“Voice on Demand” a new age Podcast Show launched by MECS + R

David Macadam & Richard Dean hosting Voice on Demand at MECS +R

 Middle East Council of Shopping Centres + Retailers launches the new age Podcast Show (Free) to tune in to on Iphone & Android devices from 1st of May 2019

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres + Retailers (MECS +R) is launching an original Podcast show “Voice on Demand” from 1st of May 2019. The episodes will be available to listen to on all Iphone and Android devices. There will be new episodes released every, Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. The Topics and discussions aim to inspire & educate listeners about the retail & shopping mall’s unsung heroes who have spent a lifetime reshaping & redefining the industry, hear their success stories in their own voice.

MECS + R’s Voice on Demand podcast show’s guests will include shopping mall owners, developers, marketing and leasing managers, retailers consultants, property managers, financiers, accountants, government officials and industry suppliers from the retail industry.

David Macadam – CEO of MECS + R says, “We are so excited to launch a revolutionary podcast show, unlike our industry has done before. We are stripping away the cosmetics; the filters and bringing you content that is authentic, inspiring and very real. Voice in Demand will be sharing weekly episodes for listeners starting from 1st of May 2019 and we welcome feedback and guest suggestions from our listeners!”

Some of the episodes that are available on Voice on Demand include, “CROWDPLEASER: The 100 greatest public speaking tips of all time”; “Behind the Shining Success of a Jewelry Business”; “Data Optimization and Security in a Retail Environment”, Retail insights of an Emerging Market & “The Grit behind the Glamour of a Shopping Mall Expert” and more to come weekly online.


Voice on Demand is available on:

*Apple Podcast (iphone)*

*Sound Cloud (android / iphone)*

*Spotify (android / iphone)*

*Stitcher (android / iphone)*

*Website (android / iphone)*


About MECS + R:


Established in 1994, Middle East Council of Shopping Centres + Retailers has grown over the years and has a strong and closely connected member base of over 1,100 industry professional from all over the Middle East & North Africa representing Retailers, Shopping Mall Owners, Developers, Marketing Managers, Leasing Managers & Specialists, Consultants, Property Managers, Financiers, Accountants, Government Officials and Industry Suppliers. MECSC provides its members with unparalleled local and international business contacts and support through its network of international affiliates.

Web:http://www.mecsc.org / FB: http://www.facebook.com/MECSC.org

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For information about the MECSC, please contact:

Email: lea@mecsc.org phone +971 4 359 2186


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