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“Diana Namayanja” from Uganda & “Fahim Khan” from India crowned Smart Idols of 2016



Smart Idol – making dreams come true & changing lives 

Smart Idol 2016 held on 22nd of April at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium witnessed a house full of guests attending to cheer the 14 Finalists. The stage was dynamic and the Finalists along with Smart Band took the stage by storm in both singing and dancing categories.


Diana Namayanja – Smart Idol – Singing Category

Winning first place as the Smart Idol of 2016 is Diana Namayanja From Uganda, who attracted hundreds of fans from her camp to the event, she performed covers of Celine Dion and Adele to a roaring crowd of enthusiastic fans and Fahim Khan from India won the first place in the dancing category of Smart Idol, he astounded the crowd with his multi talented dance styles, in mere 3 minutes he performed hip hop, break dance, Arabic fusion and Bhangra with incredible flexibility and agility leaving the audience gasping for more.


Fahim Khan – Smart Idol – Dancing Category

The second place in the singing category was awarded to Morries Mana from Pakistan who works at the Dubai Airport, is a musician and a gifted singer, whose inspired by Shafqat Amanat Ali, had belted out some of the toughest songs with great ease on stage and the second place in Dancing was held by Rajesh Gugula from India a self taught dancer and choreographer emulated his idol Prabhu Deva and mesmerized the audience.


Morries Mana – Second Place Singing Category

RJ Valda from Josh FM hosted the evening with pizazz and to add Bollywood glamour, there was a special appearance by Bollywood’s most loved playback singer “Vinod Rathod”, who is best known for the super hit songs from, Khal Nayak, Muna Bhai MMBS, Baazigar & Devdas.


Rajesh – 2nd place Dancing Category

Smart Idol 2016 Jugdes included, Bhakti Harish a Dubai based director, choreographer and performer and has won great acclaim and awards for her work in the Middle Eastern regions. She has been a researcher, educator and entrepreneur for over 15 years in the field of Indian Dance Theatre; Dr.Mohammed Shakeel, from Calicut, India. Doctor by profession is a specialist physician in Aster Clinic. Passionate about music he has composed music for 3 Malayalam movies and various music albums. Trained in Hindustani classical and Wester piano he Sings melodies and Ghazals and Soumya Datta, winner of Zee Saregama Middle East Pakistan and also the Voice of Dubai by Star plus. A gold medalist and a National Scholar in Kathak, she is presently the Director and founder of the music institute Sargam where she teaches both Hindustani vocal and Kathak.


Smart Idol is an initiative of SmartLIFE under the patronage of CDA (Community Development Authority) the competition provides blue-collar workers with an entertainment outlet and an opportunity to showcase their talents.


UAE Exchange comes on board as the title sponsor & JOSH FM as the official Radio station offering tremendous support.


For more information on Smart life:




Mob: 052 8080621 


Retail Industry’s top management represent as Faculty of Middle East Council of Shopping Centre’s “JTR School For Retail Real Estate Professionals”



JTR starts from 17th till 21st of April at Shangri – La Hotel Dubai, UAE – The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres – (MECSC) will be hosting (JTR) –John T. Riordan School For Retail Real Estate Professionals at the Shangri -La Hotel in Dubai from 17th till 21st of April.

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC), is the regions largest retail industry association representing shopping mall owners, developers, marketing and leasing managers, retailers consultants, property managers, financiers, accountants, government officials and industry suppliers from the retail industry. One of MECSC’s roles in the region is to offer education and awareness about the retail sector; JTR’s 5 day program covers comprehensive, concentrated, rigorous course taught by prominent shopping centre industry experts from the USA, Europe and the Middle East who serve as faculty.


David Macadam – CEO of Middle East Council of Shopping Centres explains “JTR is designed to ensure that participants will learn how to develop, lease, market and operate a shopping centre successfully and we excel by providing programs that cover a comprehensive, concentrated, rigorous course taught by faculty that belong to prominent shopping centre industry from the USA, Europe & the Middle East.”

