Palmer’s changing lives of working mothers in Cocoa Farms of Africa


 IMG_4572.JPGOne of the beauties of living in Dubai is that people of different nationalities are crossing paths regularly. This was the way Antonia Amehame- Brand Manager of Palmers ME Cocoa Butter and Josephine Nalugo, founder of the Children In Africa Breastfeeding Support a not for profit organization based in Uganda met for the first time in October of 2015, whilst, attending a breastfeeding conference in Dubai.

The incredible link between these two women is “Cocoa”, Antonia works for Palmer’s, which was founded in the United States of America and has been producing safe and effective beauty and skincare products since 1840.  Palmer’s is the world’s largest producer of Cocoa Butter skincare products and is rated the #1 Cocoa butter brand in the world. In October 2012 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula joined the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) in support of their efforts to provide economic, social and environmental support to cocoa farmers and their families around the world.


Josephine Nalugo founded the Children In Africa Breastfeeding Support to working mothers and parents whose income is $1 a day or even less, these mothers also work as farmers in the cocoa farms – which are the raw ingredients for Palmers Cocoa Butter. Josephine’s organization works with 6 women who stich and produce “Happy Baby Carriers”; according to Josephine Nalugo; “Some of these ladies work in the farms for 10 – 12 hours and they have no one at home to take care of their new born, most bring their newborns to the farm with them without a proper support, these ladies than leave their babies under a tree shed and work, once they hear the baby crying – they run back to breast feed and go back in to the farm, this continues the whole day, by the end of it the mother is exhausted and the babies left malnutrition and at risk of being bitten by insects and animals when unattended. When we step in and provide The Happy Baby Carriers, it becomes a life support for the young mothers, since now their babies are safely fastened against the mothers chest and they can work without anxiety and it’s a reason for them to rejoice and celebrate.”


Including Josephine, there are 6 women working to produce the Happy Baby Carriers’ – Fatuma Nakachw; is a mother of 5children, 3boys and 2 girls. She has had a great experience with carrying them using happy baby carrier.  Working with Baby carrier has enabled her to start another small business of cassava chips making and pancake baking.  For the last 3months she has been working on Happy Baby- Palmer’s baby carriers project and Fatuma explains; “this project came to us at a perfect time, I have been able to use the funds from my work to pay my children’s school fees and also invest in my business.” The other ladies include, Clair Nansubuga; who is a trained happy baby tailor, she is a mother of a 4year old daughter and expecting her second baby.  She has been at the forefront with Fatuma in making happy baby carriers.  Claire says; “Working with happy baby has enabled me to establish a small scale grocery shop and take care of my family and also to pay school fees for my daughter, I hope we get more projects like these to work and earn.” Another worker is Nakato Hawah who is mother of a 6 years old son. She runs Retail grocery store. As a women with physical disability, she is happy that happy baby has given her the opportunity to make baby carriers going outside Uganda to other mothers. There is also Fahimah Nambejja, who is just 19yrs old. She joined happy baby 2weeks ago and is currently under training.  She has supported the production of Happy Baby by making straps for the baby carrier. As a youth, Fahimah wishes young mothers of her age to have and use happy baby carrier. The team also has Nalujja Norah, who is a happy baby model mother and is currently a new entrant on the happy baby sewing crew.  She is a mother of two.  After enjoying the benefits of using happy baby carrier with both her children, she took up sewing lessons now learning to make what she calls the magical tool. She is excited that mothers in Ghana are going to enjoy what she has shared. Last member is also the founder of the Children In Africa Breastfeeding Support Josephine Nalugo, she is the seventh born from a family of 10 children. Is a mother of 2 girls 11years and 9years Old and a 2year old son.  Josephine Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences majoring Sociology. With this back ground, and a passion to work with mothers and babies to support them breastfeed successfully for better health as they go along with their daily activities. She is really a Social Entrepreneur making a difference in the lives of hundreds of women.


The material used to make the carriers is locally sourced, and the colors and designs are a representation of the vibrancy of Africa. The organization has been working in the region for 4 years – it provides income to the ladies who stich and produce the carriers to enable them to send their children to school and also to fund alternate businesses.

According to Antonia Amehame – Brand Manager – Palmers ME, “At Palmers; one of our most loyal customers are mothers who use our pre and post natal skin care products. We always support initiatives for mothers and believe that if we empower them, we empower the whole community.”


Antonia and Josephine joined forces to work together and in April of 2016; while Antonia managed the communication and funds from Dubai; Josephine spearheaded the project on ground in Africa, sometimes travelling for 6 hours on a bus from Accra to the Ashanti region to New Edububaise, then 2hours in a small taxi to Odumasi. To reach the Western province it would take 5hrs by bus to Takoradi then 3hours in a taxi to Aiyinasi, in areas where a car and bus couldn’t reach, she would hop on her motorbike to reach the farms where these mothers needed the carriers.


This project is a start of many more initiatives to develop and support these communities by Palmers and in conclusion Antonia Amehame – Brand Manager of Palmers ME says, “With every cocoa butter product produced, we acknowledge the effort of their work.”

Happy Baby Carrier is produced and distributed to local farmers throughout Cocoa farms in Ghana.


About Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula:

Palmer’s was founded in the United States of America and has been producing safe and effective beauty and skincare products since 1840.  Palmer’s has a global presence and is available in over 80 countries offering the #1 Cocoa butter brand in the world.  The unique heritage and commitment to quality has stood the test of time, making Palmer’s a trusted household name, used by families for generations.

Palmer’s uses only the finest ingredients to provide consumers the highest quality formulas at affordable prices.  All of the products are hand crafted based on Palmer’s long standing heritage and experience in offering superior formulations that deliver results.  This is why Palmer’s promise to its consumers has always been an unconditional guarantee of quality.


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