“I sent sketches instead of letters” Afshan Quraishi

 “The Comeback” – a Solo Art Exhibition by Afshan Quraishi from 2nd of October till 30th of December 2018 at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai

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On 2nd of October Bourn Hall Fertility Centre will open its space to showcase the artworks of the inspiring artist Afshan Quraishi,titled The Comeback”, as the title suggests, Afshan’s work will depict her journey of growth through perseverance and positive energy. The show will be graciously inaugurated by Sandi Saksena, who is on the advisory board of the CEO Clubs’s Business Women’s Division, and will be followed by an interactive self-healing session by the Bourn Hall Fertility Centre’s Coach & Counselor, Priyanka Bhatia.


Afshan Quraishi – Artist says, “I had a very enriched childhood, with my mother a poetess and my father a sportsman, their marriage was truly one of creativity and discipline, and ultimately influenced my passion for the arts. Since my youth, I was encouraged and mentored by Azeez Azmi, the founder of The Fine Arts Society in Kurnool, India, and I thrived as an artist under his guidance. My career ended once I got married and moved to Dubai, but the joy of motherhood filled my life, until, with a blink of an eye, both my children became adults and moved away. This left me feeling lonely and lost, I missed my children. So I began drawing sketches of them, which steadily grew to me seeing the world again through the Artist’s eyes –everything was alive, everything became inspiring. I started capturing them on canvases and before I knew it, the pain transformed into painting, and I found myself again”

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The Art exhibition is jointly organized by Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) and Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai in an effort to promote talented artists in the region while offering a soothing and meaningful environment for patients at the fertility centre in Dubai. The show opens on the 2nd of October at 7:00pm, inaugurated by Sandi Saksena with an interactive discussion about empowerment and overcoming adversity. Followed by an art tour of  Afshan Quraishi’sworks. The evening will conclude with an engaging session on self healing by Fertility Coach & Counselor Priyanka Bhatia who will provide attendees with recovery tips that improve their wellness, and motivate them to reach their full potential.
“You will always have ups and downs in your life; things are in constant motion all around you. There is no way to escape change. Instead, you must learn to adapt to the change that comes.  To be the one to enact the change that you need… to refine who you are, and to make a comeback” explains Priyanka Bhatia

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“I believe strongly that Art shapes our World both internally and externally. Art & culture are very important aspects of every one’s life. In fact, many people grow to be the people they are based upon the creative culture they are exposed to as children. Being able to express through art means that you are truly able to express who you are deep down. Creative minds are innovative minds.” says Afshan Quraishi

The showcase will run from the 2nd of October till the 30th of December at the Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai.

All of the works will be for sale, making it an ideal opportunity to purchase original artwork at reasonable prices.

Event Details: –

Venue:  Bourn Hall Fertility Centre (7th Floor, Block C, Al Hudaiba Awards Building, 2nd December Street, Jumeirah 1)

Event: Art Exhibition by Afshan Quraishi

Opening Reception: Tuesday 2nd of October

Opening timing: 7:00pm onwards

Exhibition Dates: 2nd of October till 30th of December 2018

RSVP:  zareen.w2w.pr@gmail.com /cathryn.mamie@bournhall-clinic.com


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“Together We Can” to Support Kerala


Fununarts a non profit organization for Artists unite to support Kerala flood victims on 20th  – 22nd of September at Flora Hotel in Barsha

Fununarts a non profit organization for Artists unite to exhibit and support the Kerala flood victims through Art. “Together We Can” is a group exhibition from 20th till 22nd of September at the Ghinwa Restaurant at the Flora Hotel in Al Barsha. The show is open to public and welcomes art lovers and artists alike to visit the show. The show will be inaugurated by Mr. Yasser Al Gergawi, Director of Cultural Events, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development on the opening this Thursday 20th of September at 7:00pm.

