“Mystified by Halloween” By Sree’s Corner

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I remember, a few years back, when I was still in school. I found myself, being the only girl with a sense of Halloween spirit. Maybe it’s because I went to a school that had a majority of Indian population. When i talked about “Jack O lanterns” or “Trick or Treats” they just looked at me confused and mystified. It seemed like I was the only person in the entire world who knew about this strange festival that celebrated the existence of our fellow spirits or supernatural entities.


Currently it is the 2nd most celebrated festival following Christmas. October being one of the most celebrated months of the year, is highly commercialized by the retailers and Halloween is the time where their profits boom. It has become a vibrant trend setter for fashion, themed parties and clubbing. The whole human race is becoming hooked on Halloween despite having no idea what it really means. Evolving from the Celtic festival Samhain(the day to mark the end of the harvest and the start of winter, and also believed that this day opens a bridge connecting world of the dead) the contemporary Halloween has turn out to be less about spirits and more about costumes and candy.


Traditional Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories and watching horror films. Halloween is also the festival of art and creativity, the time where you dig through your wardrobe to find old sequence, broken jewellery pieces, nets, feathers, colours etc, to create super cool costumes and masks. It can offer quality time with your family members.

Author: Sree Lakshmi