Miss October of the Calendar Girl Bindiya Kishor Farswani as Red Riding Hood an interview by Ruqya Khan

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Some people come with an energy that you really want to catch and Bindiya Kishor Farswani is that person for me. At age 31 she bubbles with the innocence of a child. So warm, loving and giving – she is an artist, a poet, a writer, runway model, a dancer – a creative in every right! The fact that she is a person who has Cerebral Palsy (CP) and she uses her wheel chair to get around does not contain her. She in fact find it liberating and unique. Her sense of humour and love for life always leave room for more. Her chase for happiness is really intriguing because it led her to joy, acceptance and gratitude.


Bindiya’s connect with Zareen and the work w2w events do began in 2014 when she first displayed her painting at Art Nation exhibition. The year after she was seen for the first time on the ramp at the Women of the Desert’s fashion show in April. She has danced at the Annual Mad About Dance (M.A.D) dance show, which epitomized the fact: ABCD (anybody can dance). Bindiya looks beyond the obvious and trusts that these experiences of life are not just enriching her as a person but also may serve to inspire someone who may need that boost or nudge when life puts you down.


Bindiya’s contagious smile and positive vibes often if not always grace the shows, exhibitions and events that Zareen’s team organises. She was connected with them on a prior project when Calendar Girls 2016 was announced. Bindiya was among the first few who responded and came on board. And when it was time to pick the character she would portray she chose to be Red Riding Hood!


Bindiya said, “Well, just like her, even I’m red hot, even without the fairy tale effects! Jokes apart, I chose to be Red Riding Hood because we have much in common. I believe, just like her, even I am loved by everyone who looks at me- not because of how I’m physically but for my inner beauty. In the story the Wolf was a stranger for her, in my life; I perceive the world to be a stranger to me. Being an obedient child who always listens to parents advice on not to talk to strangers, at times like Red Riding Hood, I do begin to talk and get distracted by them. The world repeatedly attempts to distract and compel me to walk on unknown paths of life- some paths were indeed very beautiful as it brought out the best in me, whereas some brought unpleasant experiences. Sometimes the world also attempts to put me on the side track just because I am a different creation by the Master. Fortunately, with all the blessings and extreme faith in the Almighty, I resist their forces and avoid wandering on unknown paths of life. By obeying my elders’ teachings and my inner instincts it has allowed me to do what I feel is right. The second element we share would be courage. She was courageous to first have a conversation with the Wolf without knowing what was in store for her and eventually killing him. In my case, I have the courage to go against the usual norms of the world and follow my heart. The last element would be love for others. We love everyone, be it a stranger or family. Even without knowing what the ulterior motives are we still talk and maintain our politeness with the strangers.”


She added, “I always believe true beauty is felt through the positive and warmth vibes radiating by a soul. It’s the beauty of our SPIRIT that endures and shines like the vault of diamonds, in the one who chooses to cultivate, embrace, and utilize it. To the world, beauty may lie in carrying the perfect body but to me, beauty is how well you carry an imperfect one with the right attitude and courage. Beauty with brains is overrated. Beauty with innocent, kind heart and soul is underestimated. Knowledge comes from experience and going against all odds. So here I am- going against the tides of being a model for this project, Calendar Girls.”


It takes more than just an open mind to understand Bindiya and what she does. The depth of her thoughts, the strength of her vision and the possibilities of her dreams reflect calmness. She believes in honest conversation and realness. “My perception towards everything in life revolves around simplicity, in simple terms, a woman’s beauty lies in the reflection of her inner self. It’s in the manner of how she articulates, performs her duties, loves, smiles, cares, and views the world with extreme positiveness and kindness. In all situations she never lets her self-esteem, confidence, and morals down just because she’s odd one out. Like how I said earlier, it’s in how well she carries herself with all her imperfections in the right manner, which then makes her perfect in true essence. The Almighty has created her with extreme love and passion, hence, only when the woman values and treasures it, her charm will captivate the world.”


Smiling through her words Bindiya concluded, “Yes, I may not be the beauty but I’m surely a charmer! Inner beauty doesn’t need make-up; it just requires a pure heart and soul. I don’t see any reason to not be in this calendar. Even I’ have the beauty and persona this Calendar can adorn and feel proud of. Just like gold when put in fire turns into 24 carat gold ornaments – I too possess some impurities but when mixed with the outside world, in its flame I’m surely going to be transformed into a 24 carat gold beauty. However or whatever I am, even my story should be told to encourage those who are like and unlike me. We are one beautiful creation by the Almighty, be proud of it. Our souls are extremely precious and bewitching. So allow me to flaunt my beauty, make heads turn and make everyone realize what true beauty is!”



About Calendar Girls: W2W Events Proudly presents the launch of Calendar Girls 2016 at the Gallery of Light on 28th of November 2016 – 6 months of work and one day of inspiring speakers, performers and Fashion showcase – we launched with a bang. An event to change minds about Beauty and Body image – showcasing the worlds most beautiful women in one calendar. #BeautywithoutBoundaries #woman2woman #womensupportingwomen #Calendargirls2016

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