offering a platform to the young and upcoming Fashion Models and we are pleased to have Jyotsna Arora, who currenlty is representing Qatar in Miss India Worldwide as our Brand Ambassador.
Jyostna is 23year old, born and brought up in New Delhi, and works as an electronics and communications engineer, currently working with an Oil & Gas firm.
She will be representing Qatar at the prestigious Miss India Worldwide pageant, to be held in Mumbai, this September, as Miss India Qatar 2015. Besides being an engineer, she is very passionate about dancing and is professionally trained by the Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts. At present she is part of a 12 year old dance troupe called TNDF (The New Dance Factory).


The event is open to all Fashion lovers in Dubai, the event starts at 5:00pm in the evening till 8:00pm at the scenic Pret Motif Boutique located in Concorde tower, Cluster H in Jumeriah Lake Towers. All guests will receive goodie bags from our exclusive sponsors Palmers Cocoa butter.

The Event Entry is FREE for public, however RSVPS are required to register please email:

The Event detials:

Date- Saturday 6th of June

Time – 5:00pm till 8:00pm

Fashion Show – 6:00pm onwards

Venue– Pret Motif Boutique – Cluster H – Concorde Tower- P05 – JLT



Palmers Cocoa Butter

Selfie TV

Pret Motif Boutique

Sady – Makeup & Hair Artist


About Anisa Couture:

ANISA Couture was launched as a Fashion label in 2013 since then Anisa has participated in Numaish Exhibition, GKF Dubai, Brand Concept and Women of the Desert Art & Fashion Show.

Anisa has been Passionate about fashion since a very young age, her design philosophy is to produce clothes which have story to tell, the classic cuts, layers of detailed embellishments. Drawing inspiration from Ancient cultures to modern women. Aiming to design for women of all ages, from regular people to clothing celebrities – Anisa wants to dress everyone.



Ph: 0508226784 / 044585634

His Excellency Akel E. Biltaji, the Mayor of Amman, attends the Middle East Council of Shopping Centre’s Next Generation Networking Event held in Jordan


Next Generation Networking Event in Amman, celebrates success of Retail Business in Jordan

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres and the International Council of Shopping Centres celebrated the huge success of their Next Generation Networking Event hosted by The Boulevard; the heart of Abdali development; the new Downtown of Amman.


The event was successfully held on May 5th 2015 with close to a 100 professional attendees from the retail real estate industry. Amongst the esteemed guests, the Honourable Mayor of Amman, His Excellency, Akel E. Biltaji, patronised the networking reception.


The attendance of the Mayor of Amman was the highlight of the event. His Excellency, Akel E. Biltaji, born in Gaza in 1941, was appointed as the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities in 1997 by His Majesty the late King Hussein. He remained in the position until 2001, when King Abdullah appointed him as Chief Commissioner to the newly established Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. In 2004, Akel E. Biltaji served as His Majesty’s advisor on tourism promotion, foreign direct investment and country branding till November 2005. He was then appointed as a member of the Senate, where he served as Chairman of the Tourism and Heritage House Committee, a member of the Foreign Relations, Health & Environment and Education House Committees. Currently; His Excellency is one of Jordan’s most prominent public figures, responsible for managing a capital city, where over 40% of Jordan’s population resides and over 70% of its economic activity takes place.


The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres emphasizes on education and the sharing of experiences. The Next Generation Networking events attract leaders, specialists and industry professionals together under one roof to discuss, share and pool in ideas, experiences and promote business growth.


When asked to share a few words with the guests; His Excellency the Mayor of Amman, Akel E. Biltaji expressed, “Hosting events like the Next Generation Networking Event in Amman, which serve as a platform for industry professionals to share their experiences in a relaxed atmosphere, is vital for future development in the retail sector. Projects such as Abdali which is rapidly developing and capturing the avid travellers’ and investors’ interests, has placed Amman on a positive path and in par in terms of developments with other projects in the Middle East.”


David Macadam, CEO, MECSC highlights that “One of the greatest moments of the evening was when I handed the MECSC’s Coffee table book, titled; “Souks to Malls” to His Excellency the Mayor of Amman, Akel E. Biltaji, and upon receiving this book, his appreciation and recognition on the work that the Middle East Council of Shopping Centre’s is offering to the region was incredibly rewarding. This event marked the exceptional success of Jordan’s urban developments like Abdali; which places Jordan amongst the top ranking retail destination in the Middle East and globally. The aim of such events is always to gather and attract the top of minds of the retail sector to attend and share their experiences, whereby this event offered that and more; making it one of our most successful networking events held.”

