Miss Augusts’ of the Calendar Girls – are Mother & Daughter team- Pinky & Piyaa as “The Brave Ones”an interview by Ruqya Khan

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A mother always seeks for her child. She lets the experiences of her life teach her little one to grow strong and steady in this world. She braves all odds and lets those learning pass down to her seed. She takes pride as a beautiful blossom grows in her garden – together they can now take on anything like The Brave Ones.


Pinky Jayesh Kumar is Piyaa’s mother, she said, “The reason we chose “Brave” is because it not only relates to the story but in true sense the meaning and beauty of a mother daughter bond is shown here. Their connection reflects me and my daughter, how by each passing day we not only understand the relation, but the bond of love, care, affection even at times of difficult situations. How we both try to protect each other from such situations and learn to be brave fighting for each other and most of all understand each other during difficult situations and phases. It makes us grow fonder by each passing day though there are times of misunderstandings from which we learn to have a better bond and be each other’s strength.”


So much can be said about “BEAUTY” but if put in simple words; it is uniqueness in our own way. Beauty is from within, but very few believe or understand that in the true sense. Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face; it’s about having a pretty mind, heart and soul.

The message that Pinky wanted to convey by participating in the Calendar Girls 2016 project was that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. She said, “I feel not only proud, blessed, lucky but honoured to get an opportunity to express my inner voice through this platform. Women should appreciate one another and respect each other instead of being negative and looking for flaws. We all love our children and they will grow soon to be a beautiful woman or a handsome man. We all must ensure that this is not only from the looks but within. I have a daughter and I would want her to groom into a beautiful human being too! We as women are blessed with so many relations depending on us and so many roles to play in our lives. Stop being jealous or insecure. Set a good example for our future generations to come. I am not expecting too much. Be modern. Be fast paced. Be aggressive. Be an achiever. Be a dreamer. Be beautiful. Be career oriented. But above all be a beautiful human being.”


Today, fake smiles are common. Change is for the better but humans resist change. Hold hands and become each other’s strength just like my daughter is to me. That is the very reason I say….” A child gives birth to a Mother” which is so true. She’s not only my world; she’s my three ‘S’ – my Support, Strength and Superstar!!!”


“I trust that Piyaa will grow into a beautiful woman not only from outside but from within too. She sees beyond jealousy or insecurities. She has the values to be happy and proud of another who probably has more talents or capabilities. Peer pressure pushes a child to behave different and rude. We need to take that apart and stand for who we are. Learn and have the courage to appreciate people for who they are instead of being negative and looking for ways to pull them down in life.”


“In my case if you ask me, I am blessed with all this but have been ignored and misunderstood because as they say, people who are jealous and insecure of you and put you down, are the ones who don’t have what you have. Well, I’m not boasting here but telling my own experiences in life!

And which is why the same thing scares me for my daughter, being so young, she faces the same since sometime. That’s true! She’s my shadow! But because of my past and present experiences in life, I wouldn’t want her to face what I’m facing. So with my learning experiences, I try to make her not only stronger but smarter yet calm to face such situations and not to expect anything from anyone but believe in yourself and your true instincts which will be tough for short term but in long term, lead you to a right path and make you successful in life. Never let anything or anyone stop you or let anyone come in your way from going on this path. Such people, incidents or situations will come through your way because they see what you have and they don’t and so they will pull you down but that’s alright as you will fall and rise up again because that’s what will make you stronger and make you improve in your decisions in life, as they say…”one learns from their mistakes” and these people and situations are a good lesson for us to reach to our success in life.”


So often we judge a woman by her appearance yet she has got so much in her to make the word “BEAUTIFUL” complete!


  • Passion – to follow her passions, understands precious life and enjoys what life offers, not just with her partner but other relations too.


  • Compassion – feeling for one another, be it in any relation because no one loves a cold hearted woman. In short, a woman who understands how to give and receive love is much more desirable than a woman who has none to spare.


  • Presence of mind – It’s a popular myth that beautiful woman are not smart. I disagree! The pursuit of knowledge and truth is not only attractive, but essential to our existence. Knowledge is empowerment and empowerment is sexy.


  • Fun-loving spirit – Life does have its ups n downs and she can face disappointments in life. This doesn’t mean she must stop being adventurous or stick to her boring routine in life.


  • Resilience – Believing in herself and not giving up easily, be it worst or best! Believing that life can never defeat her unless she allows herself to be defeated.


  • Confidence – We all know the difference between bragging and being confident! A woman who is confident, will not want others to notice instead feel proud of how she looks, speaks, thinks or acts. A woman who doesn’t need other people’s reassurance to help her feel this pride in herself is infinitely more appealing than a woman who incessantly seeks others approval.


And most of all….


  • Energy – Finally, to sum up all above, this is the most beautiful quality of a woman, her energy! A woman who follows her passion, shows her compassion, pursues, loves adventure, refuses to give up, and believes herself to be worthy, then her energy will be the spark that lights up everyone and everything around her.



Beauty of a woman is not in her figure, her clothes, her make-up, her fashion sense, her hair style or her nails. The beauty is in her soul and in the caring nature which she displays to her family and friends. Beauty is in the sacrifices she lovingly makes. Beauty is in her passion for things she does and her beauty only grows along with her. We women are blessed to be in this form and we must prove the world out there.

With this Beauty in her, she not only lives life gracefully but with dignity, is my belief too! So, let’s be “BRAVE” enough to show the world this is how we possess our “BEAUTY” within!

About Calendar Girls: W2W Events Proudly presents the launch of Calendar Girls 2016 at the Gallery of Light on 28th of November 2016 – 6 months of work and one day of inspiring speakers, performers and Fashion showcase – we launched with a bang. An event to change minds about Beauty and Body image – showcasing the worlds most beautiful women in one calendar. #BeautywithoutBoundaries #woman2woman #womensupportingwomen #Calendargirls2016

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