In conversation with Yoga Guru Krishan Verma

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The Yoga Ashram in Dubai kindly organized the Ananta Wholesome Yoga & Wellness Retreat at Marjan Island Resort & Spa in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE from the 24th till 30th of March. The highlight of the retreat was Krishan Verma Ji, who is Senior Faculty Teacher with Art of Living Foundation with a presence in 155 countries world-wide, Krishanji (as he is fondly known by his students) has been a student of yoga for 20 years and has teaching experience of 30 years. Based in the Montreal Art of Living Ashram in Canada, he has trained 2000 yoga teachers and is Chief Yogi at Sri Sri School of Yoga. His message is always practical and relevant to daily life. Bringing a depth of wisdom and experience, he guides his students to capture the true experience of yoga through the outer study of the ancient discipline and the inner study of the self.

We at Woman2Woman are pleased to share a short and sweet interview with the Yoga Guru himself.

How was Dubai?

This was my first trip to dubai and it was really very nice. It was a discovery for me in so many ways.

Do you think Yoga has gained momentum?

There is a lot of interest in Yoga today , more than ever before. Indeed it is gaining popularity because of its numerous health benefits. In todays face-paced life, a system of total wellbeing ie. in body, mind and spirit is very important to stay ahead.

Can anyone practice Yoga?

Yes definitely start practicing yoga and be consistent with your practice  Find a style of yoga that resonates with you ie. improves your awareness , where movements are coordinated with breath and the mind feels calm at the end. Remember for a posture to be correct, it should feel comfortable and steady ie. there should be no struggle doing it.

Do you think there is a spiritual connection between Yoga and happiness?

Spirituality is anything that uplifts the human spirit , spreads positivity and reinforces human values. Definitely the practice of Yoga can help one to lead a more meaningful life off the yoga mat for eg. taking the principle of not struggling in day-to-day tasks in order to keep your energy levels up. Maintaining your calmness and composure in difficult situations is another way in which you can practice yoga off the mat.

What has been your biggest gain through Yoga?

The biggest gain would be contentment and fulfilment in seeing others happy when Im teaching yoga.

Your followers are extremely passionate about your teachings? What do you think makes your technique unique?

The techniques are as old as time yet very relevant and simple to apply. They are very practical and hence easy to apply in daily life.

The humble and enlightened teacher inspire all of us to include Yoga in our daily routine.


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