The Next Generation Networking Event hosted by The Boulevard in Jordan was sponsored by Orange Telecom, City Mall, RSVP Valet Service and the Delights Shop.

About MECSC:

Established in 1994, The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres affiliated to the New York based International Council of Shopping Centres has over 68,000 members globally (, the MECSC provides its members with unparalleled local and international business contacts. Facilitating members in business through retail industry education, business development, and networking opportunities. The MECSC covers memberships in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, and Yemen.

Web: / FB:

Twitter: MECSC/ Instagram: MECSC/ Pinterest: MECSC

For information about the MECSC, please contact:

Email: phone +971 4 359 7909

“The Lost and Found” – The day I came face to face with the finalists of Smart Idol 2015 an interview by Zareen Khan


When I was a child, I believed like all children do; that there is goodness everywhere and in everyone; that people love freely and without reason. Then after a few years, I learnt to talk, to walk, to listen to harsh words, to understand how different I am, I found myself in the school system where I began loosing that child; I then left school and soon enough I went to work in the real world; the real world was made up of people, from whom I learnt many lessons; suffered many disappointments, many heart aches, many confusing ideologies, many sad moments and then along the way, not knowing when it happened; I lost that child completely.

After many years; I began missing that child and I started craving for that child…which led me to start woman2woman – my events company which I started on the founding thought that I will work only on events, projects that will somehow change my world. That will gravitate me towards the good in me and maybe others too; I will create my own reality where I will make the changes I want to see and I will one day, if I work hard enough; find that lost child.

Its been 6 years now since I started woman2woman and I finally found my child in a school; ironically where I first lost that child; is the same place that the universe led me to…


Here is how it began; It was a hot summer day (which will be my statement for the next few months) It was so hot that I couldn’t grab my steering wheel to drive; it scorched my hands. I had just wrapped up a shoot and was rushing to drive over to Winchester School to meet the Finalists of the SMARTLISFE’s Smart Idol. I had of course heard about the event but still hadn’t met anyone.

The brief I had was pretty simple: “Smart Idol is an annual talent contest organized by SMART LIFE wherein more than 400 blue collar performers are auditioned in various labor camps & in public places for several weeks & the top 12 talents are showcased in the Grand Show Finale called Smart Idol.”

So when I found out that these 12 Finalists train at a school every Friday, it intrigued me and rain or shine, I wanted to get there to meet them personally.

I got to the parking of the School and right at the gate, I could hear soulful tunes; it was incredible, I didn’t need any directions to get to their training room. I followed the vocal chords and found the most fun-loving people, some dancing, some singing and my favorite part was, that all were happy to see me. I got the brightest smiles and the warmest Hugs (I am a sucker of HUGS btw).


I wish I could take each of you with me, so you could have felt the energy; every molecule in my body was vibrating with the positive vibes. Kalyan (who is my amazing friend and soul brother) Was the one who introduced me to this event and encouraged me to be a part of Smart Idol. He warmly, introduced me to the whole team who had been working day and night to host this event for the past 6months. They started auditioning for this project since January of this year – making the lead up time almost 6 months. I also had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Navya Sajeevan; who is also a professional Dancer and has been the main guinding force working hard to audition, select, train and put the event together. She along with the smartlife foundations’ team members visited more than 20 camps; met over 600 candidates; and now have been training the 12 Finalists for the past 4 weeks leading up to the Grand Finale taking place on 22nd of May.

I then met a finalist, Biji who will be singing at the show; I asked her to sing a few lines and when she did; I couldn’t help gasp at her golden voice. With no formal training or opportunity; she could easily take the stage and mesmerize the world with her powerful voice. The winner is to receive a cash prize, I made a mental note to ask all the finalists what they were going to do with the money if they won. So I proceeded to ask Biji; her reply, “I would give every penny I have to my sons’ I have two sons and I would use the money to give them the best education for a better life”.


A queit and shy Kopila Ghimre Korki was next in line to meet me, this was her first interview and she was very nervous. My first question to her was where are you from? She said Nepal and tears came running down her cheeks; she had lost two homes in the earthquake; the devastation had hit her own home and also her inlaws, both destroyed completely in the quake. She said that everything she every owned was gone; when she first got selected to be a finalist, she said she was very happy and excited but as the disaster hit her home; her spirits also took a hit. Even with the tears and a lump in her throat; she sang for me and I couldn’t help feel the tears welling up in my eyes after hearing her sweet voice. When I asked her what she would do with the money if she won? Her reply, “I would give half the money to my Mother and the other half to my Mother in law; both of them have lost their homes and I want to help rebuild what they have lost.”


