“I sent sketches instead of letters” Afshan Quraishi

 “The Comeback” – a Solo Art Exhibition by Afshan Quraishi from 2nd of October till 30th of December 2018 at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai

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On 2nd of October Bourn Hall Fertility Centre will open its space to showcase the artworks of the inspiring artist Afshan Quraishi,titled The Comeback”, as the title suggests, Afshan’s work will depict her journey of growth through perseverance and positive energy. The show will be graciously inaugurated by Sandi Saksena, who is on the advisory board of the CEO Clubs’s Business Women’s Division, and will be followed by an interactive self-healing session by the Bourn Hall Fertility Centre’s Coach & Counselor, Priyanka Bhatia.


Afshan Quraishi – Artist says, “I had a very enriched childhood, with my mother a poetess and my father a sportsman, their marriage was truly one of creativity and discipline, and ultimately influenced my passion for the arts. Since my youth, I was encouraged and mentored by Azeez Azmi, the founder of The Fine Arts Society in Kurnool, India, and I thrived as an artist under his guidance. My career ended once I got married and moved to Dubai, but the joy of motherhood filled my life, until, with a blink of an eye, both my children became adults and moved away. This left me feeling lonely and lost, I missed my children. So I began drawing sketches of them, which steadily grew to me seeing the world again through the Artist’s eyes –everything was alive, everything became inspiring. I started capturing them on canvases and before I knew it, the pain transformed into painting, and I found myself again”

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The Art exhibition is jointly organized by Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) and Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai in an effort to promote talented artists in the region while offering a soothing and meaningful environment for patients at the fertility centre in Dubai. The show opens on the 2nd of October at 7:00pm, inaugurated by Sandi Saksena with an interactive discussion about empowerment and overcoming adversity. Followed by an art tour of  Afshan Quraishi’sworks. The evening will conclude with an engaging session on self healing by Fertility Coach & Counselor Priyanka Bhatia who will provide attendees with recovery tips that improve their wellness, and motivate them to reach their full potential.
“You will always have ups and downs in your life; things are in constant motion all around you. There is no way to escape change. Instead, you must learn to adapt to the change that comes.  To be the one to enact the change that you need… to refine who you are, and to make a comeback” explains Priyanka Bhatia

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“I believe strongly that Art shapes our World both internally and externally. Art & culture are very important aspects of every one’s life. In fact, many people grow to be the people they are based upon the creative culture they are exposed to as children. Being able to express through art means that you are truly able to express who you are deep down. Creative minds are innovative minds.” says Afshan Quraishi

The showcase will run from the 2nd of October till the 30th of December at the Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai.

All of the works will be for sale, making it an ideal opportunity to purchase original artwork at reasonable prices.

Event Details: –

Venue:  Bourn Hall Fertility Centre (7th Floor, Block C, Al Hudaiba Awards Building, 2nd December Street, Jumeirah 1)

Event: Art Exhibition by Afshan Quraishi

Opening Reception: Tuesday 2nd of October

Opening timing: 7:00pm onwards

Exhibition Dates: 2nd of October till 30th of December 2018

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