“Just Like That” – Dubai inspired play of Tolerance, Acceptance & Love


Try thinking of how it would be to see “Life in Dubai” played out on stage. The same people, the same problems, the same context, and the same amazing stories – all with a dash of comedy! Tall Tales Productions is proud to bring to you an original comedy “Just Like That” (JLT) which is based in JLT in Dubai. The play was first staged last year in April to sold out shows, and received a lot of love and warmth from the audiences. Thus, due to popular demand the show is coming back and will perform four shows playing from the 18th to 20th of April 2019 at The Junction in Al-Serkal Avenue. This multi-award winning show is set to enthrall audiences and give them a glimpse of their own lives on stage.

There is an Emirati writer, a British businessman, a European entrepreneur, a Lebanese airhostess, a south-Indian security guard, and an Indian or Pakistani Investment Banker (you will be guessing the entire play which country he comes from). Mix these up and viola – you have a floor in JLT! All different people, all different nationalities, yet they come together in Dubai, to end up living on the same floor! What unfolds is a clash of perspectives, culture, beliefs, and way of life! Audiences will have a chance to laugh, cry, be shocked, and just enjoy the Amazing story of Modern Dubai!

Priyanka Johri the director says, “Very rarely as a director do you come across a script that you can repeat on stage within the year with it still being just as enjoyable to you, your cast and your audiences! Humbled and overwhelmed by the response the play received, staging it again is nothing like the first time around. Already knowing the love and warmth received, a director’s job is to make sure that the originality and authenticity is still maintained even in a rerun. Getting your cast to deliver the play like its the first time around, with new feedback and character development, without letting the prior responses and reactions affect you is the biggest challenge, even with such a fantastic cast! With an original script like this one, the foundation remains the same but the jokes and references get updated keeping the script fresh and relatable to its time at any given period. Putting up this production a second time is something exciting and I can’t wait to see it come alive on stage again!”

“We received a lot of love on our last outing”, says Asad Raza Khan, who is the writer, producer, and actor in the play. “It honestly was our most well-received production and the awards were just a cherry on top. The cast and crew brought our script to life making it a story which was relatable to everyone who came to see the production. We are proud of this home-grown production which can ONLY be seen in this great city featuring the best of best of Dubai’s entertainment industry! That is what our objective has been for some time now, to bring original and unique plays (like Dubai is) to ensure that we present something new to people, as well as build the local “cultural” depth of the city. Being a story of multi-cultral people living in Dubai, this is our contribution to the ‘Year of Tolerance’ in the UAE. It showcases how all of us live together and in harmony – just like that☺. We are paying tribute to the smash hit play “Hamilton” and “Rowan Atkinson” in the production. Hopefully we will entertain you!”. Asad has won multiple awards both locally and internationally, has starred in Bollywood productions, web- series, and television apart from theater.

Manju Ramanan, co-writer of play mentions, “Just Like That we have completed a year. What started out as a vigorous brain storming sessions on various experiences over gallons of coffee has materialized into this pun and fun filled play that laughs with you and not at you. A hugely gratifying experience writing it with the very talented Asad Raza Khan. We laughed a lot and enhanced each character with love and indulgence. Sarcasm, wit, humor, quirks, parodist – it is all there just like that!”

Layla Kardan, a very popular singer and winner of Emirates woman of the year 2017, is happy to play the character of Gloria in this outing. “I’m thrilled to be part of such a dynamic and diverse crew of actors bringing to life a delightfully funny and relatable Dubai story on stage. I cannot wait to bring this to the audiences here and be part of this exciting journey with them!”

Eric Dury, who plays the British Business man Steve says “A year ago, I was so excited to be able at long last to appear on stage together with one of my all-time favorite actors, Asad Raza Khan. The bonus was a wonderful script, director (Priyanka), cast and crew. Not only was it a positive experience professionally, but also personally: There was a genuine warmth among the group members…And now we get the opportunity to do it again! Something to really look forward to!”. Eric has won multiple best actor awards in the city over the past few years and is considered one of the finest actors in town.

Imah Dumagay, a well-known comedian and actress in Dubai, is excited to be part of the re-run. “Truly thrilled to be a part of the glorious bunch of talents in the re-run of this hilarious, and brilliantly written home-grown play. I missed out last time, but this time I am bringing it ;)”

The shows in Dubai will be performed from the 18th to 20th April 2019 at The Junction Theatre in Al-Serkal Avenue. There will be an evening shows at 7 30 pm each day with a special matinee show on Saturday 20th of April at 3 pm as well. Tickets are available online at http://www.Platinumlist.net and start at 80 AED.

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For further information and group bookings contact – Asad Raza Khan on +971559892480 (raza.asad.5@gmail.com)

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OR The Juntion Dubai – Al Serkal Avenue (Venue)
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