JTR’s faculty this year has 17 top retail professionals; including Paul Firth (RTKL); Ziad Moghrabiah (Arabian Centres); David Macadam (CEO MECSC); Philip Evans (TGM); Malik Qaiser (Ezdan Mall); Raman Khanna; Craig Plumb (JLL); Priya Chellani (JLL); Stephanie Chartier (Al Farwaniya Properties Management); Brad Merchant (Aldar Properties); Carolyn J. Feimster (CRX, CMD, CJF Marketing International); Nabil Gebrael (Cascade Village); Brett Schaffer (DIFC); Avijit Yadav (GLA Properties Management); Marc McQuain (Vindico); Furqan Athar (McArthur & Company); and Greg Vogt (LLG Gulf Related).

The ICSC/MECSC Schools for Professional Development (Levels 1 & 2) is a 5-day program leading to an ICSC Certificate. Courses start on 17th till 21st of April. MECSC will be hosting the Next Generation Networking Event on Tuesday the 19th of April at Shangri – La Hotel Dubai.

Next Gen Invite_final.jpg

The Sponsors for the Next Generation Networking event include, Magrabi Retail, Marina Homes, Brands International, Kingsmen, Orix/Al Hail Holding, Premier Marketing Managament, Arabian Oud, CELS, Dalma Mall, Yardi, Emirates Airlines & Afkar.

For further details log on to:


About MECSC:

Established in 1994, The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres affiliated to the New York based International Council of Shopping Centres has over 70,000 members globally (, the MECSC provides its members with unparalleled local and international business contacts. Facilitating members to grow their business through retail industry education, business development, conferencing and networking opportunities. The MECSC covers memberships throughout the MENA region and globally through the ICSC.


Web: / FB:

Twitter: MECSC/ Instagram: MECSC/ Pinterest: MECSC

For information about the MECSC, please contact:

Email: phone +971 4 359 7909

For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: – 765 55255


“Smart Idol 2016” – Introducing the regions largest talent show for Blue collar labor force




Smart Idol – empowering & changing lives Smart Idol established in 2012 is an annual talent contest organized by SMART LIFE wherein more than 2000 blue-collar performers audition from various labor camps over a 6-month period.

Over the course of performance and elimination. The final selection comprises of top 14 Finalists who are then trained and mentored by industry professionals to fine-tune their skills. From the 14 finalists – 7 belong to the singing discipline and 7 represent the dancing category.


These 14 Finalists undergo a grueling training session weekly for a duration of 3 months leading up to the finale of Smart Idol, scheduled for Friday 22nd of April.


When asked why SMART LIFE organizes Smart Idol; Kalyan Chakravarthy –Creative Director of SMART LIFE said “Smartidol offers opportunities for our regions most hardworking blue collared community to come on stage and showcase their raw talent; each of us aim to encourage and empower the finalists with tools and guidance through mentoring and training which enables them to shine on stage and get a chance to live out their dreams”.


Smart Idol 2014 has witnessed a real life success story, the winner last year; Ejaaz Ahmed was a restaurant delivery boy and after winning Smart idol he was spotted by a talent manager and he went on to sing for the regions largest channel ZEE TV as a playback singer. He now sings professionally and is an inspiration to many. Smart Idol 2015 winner Biji Mol who is a bus conductor at a local school in Dubai has been actively performing at events around the region with Smart band and continues to strive for more opportunities. This year there are 14 more hopeful individuals who are getting a second chance to make a change. UAE Exchange comes on board as the title sponsor offering tremendous support.

On Friday the 22nd of April, visitors will witness the performances of the 14 most outstanding talents onstage, chosen after seeing hundreds of performances; the event will be hosted at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at the Indian High school; the gates open at 5:00pm and the show starts at 6:00pm sharp.

Event Detail:

Date – 22nd April 2016

Time – 6:00pm Onwards

Venue – Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at Indian High School Dubai

For more information on Smart life:




Mob: 052 8080621

For more press information, please contact:

Zareen Khan – W2W events – Email: – 052 7655525

MECSC’s 2016 Directory to be launched at “Next Generation Networking Reception” in Dubai



MECSC’s Next Generation Events – connecting retail professionals across the Middle East

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres and the International Council of Shopping Centers gear up to host the much awaited Next Generation Networking reception in Dubai, at the Shangri-la Hotel on Tuesday 19th of April from 5:30pm until 9:00pm.


