Unusual Paintings of Bennu’s World

Bennu paints abstract paintings. The first direction of the artist’s works is a world of colours. In the artist’s paintings feel sentimentality, sincerity, experiences that turn into a storm of passions and emotions.


A beautiful colours combination gives the paintings a sense of tenderness and beauty of life. His artworks glow unusual positive energy, optimism and joy. In thin lines, there is a love of life.

In the second direction of the artworks show mysterious characters. They tell about the essence of people in different situations and their inner world. Artworks are imbued with emotions: sincerity, love, anger, suffering, lies…

These characters seem to live on other planets, somewhere behind the moon. But their moods and their affairs are similar to people.


In the artwork “Love Migration” are shown the warm feelings of mother and child to each other. They are alone in this world of black and red colours, black and white stripes of life. In this painting, one feels hope for a better life, justice, faith in love, mercy, and compassion for other people.

Bennu’s artworks are unique in their original style, nice composition, the author’s unlimited imagination, stunning colours and emotions.

Even in the dark, Bennu’s artworks shine like stars in the night sky.


Artist’s website http://www.bennu7777.com

Instagram @Bennu7777com