“Together We Can – is a joint effort of my sister Farah Khan and myself, we want to offer hope and a ray of light to those who have lost so much in the recent floods in Kerala. We believe that coming together is the beginning, keeping together is the progress and working together is success” says Co-Founder of Fununarts – Shiba Khan

The show includes Indian artists, Shiba Khan, Noor, Farah Khan, Afshan Quraishi, Yuvika Garg, Sonu Sultania, Saima Hasan, Jesno Rengi, Kavita Sriram, Varsha Surekha, Pari Sagar, Sunita Vasant, Ahsan Khan, Sapna Jain, Jyoti Sethi, Anjani Prakash Laitu & Shikha Gupta; along with Pakistani artists Maria Faridi & Habiba Mughal and Egyptian Artists Samar Kamel, Noura Mostafa & Zeinab Yehya; the show also showcases works of Scottish artist Elizabeth Bruce, Canadian artist Maya Esta, Jordanian artist Fayzeh Haddad, Filipino artist Joel Borja and last but not the least, representing UAE is local artist Ahmed Rukni.

Event Date: 20th till 22nd of September

Opening Night: 7pm onwards on Thursday 20th of September

Venue: Ghinwa Restaurant – Flora Hotel – Al Barsha

RSVP: fununarts@gmail.com

 For more details on PR please contact Zareen Khan on 052 7655525, zareen.w2w.pr@gmail.com

Slumber Party Confession – “Spreading Mental Health awareness” through performing arts


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Slumber Party Confessions a local dance & theatre production about growing pains of youth held on 28th of September at the Universal American School

 Universal American School in Dubai presents, “Slumber Party Confessions” a joint production by Mad About Dance Studio and Woman2Woman. This dance & theatrical play, gives a platform for youngsters to share and discuss some hard-hitting issues with the support of music, dance and dialogues. The main characters in the play mirror the conflicts and struggles of youngsters, dealing with unrealistic beauty standards, peer pressure, loneliness, body image, attention from the opposite gender, depression and the immense influence of social media. The play addresses harsh realities and encourages open discussions and understanding by lightly using humour and dance in the backdrop.


Kalyan Chakravarthy – Creative Head of KC 24 & Director of SPC explains, “The actors have been training for two months on the play, all the actors are first timers to the stage and they bring so much character and depth; that I advice audiences to carry handkerchiefs along, there will be times you will cry laughing and there will be times when your eyes will moisten because you will see a bit of yourself in all the actors.”

Mahima Mehta – Founder of MAD & Producer of SPC says, “We have worked hard to ensure that the play is relatable to teens, the script on its own is brilliant and truly voices the harsh realties of growing up a millennial. To lighten up the mood and at times to add emotions to certain sentiment, we have choreographed songs along with the pulse of the play, the music and the dialogues work hand in hand to make a point!”

To encourage families to come, there are no tickets to the event, its completely FREE to enter, the venue is Universal American School at Dubai Festival City, the doors open at 5:30pm and the play starts sharp at 6:00pm on Friday 28th of September.

We do require an RSVP since the space is limited: w2w.events.dubai@gmail.com

Event Details:

Play: Slumber Party Confessions

Venue: Universal American School

Producer: Mahima Mehta

Producer: Woman2Woman

Writer: Zareen Khan

Director: Kalyan Chakravarthy

The Cast:

Zoya – Krishi Punjabi

Saira – Vinishka Bhatia

Pooja – Minali Punjabi

Maya – Sanchita Nagarajan

Guppi – Komal Chhatwani

Official Online Channel: Selfie TV

Official Dance Studio Partner: MAD – Mad About Dance Studio

About MAD (Mad About Dance Studio):

MAD is a Dubai grown dance company that mashes the universal language of dance with passion and fun.

Core revolves around teaching dance to kids and adults. The offering also includes dance-weight loss & corporate team building programs leading to high levels of customer engagement.

Individual and Group Dance forms include Hip Hop, Bollywood, Locking, Popping, Lyrical, Bhangra, Jazz, Folk, Contemporary, Classical, Oriental and much more. MAD studios is location in Centerpoint Mall, Bur Dubai and soon to open in Greens.

