Coffee Confessions Episode 1 : “Branding Frenzy – Are you a walking brand?”


A locally produced TV show by Woman2Woman on Selfie TV Online Channel. Show offers relevant topics and encourages discussions of issues which are relatable to men and women.

This weeks topic dealt with Dubai’s obsession with Brands, with a generation that wants quick fixes for everything, whether its fast food for hunger; self medication for pain; nips and tucks for beauty and brands for self glorification.


With facebook, snap chat and instagram – do you find more and more pressure to upload and share your wardrobe with the world? These were some of the areas we highlighted in our discussion.



Dima Al Malakeh throughout her interview highlighted that ones individuality and personal taste have to be given the upmost importance and one shouldn’t get swept away by the Branding Frenzy.


While Dr. Daamini Shrivastav pointed out that; “Money Can’t buy class”. In her opinion is better to invest in experiences and travel the world rather than stay fixated on collecting items to feel good.


In conclusion, I found it interesting to learn, that eventhough most people do follow and own a lot of brands; none of them wanted to be owned by a brand. Each person we spoke to had a clear vision of who they were as an individual and what they represent; which went beyond any materialistic element.

Catch our next episode live on at local time 6:00pm on Thursday 6th of October – Topic of discussion: ‘Is thin still in’? Your thoughts on Plus Size Models.”

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