I was then introduced to the gorgeous all girls dance troupe; all of them Nepali; all of them had lost their homes in the earth quake and all of them stood together united in their pain and in their hope for a better future. They will be the live performers at the show; and were there to support their friends who have made it to the Finals. The four girls included: Sapana Rai, Gita Gurung, Ramita Maharajan and  Diya Bista.


S. Jafar Siddik Basha was waiting next, he is a young Dancer from India; his idols include Prabhu Deva (Who once came to his school performance) he always wanted to dance but life had other plans for him and he had to leave his dream behind; so when Smartidol came along, this was his chance to re live his dream; he said that the journey with Smart Idol has been an emotional one; where he is constantly learning and discovering and if he wins he says; “I would give all my money for my 2yr old son’s education; so he can have a better life, so that he can have opportunities that I didnt have.”


Ammar Saeed came in next sporting the most mischevoue smile that I had seen in a long time. I instantly felt at ease with him; I learned that he hailed from a very conservative Pakistani family that never encouraged singing and from a very young age; all Ammar wanted to do was sing. The one good thing about leaving home and coming to the Gulf was that he could sing freely and his passion got the freedom it required, when he sang; I could feel the vibratons of sufi souls swooning around me; his voice had an age beyond his years; I was truly dumbfounded by the time he finished. He mentioned that now after hearing about Smart Idol; his family has warmed up to the idea of him becoming a singer and they are actually rooting for him to win. He said If he wins “ I will make my dream come true of becoming a singer, thats all I want to do”.


The most brightest Smile was held by Suresh Kapoor; hailing from India; he could walk in to a room and the room would light up just by his honest smile. He spoke about his childhood, about his dreams of learning music and also to desire of becoming a singer; but due to harsh realities he could never do what always dreamed of pursuing and instead left home at a young age to earn for his family. When he sang for me, it was hard to believe that his voice was so refined without any formal training and I understood what they say; when God decides to give you a gift…you don’t need anything else. If he wins he explained; “I would make sure the my two sons recieve the best training in Music that I could never afford; they will one day grow up to be amazing musicians.”

Aju George a very shy young singer was next in line, he spoke to me in whispers and the only time his voice was raised in excitement was when he spoke about his two daughters; who he loves dearly and who he hasn’t seen for 5 months; he then sweetly sang a Malayalam song for me and even though I couldn’t understand the words, I could feel the love and it overwhelmed me, a fathers devotion to his daughters made my heart melt. If he wins he said, My two daughters are my world and if I win, it would be for them, I would use the money to educate them and give them a better life.”

Meeting Aasman Tamang was a special treat, starting from his name which means “the sky” I learnt that he is an aspiring Dancer from Nepal. When he was in school he danced for fun and once he started growing up, dancing became a form of expression for him and he felt free when he danced. He smiled and told me that he came to Dubai to make money, he worked hard, saved for years and with all his savings he built his own home for his parents back in Nepal and when the earth quake hit, he lost everything; he said I am very lucky ma’ parents survived…I will work harder, and re build what I lost. My being has never met a spirit so strong and like his name suggests…Asmaan is made to touch the Sky, he said if he wins I will give my all to make my home for my parents; they are now living in a tent and I want to give them a home.”


My last finalist meeting for the day was with a handsome young man; that everyone around me referred to as “Ramesh Sir” – I learnt that this young man has been dancing since he was 5yrs old and its his long life dream to become a choreographer. When he was growing up all he wanted to do was either be dancing or showing someone how to dance. Then with the situation at home and the need for him to work, he took over lifes responsibilities and put a full stop to his dream of every becoming a Choreographer. When Smart Idol came up, he said that this was his chance to re ignite his lifes passions and he took this opportunity with all his might and passion. He has been training day and night to perform and he has been dedicatedly teaching and supporting his fellow participants. I found that gesture so noble and I understood why everyone has that respect for him, he is a true teacher; who is secure enough to share his wisdom. When asked about winning; he said, “Everything I am and I do in life is for my mother. My mother, who right now is in criticial condition with kidney failure and heart disease; I want to go home and make her well. She is everything to me and everything I have is hers.”


