Art Dubai 2019 – “Representing the Masters & the Muse”

I recieved a wonderful invitation in my mailer from Art Dubai, it was the 13th edition of this incredibly celebrated Art fair and I was keen to visit to see the art representation at the showcase.


There were 4 gallery sections of ContemporaryModernBawwaba and Residents, the  programme included an exhibition that provided a visual narrative of the UAE through photographs from the private collection of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 


This photgraph from 1960, captured my attention – Its a Traditional weapon dance (Youla) being conducted by the men in Sharjah, UAE.


I am usually a recluse and avoid opening nights of any art exhibitions. not because I dont love to see the art but because I hate the idea of having to see more people than art. And ofcourse at Art Dubai, the crowd is as eclectic and creative as the art. I found myself constantly distracted by the walking pieces of art. Having said that, I am glad I went; Art Dubai has truly grown over the years and it was remarkable to see Art from all over the globe.



It was nostalgic to set eyes on an M F Hussain as well, the beautifully curated Art Dubai had something for everyone.


I found this sculptor breathtakingly stunning and so relevant; I could feel the weight of the world he was carrying. I think at more than one point of our lives, we all have carried more than we thought we could bare; this piece represented the sheer celebration of the human spirit of our incredible strength and determination. I went around it a few times to see it from every angle and each side looked better than the last; he literally had no bad side!



From sculptors to 3D art, Art Dubai gave everyone something to admire.




For me, Art has always been a voice of the voiceless; and the galleries from Ramallah and Lebanon echoed the resilience of it’s people.




Another lovely surprise was the Saudi Gallery represented at Art Dubai, it was a visual treat and a refreshing reflection of a nation in metamorphosis.



No Art Fair can be complete without some Surreal Artworks and I am so glad this Italian Gallery gave me something to ponder over and admire at the same time.



Lastly, will share some random artworks that held my attention and inspired me to write and share.






As always with any Art work, no pictures or write ups can do it justice, only your eyes please do go see them in person at Madinat Jumeria – Art Dubai is on till 23rd of March 2019.