Coffee Confessions Episode 7 – Mixed Marriages – The Ups and The Downs



Living in one of the world’s most metropolitan city has its advantages. With a plethora of nationalities at your work place and interacting with different cultures in your social circles –many find their soul mate from not just another country but at times from another continent too.

Mixed marriages become very common in cities like Dubai. However, marriages are marriages – they come with their own challenges. So is it more difficult if your cultures are world apart? This episode offers real life stories of the good, the bad and the compromise.

Here are some of the points our guests raised at the show:


Disni Pasea – Is in a mixed marraige, where she hails from Sri Lanka and her Husband from South America. She eloquently explains that all marraiges are hardwork;  in a mixed one ofcourse there are several added challenges however if the couple put in the work it can be a wonderful union. She truly believes that a mixed marriage can add love, tolerance and make people more aware of the world. She says, “The idea is to understand that every marriage has its ups and downs; and one has to make time and put in the work to build on the relationships with patience, love and understanding.”


Asad Raza Khan – Is a product of a mixed marrage between an Indian and a Pakistani. He has a very unique take on the subject and adds an extremely positive energy and not to mention his close to perfect “smile” really will keep you tuned in to the whole episode. He believes strongly that one must find the “Click”, once thats established between two people, they can make it work regardless of the obstacles and difference; when two people really want to be together, they find a way to do so. According to Asad, “Interacting with people from other cultures, religions and backgrounds must be encouraged, it will not only open up minds but enable all of us to become better human beings.”


Sandi Saxena – Is in an mixed marraige of different religions. Back when she tied the knot, the idea of inter religion marraige was still a taboo. In her experience, she does believe that people who actually opt for a mixed marraige, already posses a very open mind, they have a different approach to the world and are open to learning, understanding and adapting. She is proud that her children call themselves, “Universal Spiritual Beings.” Sandi expalins, “In my opinion a mixed marraige can enrich your life and make the couple more tolerant, open and loving.”


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