Middle East Council of Shopping Centre heads to Riyadh for the Next Generation Networking Reception



MECSC’s Next Generation Events – connecting retail professionals across Middle East

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres and the International Council of Shopping Centres host the Next Generation Networking reception in Riyadh, KSA at the Sheraton Riyadh Hotel & Towers on the Tuesday 16th of February from 6:00pm until 9:00pm.

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres emphasizes on educating and offering a successful Networking platform to its members and therefore MECSC has progressively organized several Next Generation Networking events throughout the Middle East region. These events aim to bring together specialists from the Retail industry to share knowledge, ideas and promote business growth.

David Macadam, CEO, MECSC highlights that “We are excited to host the NextGen Event in Riyadh this month, we look forward to providing the perfect platform for retail professionals to meet and build relationships. One of the key ingredients for the success of these events is that it allows for open discussions, deal making sessions, announcements of new projects and opportunity for meeting leaders of the retail industry in your city.”


Event Details: NextGen Riyadh

Date: 16th February 2016

Time: 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Venue: Sheraton Riyadh Hotel & Towers

Asala Holding, Hamat Properties, Al Othaim Real Estate and Dev. Co., Magrabi, Riyadh Park & Tabuk Park are the sponsors for the Next Generation Networking Reception in Riyadh, KSA at the Sheraton Riyadh Hotel & Towers.

To RSVP for this event, please click the link Register Online or visit www.mecsc.org for more details. Contact: +971 4 359 7909


About MECSC:

Established in 1994, The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres affiliated to the New York based International Council of Shopping Centres has over 70,000 members globally (www.icsc.org), the MECSC provides its members with unparalleled local and international business contacts. Facilitating members to grow their business through retail industry education, business development, conferencing and networking opportunities. The MECSC covers memberships throughout the MENA region and globally through the ICSC.

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For information about the MECSC, please contact:

Email: info@mecsc.org phone +971 4 359 7909

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Miss February of the Calendar Girls – Kim Oberoi as the Mermaid an interview by Ruqya Khan

Kim Oberoi as The Mermaid graces the cover for the month of February 2016 of Calendar Girls project!


Based in Dubai since 10 years Indian Artist Kim Oberoi is largely a self taught painter and an international exhibitor (Germany, Beijing & Dubai). Having travelled across the world, Kim has found ultimate solace in the lap of art inspired by people, experiences and emotions which as a result direct her inner visions.


At the time of this interview Kim was just days away from having her beautiful baby. She takes the discomfort and weight of being full term in her stride. She smiles all through the conversation and in her brightly light eyes it is obvious why she chose to be The Mermaid.


Kim is independent, she is determined; she is curious, she has faith and is not afraid to leap with it. She comes from a place of power to achieve and deliver her dreams to her heart bundled in joy and trust. The glowing mum to be explained, “I chose to be the Mermaid because firstly, I love the sea as in water for its ability to be flexible while holding on to its original state of being. From a very young age the mermaid has been my favourite show partly because I am a water baby, grown up mostly in different coastal cities and always next to water and also because the character of the mermaid has always intrigued me. Her courage, strength, curiosity to know and discover more about life than just things that surround her. Being the youngest and the rebellious character that she is makes me feel like that is so me. I too always end up in tough situations like her because of my nature. However, yet the grace is not lost while managing and trying to come out of those situations!”


Kim believes in being herself – unbound and wary of any imposed limitations and walls. She likes to be curious, to explore and to discover what the possibilities can be. She is an artist and her work reflects freedom of expression. She puts a piece of herself in the art she delivers and it is worth noting that with each turning sheet on her canvas her work gets more defined and strong. “Every piece of work by an artist, every stroke, every mark, is a work towards Redefining Infinity. I have always believed in living beyond the boundaries, taking chances and risks in life and following my heart. Whether it was to leave a stable career to pursue Art full time or take a decision to move on in life when I could see my previous marriage turn toxic – these decisions and phases of my life have been tough however, following ones heart is never easy as it does require a good amount of strength and courage just like the mermaid,” she smiled.


Being part of the calendar girls’ project was a conscious choice that Kim made. She walked the ramp on the launch event in November (last year) sporting a cute belly bump and a confident smile. She defies all norms and walks her talk. “I choose to be a part of Calendar Girls, as I strongly felt that what the fashion industry is portraying is seriously harming the mental set up of not only the women of all ages but also the unrealistic expectations of men from a woman to be certain shape, size etc. Beauty lies in the confidence portrayed and the struggle people go through, it lies in the reality, not the skin, colour, height etc. Majority of the women leading their daily lives are not runway models, they are the masses, they are the women of today and tomorrow and they need to be shown in their true colours as they are. It’s a woman’s confidence, courage, fighting spirit and radiating inner peace that makes her beautiful. Her beauty likes in her heart!


Furthermore I feel that beauty is a reflection of self-love. It’s the confidence that radiates with the realisation that you are content with yourself whether your life is a bed of roses or not. At the end of the day you are doing your best to live it to the fullest and in line with your dreams, belief and faith – that’s what matters. It’s the struggle that people go through and yet shine bright while bouncing back just not limited to the skin. It’s the heart that matters. It’s the kindness towards the unknown and being utmost honest about oneself,” concluded Kim.

Calendar Girls 2016 :

The ethos behind the program is to develop campaigns through marketing and events that promote positive body image in Men and Women.

Calendar Girls had over 14 role models for young women to identify with and inspire from, the personal stories of these 14 women will be showcased in this unique calendar.

Theme for 2016 : Fairytales – each image for the photo shoot was inspired by the person’s own favourite character – the idea behind it is, the each one of us really are, “our own super heroes”.

We are grateful for all the  amazing support from many individuals!

The Fashion Designers of Calendar Girls 2016:-
Anisa Couture
Aisha Alia – Hayaatii
Dutchess Riley
Desi Sari Dewi
Kash Kouture
Reve Du Soleil

Calendar Girls Sponsors:-
Splendour Salon
Selfie TV
Shaby Designs
RK rites (Ruqya Khan)
MAD (Mad About Dance Institute)

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