“Smart Idol 2016” – Introducing the regions largest talent show for Blue collar labor force



Smart Idol – empowering & changing lives Smart Idol established in 2012 is an annual talent contest organized by SMART LIFE wherein more than 2000 blue-collar performers audition from various labor camps over a 6-month period.

Over the course of performance and elimination. The final selection comprises of top 14 Finalists who are then trained and mentored by industry professionals to fine-tune their skills. From the 14 finalists – 7 belong to the singing discipline and 7 represent the dancing category.


These 14 Finalists undergo a grueling training session weekly for a duration of 3 months leading up to the finale of Smart Idol, scheduled for Friday 22nd of April.


When asked why SMART LIFE organizes Smart Idol; Kalyan Chakravarthy –Creative Director of SMART LIFE said “Smartidol offers opportunities for our regions most hardworking blue collared community to come on stage and showcase their raw talent; each of us aim to encourage and empower the finalists with tools and guidance through mentoring and training which enables them to shine on stage and get a chance to live out their dreams”.


Smart Idol 2014 has witnessed a real life success story, the winner last year; Ejaaz Ahmed was a restaurant delivery boy and after winning Smart idol he was spotted by a talent manager and he went on to sing for the regions largest channel ZEE TV as a playback singer. He now sings professionally and is an inspiration to many. Smart Idol 2015 winner Biji Mol who is a bus conductor at a local school in Dubai has been actively performing at events around the region with Smart band and continues to strive for more opportunities. This year there are 14 more hopeful individuals who are getting a second chance to make a change. UAE Exchange comes on board as the title sponsor offering tremendous support.

On Friday the 22nd of April, visitors will witness the performances of the 14 most outstanding talents onstage, chosen after seeing hundreds of performances; the event will be hosted at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at the Indian High school; the gates open at 5:00pm and the show starts at 6:00pm sharp.

Event Detail:

Date – 22nd April 2016

Time – 6:00pm Onwards

Venue – Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at Indian High School Dubai

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