“Bennu” – the rising of an Artist


Inviting all artlovers to visit Bennu’s online gallery www.bennu7777.com

Bennu started painting professionally from 2015 and since has developed an extensive body of artworks. The paintings are a combination of Oils & Acrylics on canvas and the colors offer a backdrop to the stories that are told in bold strokes and vibrant hues. The one constant in Bennu’s paintings is the lightness in their compositions, always exuberating the positive energy in which they were created.

Artist says, Being an artist is a self study, I have to know myself before I can draw inspiration from my environment. When I paint, I want my paintings to hold sentimental values and have philosophical depth; even my name Bennu represents the Mythical Egyptian bird, inspired by the Phoenix and linked closely with the sun, creation & rebirth.”

The online gallery portal showcases all of Bennu’s artworks, descriptions and prices for sale; it’s an ideal place to view this brilliant Artists creations and also to purchase authentic artworks.


Alien landscape. Transformation of thoughts. Author Bennu, 75 x 105 cm, acrylic, oil on canvas.

Turquoise Country 12 10 2018 Author Bennu.jpg

Turquoise Country. 12.10.2018. Author Bennu, 40 x 60 cm, oil on canvas.


Silence. Author Bennu, 40 x 60 cm, oil, acrylic on canvas.


Sincere Conversation. Author Bennu. 60 x 40 cm, oil, acrylic on canvas.


Human nature. Author: Bennu, 40 x 60 cm, depth 2 cm, oil, acrylic on canvas.

Web: http://www.bennu7777.com

Instagram: @bennu7777com

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“The Nutcracker” by Mariinsky Theatre on stage at Raj Mahal Theatre on 14th December in Dubai


The Ballet Centre Dubai Students will perform in the world-class production of “The Nutcracker” on 14th of December at the Raj Mahal Theatre

On Friday the 14th of December 2018, 80 students of The Ballet Centre Dubai will be performing alongside professional ballerinas from the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersberg in “The Nutcracker” at the Raj Mahal Theatre in Bollywood Parks & Resorts.

Mangalika Jayalath – the Managing Director of the Ballet Centresays “This has been such an incredible experience for our students. They have rehearsed for over two months, working very hard in preparation to dance with the professionals from the Mariinsky Theatre. We are very proud and can’t wait to see the show on Friday!”

The Nutcracker ballet production will take to the stage on 14th of December at the Raj Mahal Theatre in Dubai. There will be two shows; one at 2:30pm and the other at 7:30pm. This extravagant event is jointly produced by Alpha Events & Ki Agency in association with The Ballet Centre Dubai.

A4_BC (1).jpg

Event Details: –

Venue: Raj Mahal Theatre at the Bollywood Parks & Resorts

Date: Friday 14th of December

Matinee:  2:30pm

Evening:  7:30pm

For Tickets:  please contact Alpha Events – Fatima 0526082308, fatima7@alphaeventsme.com

For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: zareen.w2w.pr@gmail.com – 052 – 765 55255