David Macadam, CEO, MECSC highlights that “Launching the MECSC’s Directory is the focus of the Next Generation Networking event. The largest ever at over 435 pages, all the regions top Shopping Centres and all the retailers and retail professionals represented in the MENA region are showcased. This year’s Directory for the first time includes inspiring stories and profiles of the retail industry’s top players. Along with the Directory, we will also be releasing the April issue of Retail People Magazine. For anyone wanting to network with the retail industry’s leading professionals – Next Gen Dubai offers the ideal platform and opportunity; last year the Next Gen Reception welcomed more than 250 professionals representing the MENA region. Registrations are up this year we will have an even larger number.”


The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres emphasizes education and offers a successful Networking platform to its members. Progressively the MECSC has organized many Next Generation Networking events throughout the Middle East region. These events aim to bring together professionals from the retail industry to build relationships, share knowledge, ideas and promote business growth.

Event Details: NextGen Dubai

Date: 19th April 2016

Time: 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, SZR in Dubai, UAE


To RSVP for this event, please click the link Register Online or visit for more details.

Contact: Lea at +971 4 359 7909

 About MECSC:

Established in 1994, The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres is affiliated to the New York based International Council of Shopping Centres with over 70,000 members globally (, the MECSC provides its members with unparalleled local and international business contacts. Facilitating members to grow their business through retail industry education, business development, conferencing and networking opportunities. The MECSC covers memberships throughout the MENA region and globally through the ICSC.

Web: / FB:

Twitter: MECSC/ Instagram: MECSC/ Pinterest: MECSC

For information about the MECSC, please contact:

Email: phone +971 4 359 7909

For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: – 765 55255


Miss April of the Calendar Girls –Rumali Kularatne as Snow white an interview by Ruqya Khan


5 APRIL.jpgFor as long as she can remember she was referred to as the ‘fair’ Sri Lankan and though Rumali Kularatne had no qualms about it she did understand that she was more than just a pretty face. She wanted to be beyond her complexion and her features. It was about just choosing to be.


When it was time to choose her character for the Calendar Girls project there was a tug of war – would she be Cinderella, would she be Sleeping Beauty, would she be Snow White? While she could have easily slipped into glass slippers, she chose otherwise because that was more her.

“Beauty by definition is a combination of qualities that are aesthetically pleasing or someone that gives great pleasure. But growing up the focus of beauty has been mostly on the former part of the definition- i.e. what is aesthetically pleasing but we often forget that in reality we are more attracted to a beautiful soul for longer and it is people with the beauty from within that are a great pleasure. The common saying is that beauty is in eye of the beholder and therefor our perception of beauty is unique and a combination of features and factors; be it personality and/or physical features that appeal to us. As a female teenager I think it’s a common need to feel beautiful and to fit a criteria that society has created as to what is beautiful. But I believe there is nothing more striking than ones confidence in themselves and that growing up our definition of beautiful should acknowledge both what captured our eyes and who won our hearts,” says Rumali. “Snow White’s character portrayed to us that though there were plenty of ladies adorned in lavish dresses it is her spirit that charmed the Prince. She is an embodiment of beauty to me; she had a kind heart and confidence in herself and her friends. I can connect myself strongly with her.”


Rumali quotes Snow White when asked about the stereotypes she would like to break by being on the CG 2016 project – “Remember you are the one who can fill the world with sunshine” She adds, “I believe this is relevant to most of us who dare to dream big because we are afraid of what society would have to say, what obstacles we would have to face and most of all failure. There are common stereotypes that you have to be beautiful to be an actress; you have to be a particular size and height to be a super model, if you are Asian you are supposed to be academically outstanding- but at the end of the day all of us have a choice on how we make tomorrow a better day for ourselves and everyone else. Portraying this character I wanted to convey the message that people may envy you for many reasons but at the end of the day if you have good intentions and you have a strong circle of friends who believe in you as an individual – those cruel comments, lies and rumours will have no power against you. We are raised to believe that we can only be one kind of an individual either the happy housewife or the glamorous Ideal but Snow White proved to us that you can be both a hardworking lady that knows how to run the house and a Beautiful Princess that balances her tiara and is showered with love. Snow White inspired girls to believe in themselves, to see the good in people and to not lose faith in whatever it is that you want to achieve- be it love, one’s career or life goal.”


