“Smart Band” – The Nations only “Blue Collar Band” performs live at Calendar Girls 2016 Launch!


Smart Band performs live at the launch of Calendar Girls; Smart Band is the only Blue collar Band; the members of the band are Ashraf Alam, Ammar Saeed, Bijimol & Mamun Abdullah; the most talented singers and musicians selected from an annual talent contest organized by SMART LIFE which saw over 600 labourers auditioning; the Smart Band consists of the winners from Smart Idol 2015 contest.


Calendar Girls 2016, is an initiative by Woman2Woman under the “Beauty without Boundaries” program. The ethos behind the program is to develop campaigns through marketing and events that promote positive body image in Men and Women.


Calendar Girls 2016; has selected 14 models to showcase in this unique Calendar; which will be given out at the event free of cost to all the guests. This calendar contains images of all the models; in the theme of fairy tales, where each model plays a Heroine from their favourite fairy tales and their own personal stories are shared in the calendar to inspire the owner of this calendar, every day of the year.


Zareen KhanFounder of w2w events says; “One of the highlights of the launch are the live performances that we have managed to line up; starting from our music which is managed by DJ RUFFDub aka Atul Mohan; an ensemble duet especially composed for the event by Siya & Varsha; to internationally acclaimed Opera & Jazz Singer Kasha– who has performed extensively in the US; and lastly we are proud to give the stage to Smart Band; which is the regions only Blue Collar Band, this will be a memorable experience for everyone attending the event; we are extremely happy to support the raw talent that Dubai has to offer!”


Calendar Girls launch event starts at 6:00pm with an expert panel of speakers, including Dina Taji(Woman’s Body Building Champion) will discuss Body image and the hard work & perseverance required in being an athlete; then there is Mahima Mehta – (Owner of MAD –Mad About Dance institute) she will be discussing the link to self confidence with physical activity and the importance of maintain a healthy lifestyle; lastly there will be Kimberley Miranda (An inspiring Fashion Designer for Disabled teens) Kimberley is starting her own design label which will be focusing on designing outfits for teenagers with disabilities she will speak about being a teenager with disabilities and how to not let any disability get in the way of your dreams!

Fashion Designers came together to support this initiative and worked on customised designed for the girls to live out their fairy-tale dream, the generous designers included, Aisha Alia, Anisa Couture, Desi Sari Dewi, Dutchess Riley & Kash Kouture. Bourjois Paris was the official makeup brand – and the Stylists for hair & makeup for the Girls was managed by Splendour Salon, Malini Ohri’s Team worked hard behind the scene to make each girl look like the best versions of themselves.


At 7:30pm – there will be a screening of the Calendar Girls Documentary – shot and produced by award winning filmmaker Kalyan Chakravarthy – KC24 production about the making of Calendar Girls. The Calendar Girls will be revealed in style at a Fashion Show, courtesy Fashion partners, Rev Du Soliel & Haayatti by Aisha Alia along with Jewelry partner AGATHA PARIS.


The Live Performances will run throughout the evening from 6:00pm onwards till 9:00pm.


The event is open to the public; it starts at 6:00pm in the evening till 9:00pm at Gallery of light in DUCTAC – MOE. The Event Entry is FREE for public, however RSVPS are required to register please email: w2w.events.dubai@gmail.com



Calendar Girls Launch Event:-

Time – 6:00pm till 9:00pm

Venue– Gallery of Light – DUCTAC – MOE

RSVP- w2w.events.dubai@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/953511534724004/


Calendar Girls Sponsors:-



Splendour Salon


Selfie TV

Shaby Designs


RK rites (Ruqya Khan)

Aisha Alia

Anisa Couture

Dutchess Riley

Desi Sari Dewi

Kash Kouture

Reve Du Soleil

MAD (Mad About Dance Institute)


For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events – Email: zareen.w2w.pr@gmail.com052 7655525