“Old Masters in a New Light”

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Judy Shinnick presents a first of its kind Art Exhibition at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre from 10th till 19th of March 2018

An innovative exhibition at Gallery 76, Dubai International Art Centre in Jumeirah is taking inspiration from classical masterpieces and reproducing them with a contemporary twist. The group exhibition of Thirteen Artists’ is a revival and celebration of the classical era of exquisite portraiture; the talented group of Artists are literally turning the heads of Old Master Portraits and remixing them into modern art works; the show will be inaugurated by Guest of Honour Richard Fitzgerald – Managing Director of Lovin Dubai on 10th of March at 6:00pm at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre.

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This unique exhibition will display the works of Sunju Kwon, Dalal Hamdan, Nada Amhaz, Bonnie Moore, Dimple Shah, Susan Boni, Kajan Raouf, Umme Salama, Dina El Karimy, Jyoti Sethi, Linda Zou, Natalie Yazigi & Yasmin Khayal; it took these artists 18 months to produce, under the guiding hand of their tutor & mentor Judy Shinnick. To ensure authenticity and give the visitors a glimpse of the process, a series of work in progress photographs, from inception to completion will also be on display at the gallery along with researched background information on the original Master Works and also a montage of recent commissions painted by exhibiting artists.


Art Teacher & Curator Judy Shinnick says, “Take a close look and all is not what it seems. The artists have skilfully painted copies of iconic works, but have also reinterpreted these paintings with the help of family and friends as their models. This wonderful exhibition will appeal to everyone. I am immensely proud of the dedication and the technical skill of the painters. Having embraced the revival of representational art, they now have the expertise and confidence to step out from under the umbrella of ‘hobby artists’ and take their work to a different level. It promises to be an exciting adventure.”

Through the gallery door, the visitors will be instantly transported into the world of Velasquez, Van Dyck and Vermeer. It aims to shed new light on the old mastery of the great artisans.

Event Details:

Art Exhibition: Old Masters in a New Light

Curator: Judy Shinnick

Venue: Gallery 76, Dubai International Art Centre, Jumeirah.

Opening Night: Exhibition Opening Saturday 10th March 2018 at 6.00pm

Exhibition Dates: 10th until 19th March

Contact: DIAC 04 3444398

About DIAC (Dubai International Art Centre):

The Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) is a non-profit organization offering an integral environment for artistic expression. It is committed to culturally and creatively enrich the local community by developing, stimulating, nurturing, encouraging and promoting artists, enthusiasts and art.


DIAC is owned by the members and managed by a board of directors. It is the premiere center for arts education in Dubai, offering the community over 80 different art courses and workshops, language courses, and gallery exhibitions. DIAC was founded in 1976 by the initiative of a few artists and art enthusiasts residing in Dubai. Today membership stands at over 1,100 from 67 different nationalities and growing.


About Judy Shinnick:

Judy Shinnick is a classically trained oil painter and tutor who specialises in portraiture and figurative art. To understand the Methods of the Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Titian and Caravaggio can seem like a daunting task for many people. It normally requires a lot of time, commitment, cost and dedication.
Through a modular skills development programme Shinnick has produced a series of classes that can bring interested painters from beginner to advanced level. This series of classes is educational and at the same time captures and retains interest. The pathway is aimed at painters who want to take their art to a technically skilled level. It’s an approach that instils confidence, skills and ambition while producing good results. Her workshops are for everyone.

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift…the purpose of life is to give it away’

Pablo Picasso


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