FB: madaboutdancedubai

Insta: madaboutdancedubai

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Haven for Artists to host “Sacred Geometry” by Sheetal Rajan


 Sacred Geometry by Sheetal Rajal on 15th of September at Haven for Artists in Beirut, Lebanon

On Saturday the 15th of September, Haven of Artist will be hosting the very first introductory session of Sacred Geometry in Beirut, welcoming everyone to join this journey of learning and mastering the ancient secrets of Sacred Geometry to embrace ones own frequency. The session will be conducted by Sheetal Rajan; a writer, healer, traveler and spiritual coach with an unwavering loyalty to living by the universal principles of Sacred Geometry, which has led her to adopting the title of Sacred Evolutionist.

Sheetal Rajan explains, I want every soul that is seeking fulfillment and a deeper understanding of their spiritual path to attend. This session will help you discover your own frequency and work on raising your vibrations, so that you may experience the true miracle of the universe in abundance”.

This will be the first of its kind session held in Beirut in collaboration with Haven for Artists on 15th of September from 4:00pm till 6:00pm, it’s a free session and everyone’s encouraged to attend. Sheetal is scheduled to host sessions in UAE, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan and the United States throughout 2018.

Event Details: –

Venue: Haven for Artists, Armenia St. (mar makhayel), Beirut, Lebanon

Event: Introductory session to Sacred Geometry

Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm (2 hr duration)

Date: Saturday 15thof September 2018

Entry: Open to Public (Free)

RSVP: zareen.w2w.pr@gmail.com

About Haven for Artists:

We are an non-governmental arts organization we aim to endorse/encourage/expose we act as a platform and creative network

We host: monthly & annual exhibitions. international exchange & residency programs. festivals, concerts & artistic gatherings. round tables, workshops & discussions. creative forums and social initiatives.

Web: www.havenforartists.org

Email: info@havenforartists.org

Phone: +961 1 571 297

Insta: @havenforartists

Location: Armenia St. (mar makhayel), Beirut, Lebanon

 Speaker Background:

Sheetal Rajan is a Writer, Healer, Traveler and Spiritual Coach with an unwavering loyalty to living by the universal principles of Sacred Geometry, which has led her to adopting the title of Sacred Evolutionist. As a Spiritual Coach, Sheetal offers private and group sessions for Reiki healing, crystal healing, chakra analysis and setting, laughter yoga, manifestation laws, energy circles, ecstatic dance and more.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/thesacredbeing7/

Insta: @the.sacred.being

Web: http://thesacredbeing.com/


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Mariinsky Theatre comes to The Ballet Centre Dubai for “The Nutcracker” auditions

A3_BC nutcracker.jpg 

The Ballet Students get a chance to audition for world-class production of “The Nutcracker” on 14th of September

On Friday the 14th of September 2018, the students of the Ballet Centre get an opportunity of a lifetime to audition for the Mariinsky Theatre from St. Petersberg. The auditions are open only to the Ballet Centre Students who are +7yrs and if anyone is keen to audition, then they can call and register themselves with the Ballet Centre management.


Mangalika Jayalath – The Managing Director of the Ballet Centre, says “We are very excited to announce our professional production of “The Nutcracker” showcasing one of the greatest classical ballets of all time; told through the beautiful music of Tchaikovsky. This will be a life changing experience for anyone who wants to become a professional ballerina since they will be trained, guided and sharing a stage with professional ballerinas of the Mariinsky Theatre.

The auditions will be held on Friday the 14th of September, under the guidance of Elana Marichenko – the leading choreographer of Ki Agency. The Nutcracker ballet production will take stage on 14th of December at the Raj Mahal Theatre in Dubai. This extravagant event is jointly produced by Alpha Events & Ki Agency in association with the Ballet Centre Dubai.

Audition Details: –

Venue: The Ballet Centre, Jumeria 1

Date: Friday 14th of September

Time: 10am till 3pm

To register: 04 3449776 / 056 118843

The Ballet Centre: Web: http://www.balletcentredubai.com; FB & Insta: theballetcentre (dance school)

For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: zareen.w2w.pr@gmail.com052 – 765 55255