“The Gorilla Trails” gives a voice to wildlife conservation



A Photography exhibition by PT Explorers highlighting images from Virunga National Park, Rwanda, photographed by Peter Hudson

PT (Paws Trails) Explorers is a global platform for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. “The Gorilla Trails” is a solo photography exhibition showcasing 18 magical moments from Virunga National Park, Rwanda, photographed by Peter Hudson exhibition opening on the 8th of February till 11th at the Gallery of light in DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates. For wildlife enthusiasts, there is an exclusive seminar by Peter on Friday the 9th of February at 10:00am in DUCTAC.

Peter Hudson is a Professor of Biology and The Director of Life Sciences at Penn State and also a visiting Professor at the Nelson Mandela Institute in Tanzania. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society. Peter studies the ecology of wildlife diseases including
those infections that spillover
from wildlife to humans. He
is passionate about Biology
and intrigued about how we
can capture behaviour and interactions between animals using photography.
Nisha Pururhothaman – Co Founder of Paws Trails Explorers explains, “As PT explorers, we spend more than 9 months in a year, in the wild, capturing images and sharing stories. For us these events are a tool to open dialogue about nature conservation. It is an irony of our world that the decades of technological progress did nothing to improve the human intellect. Otherwise how can we explain the fact that we have been destroying Mother Earth without a second thought in the name of progress? After all isn’t it the only place that we know which can sustain human life? Are we that naïve that we have forgotten to comprehend this simple fact? At least for this simple selfish thought we ought to be doing everything in our power to preserve what is left of the earth and her many life-support systems.“


Hermis Haridas – Co Founder of Paws Trails Explorers adds, “We are passionate about the eco system and the preservation of all species, our exhibition of the Gorilla images is to inspire our moral and primary obligation to preserve and protect other beings. If an image can inspire someone to take a small step to protect the vanishing beauties, why not?”

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The Gorilla Trails is a solo photography exhibition open to public from the 8th till 11th of February at the Gallery of Light in DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates.



Event Details: –

Title: The Gorilla Trails

Genre: Photography

Opening Date: 8th February (Thursday)

Exhibition Dates: 8th till 11th of February

Free Seminar by Peter Hudson: 10am on 9th of February to register: pawsintouch@gmail.com

Gallery Timings: 10am till 8pm

Venue: Gallery of Light, DUCTAC, MOE



About Paws Trails Explorers:

Paws Trails Explorers is a global platform for sharing, caring, and getting closer to nature. It’s a collective dream of a group of dedicated nature lovers. The idea whose seed was sown when we explored the world together in search of breath taking moments. The seed which germinated when we set out to right the wrongs done to the environment by planting trees around the world, that seed is now a small plant, waving its tiny branches and baby leaves, asking for attention from the world.


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