On my way out I bumped in to last years winner, Ejaz Ahmed; he turned out to be from Kashmir, my Ammi’s hometown and while speaking to him I realized how much his life had changed since winning last year. His level of confidence and his warm approach displayed star power without the diva attitude. After winning SmartIdol 2014, he went on to perform on live events and was also picked up by Zee TV for a drama serial, to sing play back on Parwaaz. He will also be performing on the 22nd of May along with Aftermath a local rock band. It really will be a treat for any music lover. When he sang for me, my heart beats fluttered and I couldn’t help blush like a school girl.

“I came in to the School that day looking for the finalists and I left finding myself….”


Event Detail:

Date – 22nd May 2015

Time – 6:00pm Onwards

Venue – Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at Indian High School Dubai

For more information on Smart life:




Mob: 052 8080621


For more press information, please contact:

Zareen Khan – W2W events – Email: 5515979

Brazilian Art Exhibit comes to Gallery 76 in Dubai – Opening on 23rd May


Dubai International Art Centre, Gallery 76 is opening its doors for an exhibition of some of the best Brazilian art works from 24 to 30 of May 2015.

The opening of the Brazilian Art Exhibition at the Dubai International Art Centre – Gallery 76 is on the 23th May 2015 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The exhibition draws together exhibits of Brazilian recognized professional paintings and sculptures. Eric Art, organizer of this event, from Brazil has been working with Brazilian artists since 1975 and represents more than 5000 Brazilian artists and is associated in exhibiting their works all over the world. Very recent participation has been at the ARTEXPO New York, United States of America, opening of 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and Louvre Museum, Paris in France. Eric Art have exhibit for many years in Index Dubai.

Some of the paintings that Dubai International Art Centre Gallery 76 will display include paintings of Sonia Menna Barreto. Sonia has art works in the private collection of the Royal Palace of London, UK.

Dubai Gallery 76_ Artist- Maroka _ Size - 70 x 70 cm _Technique - Oil on Canvas

“We exhibit and selling Brazilian art works around the world and have interest in realize a good business with the UAE market.” Say Eric Landmayer, Eric Art Director, Art Critic of AICA – Paris and Curator of the Brazilian Art Exhibition.

Eric Art exhibiting at DIAC art works from Brazilian artists in different styles and techniques, with paintings and sculptures.

“Our great interest and objective is in to begin a partnership with UAE Galleries, with UAE business peoples and with the UAE government, with the regular realization of individual and collectives Brazilian art exhibitions”, say Mr. Landmayer.


Eric Art artists are graduated from many famous Art Universities with great experience and have received prizes in Brazil, USA and Europe. The Exhibition is Open to Public, and starts on 23rd May at Gallery 76 located in Dubai International Art Centre. This unique Brazilian art exhibition is running from May, 24th to 30th – form 9 am to 9 pm. The Dubai International Art Centre is located in Villa # 27, Street # 75b, off Jumeira Road, near Town Centre, Mercato Mall and car park.

Dubai Gallery 76_ Artist- Shiroma _ Size - 70 cm _Technique - Mixed media on Canvas

About Gallery 76:

Gallery 76 is the oldest public art gallery in the UAE and occupies a special place in the history of Dubai’s thriving art scene. Gallery 76 plays a key role at DIAC in facilitating ‘Art for all’.

The Gallery is housed in the Center and benefits from the Center’s considerable footfall of students, artists and art appreciative public alike. The gallery is occupied with solo, shared and group exhibitions year round and bookings are required at least 6-12 months in advance. Gallery 76 has a floor area of 65 m2, wall space for 25-40 paintings (depending on size) and an adjustable illumination system.

Gallery 76 hosts a broad range of exhibits from established and renowned artists to the Center’s own students. It therefore plays a key role in starting and nourishing artistic careers and offering art for all.

Gallery76 has hosted high profile solo exhibitions by Amira Hanna, Mi Jong Yoo, Susan Kim, Mostafa Mehdizadeh, Jan Edwards, Omayma Soubra, Corbett Miteff Tauseef Al Mulla, Wafa Khazander, Carrie Robertson Wright, Nelda Gilliam, Ossacip Olbap (in retrospect), and Alan Meyburgh.


Ph: +971 4 344 4398 


About Eric Art:

Eric Landmayer – Curator

Eric Art – Director


Web site:

Art Critic and Journalist (Art Critics International Association – Paris / France)

Phone: (5515) 32641498 / Mobile: (5511) 95977777

Mobile / Dubai: +971 50 2085021

Address: Rua Santo Alberto, 405 – Sao Paulo – SP – Zip Code: 04676-041 – Brazil

Middle East Council of Shopping Centres “Reveals the Industry Faculty of JTR School For Retail Real Estate Professionals”


The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres – (MECSC) will be hosting (JTR) –John T. Riordan School For Retail Real Estate Professionals at the Shangri -La Hotel in Dubai from 24th till 28th May 2015. The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC), is the regions largest retail industry association representing shopping mall owners, developers, marketing and leasing managers, retailers consultants, property managers, financiers, accountants, government officials and industrysuppliers from the retail industry.


