Sacred Geometry – Revealed by Sheetal Rajan

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Free introductory session to Sacred Geometry by Sheetal Rajal on 1st of September at the Yoga Ashram

On Saturday the 1st of September, Yoga Ashram will be hosting the very first introductory session of Sacred Geometry for the Soul, welcoming everyone to join this journey of learning and mastering the ancient secrets of Sacred Geometry to transform ones’ life. The session will be conducted by Sheetal Rajan; a writer, healer, traveler and spiritual coach with an unwavering loyalty to living by the universal principles of Sacred Geometry, which has led her to adopting the title of Sacred Evolutionist.

Sheetal Rajan explains, want every soul on the spiritual path to understand that when you understand your own frequency and work on raising your vibrations, you receive a direct key to the source. It is then that you can experience the true miracle of the universe – abundance”.

The introductory session of Sacred Geometry will be held on Saturday 1st of September at the Yoga Ashram. Sheetal is scheduled to host sessions in Lebanon, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan and the United States throughout 2018.

Event Details: –

Venue:  Yoga Ashram, JLT, Cluster X, Bay Towers, Studios 1504 & 1505

Event: Introductory session to Sacred Geometry

Time: 2pm – 4pm (2 hr duration)

Date: Saturday 1st of September 2018

Entry: Open to Public (Free)


Speaker Background:

Sheetal Rajan is a Writer, Healer, Traveler and Spiritual Coach with an unwavering loyalty to living by the universal principles of Sacred Geometry, which has led her to adopting the title of Sacred EvolutionistAs a Spiritual Coach, Sheetal offers private and group sessions for Reiki healing, crystal healing, chakra analysis and setting, laughter yoga, manifestation laws, energy circles, ecstatic dance and more.


Insta: @the.sacred.being


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