“The Big Cat Trails” determined to protect wildlife

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A Photography exhibition on Big Cats of the Wild & Coffee Table Book Launch by PT Explorers highlighting images of cats from around the world

“The Big Cat Trails” is an event organized by Paws Trails Explorers, PT (Paws Trails) Explorers is a global platform for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts focused on the conservation of Big Cats that are facing serious threats to their existence. The event will have a Coffee Table Book launch, a photography exhibition of the big cats from the wild and a painting exhibition of big cats. Opening to the public from 7:30pm onwards on Thursday 8th of March at the Gallery of light in DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates.


The Coffee Table book took around 8 months to compile, gathering powerful images from the worlds leading wildlife photographers and sharing their narrative on Wild Cats; the images are captured from the jungles of India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Kenya & Tanzania by Santosh Singh, Shan Balasubramaniam, Nisha Purushothaman, Priyanshi Bachhawat, Naveen AN, Rosh Kumar, Mei Kandasamy, Hermis Haridas, Mahendra Nayak, Hussain Nalwala, Kalyan Varma, Laksh Kalyanaraman, Prasanna Venkatesh, Suhas Anand, Joel Gouder, Manu Rajan, Abisek Ahamed.M.G, Gopala Krishnan, Biju Varghese, Shiva Shankar, Nimit Virdi, Prakash Ramakrishnan, Mona Patel, Pramod CL, Gayathri & Mansur, Vinodh Venugopal, Shalu Amana, Jithesh Purushothaman, Praveen Siddannavar, Dhritiman Mukherjee, Sajeesh Aluparambil, Raghavendra Joshi, Sumesh Sankarathodi, Hakeem Kokkodan, Angad Achappa, Keyur Nandaniya, Shaym Bhagra, Sudipta Chakraborty, Amit B Jain, Nitin Michael, Dhairya Sudhir Jhaveri, Kiran Ranga, Abbas Kapadia, Ramakrishnan Aiyaswamy, Vinaya Mohan, B.M. Mandara, Geraint John Isitt, Manoj Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Reji Gopalakrishnan, B.B. Mallesh, Dr. Arun SK, Bhavik Pankaj Thaker, Immanuel Abraham Mathew, Karthik B, Munib A Chaudry, Arjun Anand, Dr. Krishnakumar Mechoor, Munish Palaniappan , Nitin Vyas, Praveen Premkumar Pai, Imthias Kadeer, Raghunandan Gumballi, Samiran Halder, Rajesh Pereira, Vijay Mandave , Vipin Sharma, Akhil Vinayak Menon, Shafi Rasheed, Jayaprakash Bojan, Mahesh Reddy, Kalidas Pavithran, Gurcharan Roopra, Thomas George, Surendran Chokkalingam, Bhavya Joshi, Kumar Chaipurathu, Peter Hudson, Rohit Varma, Sunil Manikkath, Shibu Mathew & Majed Sultan.


Nisha Pururhothaman – Co Founder of Paws Trails Explorers explains why Wild Cats was the focus, “We wanted to highlight the urgency to take action to protect these magnificent creatures. Some of the facts and figures are staggering; Did you know there are now an estimated 3,890 tigers left in the wild! 100 years back there were more than 200,000 tigers in the wild. There are less than 8,000 cheetahs left in the wild, making the cheetah Africa’s most endangered big cat. 100 years back there were more than 100,000 cheetahs in the wild.The last of the Asiatic lions, now barely a population above 500, live in India’s Gir Forest! There are approximately 250,000 leopards left in the world. They are listed as vulnerable in the IUCN red list. Most countries have experienced a 60% decline in lions over the past 20 years, with West Africa suffering the most catastrophic declines with only 400 lions remaining in 17 countries. As wildlife photographers and nature conversationalist, we are using The Big Cat Trails as a platform to spread awareness about this tragic issue.”


Hermis Haridas – Co Founder of Paws Trails Explorers adds “In the pages of this book you will see amazing imagery. Each of those are a special moment out of a photographer’s life, crystalized for eternity. A moment, which is being shared, with the hope that you too experience the joy, the exhilaration, the desperation, the fear of that special moment. At PT Explorers we are firm believers that it isn’t a great image unless it packs that emotional quotient. If an image can bring out the green warrior inside you, then why not?”

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The Big Cat Trails is a photography exhibition  & Coffee Table Book Launch open to public from the 8th till 12th of March at the Gallery of Light in DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates. The Coffee Table Book & Exhibition will depict Powerful images with hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on everyone who views them. Every single one of the cat species featured in this book face serious threats to their very existence.

Event Details: –

Coffee Table Book Launch, Photography Exhibition on Big Cats (from the wild)

Event Name: The Big Cat Trails

Event Opening Date: March 8, 2018, 7:30PM to 10PM

Exhibition Dates: March 9-12, 9AM – 10PM


Gallery Timings: 10am till 8pm

Venue: Gallery of Light, DUCTAC, MOE

About Paws Trails Explorers:

Paws Trails Explorers is a global platform for sharing, caring, and getting closer to nature. It’s a collective dream of a group of dedicated nature lovers. The idea whose seed was sown when we explored the world together in search of breath taking moments. The seed which germinated when we set out to right the wrongs done to the environment by planting trees around the world, that seed is now a small plant, waving its tiny branches and baby leaves, asking for attention from the world.

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