Dubai Artists transform fridges of sharing in Ramadan to works of Art!


High profile food donation initiative gets a visual boost with a collective of 40 local artists picking up paint, aerosol and brush to give community donation points a colorful and creative makeover.

Artists from across Dubai are adding their own colorful commentary to this year’s Ramadan Sharing Fridges initiative with 40 talented volunteers picking up paint, aerosol and brush to transform blank canvas refrigerators into works of art.

The brainchild of Filipino artist couple Cholo and Rosan Juan, who spotted the Ramadan Sharing Fridge in their local neighbourhood and decided to give it a makeover, the duo partnered with the programme organizers to launch @fridgeartindxb in 2018.

Now in its second year, the @fridgeartindxb collective has grown from 29 to 40 artists who have been hard at work creating unique masterpieces each with their own Ramadan symbolism and message.

Other @fridgeartindxb 2019 artists include Anne-Laure Roy, from France who said:  “This initiative not only provides resources for those in need but also re-introduces art into their lives. One of the site workers walked up to me and asked if he could also paint on the fridge as it had been 10 years since he last held a brush.”

Indian artist Shanu Jaiswal is painting two fridges in support of the 2019 initiative. “This year, I wanted to communicate the true essence of a sense of community to reflect the diverse cultures we have here in the UAE, with a message of kindness, love and unity,”

To date, around 46 fridges have already been transformed, with numerous others a work in progress. “We would love to see all the Ramadan Sharing Fridge locations home to a unique piece of art and for anyone who’d like to see their dull grey fridge given a visual makeover for everyone in the community to enjoy, we’d love to hear from you,” said Tantawy, project co-ordinator.


The incredible line up of Artists who painted the fridges around town:

Emma Skinner, Candida Miranda, Diyali Ben Bhalla, Priyanka Sodhi, Stainz, Fink22, Mireille Salti, Marlon Moore, Shanu Jaisawal, Samia Benseghir, Sita Shahu, Mariam, Morph, Kiran Shah, Anne Laure Roy, Omar El Bakary, Keenan D’abreo, Jo Amieelyn Tiueco, Scott Baldwin, Eugenia Tenorio, Jessica Risser & Rabab Tantawy.

@fridgeartindxb was Launched in 2016, the Ramadan Sharing Fridges programme is a grassroots initiative, under the auspices of Emirate Red Crescent, that provides access to free food and beverages for local community workers. Dubai residents are invited to donate food items at more than 200 fridges located across the city. In 2018, @fridgeartindxb was launched, in partnership with the programme organiser, to support the initiative and visually raise the profile of this unique programme. For 2019, a total of 40 Dubai based artists, representing multiple nationalities, are transforming fridges around the city.


For artist interviews or more information on @fridgeartindxb, contact: Rabab Tantawy
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