Miss December of the Calendar Girl Menaka Ramakrishnan as Elsa an interview by Ruqya Khan



At age 24, Menaka Ramakrishnan has a lot going on for her. She owns a content writing business where she provides social media management services for SMEs and writes articles for blogs and magazines on a freelance basis. She is also a travel blogger and instagrammer. On the calendar she is seen as Princess Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.


Looking back at last year’s summer when Zareen Khan announced the Calendar Girls project Menaka responded with enthusiasm. She was at the maiden meeting of the project totally sure of herself and the character she wanted to be as she brought to the pages a story close to her heart and life.


She shared, “The movie Frozen really stood out to me from other Disney movies. Whereas in most Disney movies Romance and “prince charming” are the central aspects, Frozen was different. The main theme of this movie was sisterhood and that holds a deep place in my heart.”


“When I was around ten years old, my sister passed away in an accident. She was very young and the passing was very sudden for my family. As I was very young and the only child left in the family, I knew that I had to be their strength. I could relate to Elsa’s character because even though she had Anna, throughout her life she craved for a sisterly bond. As I grew older I did make those bonds with my cousins and friends. My sister will always be a big part of my life and character. They say that going through a tragedy makes you stronger and they are right. Elsa also went through several hardships only to emerge into a strong and beautiful princess who loves her sister above all else. And Anna proved to be a great sister by proving that true love for her is her bond with Elsa.”


“Elsa also had to face several pressures of society being a princess which I think represents the state of women in general in today’s world. Stereotypes are so common amongst women these days and sometimes women pit women against each other. If a women is attractive then immediately people think “Oh she must not be intelligent” if someone chooses to not get married or not have children they are immediately labelled. Elsa for me, represents a woman who finds herself at the end of all the hardships and completely embraces herself and her powers. Even though she was scared in the beginning, everything worked out in the end. I believe that women of the world should ignore everyone else and focus on finding their true self, just like Elsa did.”

“When I was younger, I used to fall into a category of trying to be “perfect” – a model student, someone who doesn’t get into trouble who always does what is right in society’s eyes. But it’s changed now. Even though I still do what is “morally” correct, but those morals are not set by society but by myself. Being myself and abiding by my principals are much more important to me than what society may think of me.”


Stepping back from her own story and connecting with the project’s higher objective Menaka spoke about beauty and her understanding of it. “Beauty is in diversity. Every single person is beautiful and unique. Even identical twins are unique once you learn how to tell them apart. You start wondering why you thought those twins were the same person to begin with! Beauty is in diversity and acceptance. It pains me to see people still classifying others into categories of “attractiveness” in this day and age. Ultimately we all have to realize that we came onto this Earth in the same way and we will leave this body in the same way too. We are all part of one consciousness and need to accept each other as whatever we are or may look like.”

Through her participation with the Calendar Girls project and the many beautiful women therein Menaka wants the world to understand that just because people may look extremely happy on the outside, it doesn’t mean that they have not had their fair share of hardships. “Each person has their own story to tell and we should stop judging others based on what they look like. Take time to understand someone. I also want people to understand the bond of sisterhood because it is so precious. Take some time off of gossiping about other women for the day and try praising someone behind their back instead. A woman’s beauty lies in her mind. If her mind is filled with thoughts of bettering the world and helping other women rise, I think that is beautiful. A woman who is drowned in jealousy and gossips about others 24/7 is ultimately not a beautiful person no matter how visually attractive she might be in society’s eyes.”

I think a woman is the most beautiful when she realizes her own power and strength. Women are so strong – so strong that they are able to bear the pain of childbirth. Women need to realize the warrior, or in this case “super-hero” in them. Then they will blossom into something beautiful.

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