One of MECSC’s roles in the region is to offer education and awareness about the retail sector; JTR’s 5 day program covers comprehensive, concentrated, rigorous course taught by prominent shopping centre industry experts from the USA, Europe and the Middle East who serve as faculty. Every year JTR receives tremendous support from the region and this year more than 25 delegates are enrolled from Majid Al Futtaim Group for the 5-day program. “JTR is designed to ensure that participants will learn how to develop, lease, market and operate a shopping centre successfully and we excel by providing faculty that are internationally renowned Retail Professionals to conduct these sessions.” Says David Macadam CEO of Middle East Council of Shopping Centres.

Emailer Level 1 Final

JTR’s faculty this year includes; Karen Scott – Tenant Delivery Manager at Tavistock Development Company; Avijit Yadav – CEO GLA Property Management Company W.L.L.; Avi Alkas – Country Chairman JLL Turkey; David Macadam – CEO Middle East Council of Shopping Centres; Khalifa Furqan Athar – Partner/Director of Strategic Planning McArthur + Company; Ben Jackson – Director Project and Development Services JLL MENA; Bruce von Kaufman – GM Marina Mall Abu Dhabi; Greg Vogt – Leasing Director Real Estate at Gulf Related; Haitham Sleiman –Senior Operations Manager – Regional Malls at Majid Al Futtaim Properties; Harvey Monk – Executive Manager at GRMC ; Marc McQuain – Founder and Managing Director Vindico Retail; Pam Bryson– Group Vice President Marketing, Ilyas& Mustafa Galadari Group; Prakash Menon – PK Mennon Enterprises; Shane Eldstrom-Chief Operating Officer at Al Farwaniya Property Developments LLC and Shean Yu – Associate EMEA Retail Centre Practice Area Leader at Gensler& Associates.

Emailer Level 2 Layout Final

JTR is hosted jointly by ICSC and MECSC for Professional Development (Levels 1 & 2), leading to an ICSC Certificate. This 5-day course will take place from the 24th till 28th of May at Shangri – La Hotel Dubai. JTR-1

MECSC is accepting JTR bookings till 19 May 2015; registrations can be done using:    

Smart Idol 2015 – “Celebrating the Men who built our City; from Labor Camps to Performing Stages!”


Smart Idol is an annual talent contest organized by SMART LIFE wherein more than 400 blue collar performers are auditioned in various labor camps & in public places for several weeks & the top 12 talents are showcased in the Grand Show Finale called Smart Idol.


When asked why SMART LIFE organizes Smart Idol; Kalyan Chakravarthy –Creative Director of SMART LIFE said “our event offers opportunities for our regions most hardworking blue collared community to come on stage and showcase their raw talent; there is so much of talent and SMART LIFE is offering a chance for them to share it with the community on a larger stage; to enable them to turn their dream into reality.” 


Smart Idol 2014 has witnessed a real life success story, the winner last year; Ejaaz Ahmed was a restaurant delivery boy and after winning Smart idol he was spotted by a talent manager and he went on to sing for the regions largest channel ZEE TV as a playback singer. He now sings professionally and is an inspiration to many.


This year more than 600 laborers had auditioned from various camps. From the shortlisted 12 finalists, 6 are singers and 6 are dancers – all 12 contestants than receive rigorous training from industry professionals before the Grand Finale Event.

On Friday the 22nd of May, visitors will witness the performances of the 12 most outstanding talents onstage, chosen after seeing hundreds of performances; the event will be hosted at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at the Indian High school; the gates open at 5:00pm and the show starts at 6:00pm sharp.


The Winner gets the esteemed title of Smart Idol 2015 and a cash prize of Dirhams 18,000 along with that, SMART LIFE also offers the winner to an opportunity to join the Smart Band, through which they can earn for 1 year through various performances.

Event Detail:

Date – 22nd May 2015

Time – 6:00pm Onwards

Venue – Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at Indian High School Dubai
For more information on Smart life:




Mob: 052 8080621


For more press information, please contact:

Zareen Khan – W2W events – Email: – 050 5515979