Snow White’s weakness was her naïve belief that because she wanted the best for everyone that everyone would share the same mindset. She ate the Apple when the stepmother said “all her dreams will come true”- does Rumali see a bit of herself here too? “The moral I take out of this scenario is about trust and knowing what to sacrifice or take a risk with when achieving your dreams.

As an individual who is inspired by this character, I adored Snow White for her beauty and kindness. Never did she demean or look down upon anyone to make her dreams come true. She was always kind and caring towards the dwarfs and didn’t envy her step-mother who deprived her of all the luxury a princess deserved. In today’s society women have been put against each to reach higher, we are taught to view each other as competitors not for achievements but attention and this is something that can only be changed when our desire is to empower each other is stronger than our need to put someone down to feel more valued (what the step mother did). It is easier said than done but whenever the envy crawls in remind yourself that you can you do more and become more if you are supported by those with a similar goal. Snow White’s kindness to the pets around her house, the little mice and birds supports her when in need – quite like if we were to respect and encourage one another we could achieve so much more.”


Taking off her Snow White shoes Rumali shares what beauty means to her, “I don’t think there is any one aspect that I can pin point, I guess there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who believes that she is. Even the most prettiest of women will feel insecure if they are amidst those that lack to appreciate them – so the key is to constantly remind yourself and those in your life that they are beautiful not just outside but inside. Physical beauty is constantly appreciated in our society and if you feel confident about your appearance you shouldn’t limit the way people see you to “just a pretty face” you should use the attention or favouritism to shed light on who you are as an individual. If you are looked up at or adored for a physical feature (for me its complexion) – influence others not to achieve satisfaction by trying to have what you have instead encourage them to find what is truly beautiful about them. There is nothing more attractive than a strong woman empowering and sharing her strength to allow another individual reach their ideal self.”


“A woman’s beauty lies wherever she chooses it to be. I think most of us have our strengths and weaknesses but it is how we carry ourselves on daily basis that portrays our beauty. I would say our beauty lies in the aspects that we are most confident about. I mean if a black line on my eyelid makes me feel prettier and more confident so be it – because I think of it as investment in making myself feel more beautiful because I believe that I am. It will vary from person to person but I can tell you where it shouldn’t lie and that is in the hands or the words of someone other than yourself!”

About Calendar Girls 2016:

W2W Events Proudly presents the launch of Calendar Girls 2016 at the Gallery of Light on 28th of November 2016 – 6 months of work and one day of inspiring speakers, performers and Fashion showcase – we launched with a bang. An event to change minds about Beauty and Body image – showcasing the worlds most beautiful women in one calendar. #BeautywithoutBoundaries #woman2woman#womensupportingwomen #Calendargirls2016

Credit for this amazing event goes to a full team of awesome individuals!

Events By : W2W Events

The Awesome Events Team:

Photographs Courtesy:
Priyanka Geriya

The Fashion Designers:
Kash Kouture
ANISA Couture
Shaby Designs
Fussy Diva – by Desi Sari Dewi
Rev Du Soliel
Hayaati by Aisha
Dutchess Closet

Jewelry Sponsored by AGATHA Paris

Makeup Sponsored by Bourjois Middle East – الشرق الأوسط

Official Salon: Splendour Salon

Makeup Artist: Malini Ohri

The Amazing Performers:
Siya & Varsha
Smartband from SmartLife Foundation

Official Film Maker: Kalyan Chakravarthy (KC24)

Official Media Partner: @Selfie Tv

The Fantastic Speakers:
Dina Taji
Mahima Mehta
Kimberly Miranda
Rohit Manek
Malini Ohri
Marie & Lara – Bourjois
Ruqya Khan

The Amazingly Beautiful Calendar Girls of 2016:
Anita Menon
Bindiya Farswani
Dilakxi Antony
Dutchess Riley
Juri Deandler
Kim Oberoi
Komal Chhatwani
Mahek Anadkat
Menaka Ramakrishnan
Piyaa Jayesh Kumar
Pinky Jayesh Kumar
Ritu Chaturverdi
Rumali Kularatne
Yasmina Alidodova