“Green Workspace” a new age IT company launched in the UAE

Green Workspace FZE, founded in 2018 is an Information Technology and End User Monitoring & Asset Management solutions company; it is a strategic arm of Lakeside Software and operates in UAE, Kuwait and India.

The company is setting up to launch its strategic tie-up with Lakeside SysTrack in the UAE, this software is applauded as the global leader in Workspace Analytics and has established its brand in End User Computing & Intelligence.

The launch event will be held on 29th of April at the Taj Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai, UAE, the event aims to highlight the advantages of implementing this technology for assured improvement in the productivity & satisfaction of the users and optimizing investments in IT.

We got a chance to discuss one on one with the founder – Hatim Patharia about his inspirations behind starting Green Workspace in the UAE.

Hatim Profile.jpeg
Hatim Patharia  – Founder of Green Workspace

Tell us about the Lakeside SysTrack launch that you plan to launch in the UAE market this month.

Lakeside SysTrack is a USA based company which is recognized as a global leader in Workspace Analytics. With its 20 years + of existence, it has established its forte in End User Computing and Intelligence.

This Software solution addresses the following points for the IT department of any organization using its patent technology and Artificial Intelligence:

  • Assured improvement in the productivity of the users.
  • 1000’s of performance metrics and Sensors are continuously monitored with absolutely NO IMPACT on resources there by yielding an EYE-OPENING visibility to the state of current IT.
  • Guaranteed reduction in support tickets by almost 30% to 40%
  • Solid Budget Rationalization- The CIO/ CEO has a clear indication and justification for HOW/ WHERE/ WHY to spend for Digital Transformation.
  • Power Saving which can be easily measured in the Utility bills.
  • Adopts Proactive Approach and gives insights towards RISK.
  • Intelligent Reporting of IT infrastructure and Health in Real Time & Historically.
  • Best in Industry assessment, planning and Deployment for Virtualization technology and VDI.

SysTrack is also recommended by MICROSOFT, VMWARE, HP, NUTANIX, CITRIX, NETAPP, DELL, TREND MICRO, IBM and more for IT assessments, planning and operations.

Having its strategic TIE-UP with these OEMs, SysTrack has inculcated the performance metrics from these technologies within the solution making it very easy for customers to generate accurate Business Intelligence.

What do you think sets you apart from the rest of the IT firms in the region?

I have always been inspired by this quote:

“Luck is a dividend of sweat;

The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”   by Ray Kroc

My Company is different because:

  • It works on “Partnership Exclusivity” in the region. Our aim is to sell products only if the specialization of the product is 100%; and the staff is not dependent on anyone to complete the Sales, presales, implementation and Post implementation services.
  • We adopt a Consultative & Buddy Approach to sales, which defaults to resource selling, the consultants complete the maximum deliverables in a single meeting and shortens the sales cycle, there by winning a SOLID trust relationship between Customer & Vendor.
  • Our Vendors/ OEMs are extremely satisfied with this approach and hence we have established a strong strategic tie-up with them.
  • Our consultants have achieved the maximum level of specialization which is exclusive in itself.
  • We have built a comprehensive content library based on our technical and sales specialization. This library can leverage all aspects of the Solution’s lifecycle from Enquiry to Demo to Presales to Implementation to Operations to Renewals.

The biggest advantage of this Library is to incorporate a sense of strong time management, drastically reduce paper work, optimize operations costs and achieve very high customer satisfaction score via excellent customer query response times and 1st call resolution.

To learn more about the Green Workspace, you can log on to www.greenworkspace.ae

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/greenworkspace

FB: https://fb.me/greenworkspace

Twitter: https://twitter.com/green_workspace

To attend the product launch on 29th of April, you can email: event@greenworkspace.ae

Or use this link to registration: