Aarti Trikannad & Ruchi Undevia’s Film – “The People Whisperer” wins at the Zayed Film Competition by Baynounah TV

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UnSquare’s documentary film pays tribute to the Father of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, from the citizens & residents of the country

Founders of UnSquare Films Aarti Trikannad & Ruchi Undevia win second place at the “Zayed Film Competition by Baynounah TV”, they submitted their film to the channel on 15th of December 2018 and received a confirmation of winning the competition on 9th of June 2019. The official ceremony was held on 26th of June 2019.

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“One of the reasons for starting UnSquare Films was to create documentaries that would truly inspire us. Having grown up in the UAE and seeing the transformation of the country under the vision of Sheikh Zayed, this was a story we wanted to tell. With this competition we would have a platform for it too” explains Ruchi Undevia – Co founder of UnSquare Films.

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Aarti Trikannad – Co Founder of UnSquare Films adds, “For the concept to work, we were keen to interview people who have lived in UAE for decades, who would be able to describe the journey of UAE under Sheikh Zayed and how it had touched their lives and we were fortunate to find so many beautiful stories to weave in to our documentary!”

The award-winning documentary “The People Whisperer” is inspired the life of UAE’s most beloved leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan also known as the Father of the Nation. The film was conceptualized, shot and edited in a frame of fifteen days; the concept revolves around the voices of UAE’s citizens and residents.

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About UnSquare Films:

We venture out of the box to tell stories that celebrate love, laughter and life conversations of the common (wo)man in the Gulf through documentaries, films, web series, CSR videos or unconventional ads.

We have released 2 web series on our YouTube platform, UnSquare Films – Love Beyond Borders and Explorers of the Modern World. We are in the process of creating our third one – Platinum Blondes. We have worked on a documentary on HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. We have worked with corporate brands for their digital videos.

YouTube Channel: UnSquare Films

Instagram Channel: @unsquarefilms

LinkedIn Channel: UnSquare Films


Documentary name: The People Whisperer

Tagline: The one who echoed the voice of the nation

Logline: A Documentary film that reflects the vision of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan through the eyes of the people he loved the most, the people of United Arab Emirates.

Synopsis: A documentary film that explores the impact of a great leader, the father of United Arab Emirates, HH Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan on the people of UAE. During the course of the film it is the people of the country, the nationals and the expats, who identify his deep rooted values and his vision for the country that shapes their lives today.

Each anecdote shows the driving force of the visionary leader – his love for the people and the people’s love for him. Each segment traces his vision to truly listening to the people of the country. The film explores why he is fondly known as the Father of the Nation. It shares the legacy that he has left behind and how it is followed till today.

Overall the film shares his achievements through the people who mattered most to him as a fitting tribute to him. It looks to discover the source of his vision.


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#EveryGirlCan Summer Camp is the first All Girls Camp at Dubai Sports World


Starting from 7th July till 1st of August

EVERY GIRL CAN Summer Camp, providing girls aged 6-14 the opportunity to feel empowered through the enjoyment of physical activity.

The camp aims to address alarming statistics showing that just 1 in 10 girls in the UAE meet the recommended levels of 150 minutes of physical activity per day. Research shows that the key reasons for girls dropping out of physical activity are shortage of confidence, lack of positive body image, and a perception that sport is too competitive. On the other hand, feedback from girls on what motivates them to be active cites simply, fun and enjoyment – which is precisely in line with the values of Dubai-based physical literacy company, Movement&Me, creators of the #EveryGirlCan summer camp.


This unique all girls camp aims to offer a variety of sporting activities for girls including Basketball, Volleyball, Cycling Studio, Kickboxing, Ninja Warrior Course, Badminton, Ping Pong (Table Tennis) and Yoga. However, what truly makes this camp a power packed all girls camp is the Leadership and team building efforts that the organizers have conceptualized; the all girls camp creates a safe environment for girls to step out of their comfort zone and build their confidence and interpersonal skills by engaging them as moderators in an informal friendly talk session; where campers take charge and run sessions themselves, challenge themselves not just in the sporting activities but are also encouraged to lead panel discussion sessions with their peers.

Paul Dodd, Founder of Movement&Me explains the initiative, “We believe that for people to engage in and value physical activity for life, we must create enjoyable experiences. Enjoyment is the biggest driver of physical activity, which in turn creates happier, healthier, confident and more resilient children and adults. EveryGirlCan is dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls to develop their enthusiasm for sport.”

Adding to this, Robyn Heatherington, Camp Co-ordinator explains, “As concerns about children’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing continue to rise, the importance of motivating children to be active could not be any greater, and this is particularly true for girls and young women. I’ve always taken fitness seriously since childhood and realized how it’s helped me not just to stay physically strong but even mentally. It’s been my vision to make sure more girls take up to sport and being in Dubai which truly is a great space for entrepreneurs and startups, launching #EVERYGIRLCAN with Movement and Me just proves that EVERY GIRL CAN”.

Every Girl Can is lead by sporting athletes and ambassadors inspiring the next generation of girls across the UAE by sharing their own stories, their fall and rise and what it takes to make things happen. The camp will introduce the girls to athletes, fitness experts, nutritionists and nature and wildlife conservationists; ensuring that this experience is a life changing one, for all who participate.

Event Details: –

Gender: For all girls

Ages: 6–14 years

Dates: 7th July to 1st August (Sunday–Thursday)

Venue: Dubai Sports World at The Dubai World Trade Centre

Time: 10:00am till 2:00pm

Cost per week: AED 550 per week

To register: info@movementandme.com

Criteria to enter: You don’t have to love sport, whether you’re actively playing sports, or never ever played sport… the #EveryGirlCan Summer Camp can be the first step to a confident new YOU!

About Movement&Me:

Movement&Me has one mission: To get more people, more active, more often by enjoying it. We believe that through movement, we can do more than just help people get fit we build confidence, competence and self-esteem, positively impacting an individual’s everyday life. We deliver physical activity programmes and training that supports in creating active communities, work spaces and schools, building a legacy in our path.

Our Physical Literacy approach encompasses the holistic benefits that Movement, Play and Physical Activity bring to us all, which in turn directly improves an individual’s:

  • Motor development
  • Thinking and learning
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Self-esteem and self-worth
  • Attention and focus

The EveryGirlCan summer camp will host:

  • I Can Sports: Activities to develop an ‘I can’ attitude to a range of sports,
  • Empower Workshops: Talks from sporting role models,
  • Challenge Me: Activities focusing on leadership, teambuilding and wellbeing.


FB: https://www.facebook.com/everygirlcan.ae/

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First glimpse of Mobeen Ansari’s upcoming exhibition in Dubai, UAE

Presenting “Conversations through Centuries” a solo photography exhibition by the highly acclaimed international photojournalist Mobeen Ansari; this show is collection of images reflecting, Mobeen’s passion for capturing undiscovered landscapes, historic architecture, religious festivities, ethnic diversity and multidimensional human expressions.

Mobeen Ansari is an extremely talented photographer, filmmaker, artist & trekker based in Islamabad, Pakistan. His work tells stories of Pakistan and its people like never seen before.

The solo exhibition will be inaugurated at 7:00 pm on Tuesday the 17th of September and the show will continue till the 28th of September at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.

Presenting Photojournalist:
Mobeen Ansari

Event is organized by:
W2W Events

Event is supported by:
Studio Seven Art Gallery – Karachi. Dubai.
Poetic Strokes
Selfie Tv
KC24 – Kalash Creatives
Paws Trails

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#WatchMeDoIT at Fashion For All 2019



“Fashion For All ” the regions only Plus Size Fashion Show is back and is auditioning for Fashion Models on Saturday 29th of June at the Ghurair Centre from 4:00pm till 7:00pm. Everyone’s welcomed to audition; age’s 15yrs till 65yrs old, all nationalities and all sizes are invited to try out for the ramp.

Sami Al Hakeem – Vice President of Ghurair Centre says, “We at Ghurair Centre are extremely happy to host Fashion For All 2019, since our fashion brands and retailers cater to women of every age and style; the concept of celebrating women of all cultures truly resonates with our ethos”.

“The purpose of this show is to open the minds of our community about Beauty, which over the years has been marred by stereotypes; at FFA we aim to take a crack at all the perceptions of beauty. The slogan for this year is “Watch Me Do It” – its for every woman who was told she wasn’t good enough, wasn’t thin enough, wasn’t tall enough, wasn’t fair enough, at FFA we want to show you that you have always been more than enough and its time to show that to the world!” adds Zareen Khan – Founder of W2W Events (The Event Organizing Company of FFA)

The auditions for Fashion For All will take place at the central atrium of the mall, next to Marks & Spenser’s on the ground floor on Saturday 29th of June from 4:00pm till 7:00pm.

Audition Details:

Venue: Ghurair Centre

Date: Saturday 29thof June 2019

Time: 4:00pm till 7:00pm

For info: zareen@w2wevents.com


About FFA:

Woman2Woman Events & PR have conceptualized and Founded Fashion For All in 2010, this will be 8th year of this inspiring event. To learn more log on to FB: https://www.facebook.com/FashionForAllUAE

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Internationally acclaimed photojournalist Mobeen Ansari is heading to Dubai this September!


It’s official, we are proud to be hosting the highly celebrated international photojournalist Mobeen Ansari  – He is heading to Dubai, for his first Solo Exhibition in the UAE this September; his works have been previously exhibited in Canada, China, Italy, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Qatar, United States and UK.

Mobeen Ansari is an extremely talented photographer, filmmaker, artist & trekker based in Islamabad, Pakistan. His work reflects his passion of telling stories of Pakistan and its people like never seen before. Its an exhibition not to be missed, keep 17th of September 2019 free, to see the works of one of the world’s most celebrated photographer!

To follow Mobeen’s work:

Insta: @mobeenansariphoto

Flickr:  http://www.flickr.com/mobeenansari

FB:  http://www.facebook.com/mobeenart


Event is organized by:
W2W Events

Event is supported by:
Studio Seven Art Gallery – Karachi. Dubai.
Poetic Strokes
Selfie Tv
KC24 – Kalash Creatives
Paws Trails


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Courtney Brandt shares the inspiration behind “CSR of One” her Podcast show on AMAEYA FM

C Brandt seated.jpg

introducing Courtney Brandt

As an author, I’ve published 10 novels and am basically always writing or editing the next one. I tend to write roughly a book a year.  As a blogger and food writer, I publish under A to Za’atar, and post about dining experiences in the UAE and beyond. You might also hear me on the radio, where I talk about all things dining with Helen Farmer on Dubai Eye, and I also do a small amount of copywriting.  When I’m not writing something, I volunteer once a week with K9 Friends.

Connection to Amaeya FM

I had heard a Tales of the Trade episode late in 2018 and actually went to meet Chirag to pitch a food-related show.  On a whim, I also pitched the CSR idea, which I had only been thinking about, but hadn’t done much with actually developing the project.  Fast forward six months and we’ve recorded over 10 episodes! It’s been a very collaborative and educational process.

IMG_1002 (1).JPG

Advantage of Podcast shows

I’ve been listening for at least five years to various podcasts and can’t imagine my life without some of them (especially in Dubai traffic).  I think podcasts represent a medium that is wonderfully passive and an excellent way to show not only creativity but also to learn about nearly any topic.  You can listen at your own pace and binge if you feel like it. We intentionally made our episodes on the short side, so they would be easy to listen to, and did our best to include a range of guests that would hopefully interest our listeners.

Inspiration for CSR One 

Honestly, I ended 2018 on a bit of a negative note.  I found interactions on Instagram to be increasingly toxic and wondered what I could do to stop all of it.  I began unfollowing accounts that did nothing for me and instead focusing on people who were using their platforms for others.  I’ll admit I was a bit of a hypocrite for a while, but now I never think twice about posting something that isn’t “right” for my feed.  If it can help someone else, I’ll hope for the best — even if it means low engagement. I know there is traditional CSR in place, but I’m most interested in those working on an individual level to help others.

The Journey so far

At first, it didn’t seem entirely real – then we got our first few guests and went into the studio to record some of the intros and outros.  When the first episode actually went live – I was more than ready! I’ve been so proud to share all that our guests have been involved with. I’ve learned about so many amazing organizations and about what it takes to produce a podcast.

Roadblocks to overcome

Really, much like many of the groups we’ve talked about, it would be great to have a budget to boost awareness about the podcast.  I think we have some awareness, but I really want to develop a larger group of listeners, as well as spark some conversations about charities on a large scope in the UAE.  Long term, I’d love to take the show internationally and interview people around the world.

Labor of love 

My producer Chirag and I are both doing this pro bono. So it’s just a matter of donating our time so far. I’d guess we’d both be working on this about 3 hours or so a week.  Would I love to make money on the podcast? Of course! However, I’m prepared this might never happen. If someone wanted to offer corporate sponsorship to pay for studio time, etc. we would definitely be interested.

High Point

We’re about to release a special recap episode which highlights some of my favorite moments, but hearing about the ZB Foundation was truly emotional. I’m still in awe of Dani and all she’s done in the fact of tragedy.  We were also well impressed with 11-year-old Una who was an absolute pro talking to us about her journey with autism.

Follow Courtney on:





Note by the Author:

I had learnt about CSR One just a week ago and needless to say, I was extremely keen to know more and it lead to this interview with the lovely Courtney Brandt. As a thoroughbred  Dubaite, I can honestly say that we need more CSR initiatives to be highlighted, we need more community involvement and we need to applaud people like Chirag & Courtney who have created this incredible platform to share and inspire real life stories of individuals working within our community to make a difference.

~ Zareen Khan

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DSC02248.jpgEating out is increasingly becoming a culture in the UAE- in fact, Dubai’s stance as a global destination is reiterated by the booming F&B industry. As international and regional competitors enter the market, the sector will continue to grow exponentially. This raises the question then- why does the F&B Industry need licensed dietitians & nutritionists?

We’re here to share with you the top 4 reasons you need a registered dietitian for your F&B Solutions;

  1. Educate your consumers to become informed buyers!

    As conscious eating becomes trendier, and consumers become smarter, they are constantly on the lookout for an experience further to taste, smell and looks – they want information. By providing credible, reliable and easy to understand nutritional information to consumers, F&B outlets spread a key message – they want to contribute to the bottom-line by detailing a way in which consumers can essentially shop smarter.

  2. Being transparent with your consumers builds trust!

    A registered dietitian enables outlets to have a health professional expert on their team, which gives them the opportunity to educate & most importantly, engage their customers. Dietitians provide a platform of transparency to diners that consequently bring the benefits of brand loyalty. At the brink of it, dietitians & nutritionists make fantastic brand ambassadors– their aim is to protect the brand but also be the voice of reason to build trust.

  3. Helps your team look at solutions differently!

    Based on extensive knowledge of their nutrition database, dietitians provide a unique perspective by bringing certain expertise that traditional culinary teams don’t necessarily have. From the curation of menus and recipes, to ingredient and product vetting, to running competitive analysis on food trends, dietitians offer a deeper level of understanding and education to staff in order to develop ambitious end results and consumers to reap the benefits of those results!

  4. Constantly innovate & develop to stay on top of trends!

    Many brands are largely aware of the conflicting information on health, diet and food trends available to consumers today- dietitians and nutritionists are able to see past the fluff to determine what’s worth implementing in a F&B culture. An expansive part of their advantage is constantly being on top of Food Safety & FDA Regulations, as well as being able to vet the current needs of various customers and in turn, working with a restaurant’s culinary team to develop menus, recipes & items to ensure they adhere to brand standards whilst simultaneously being innovative.

About the authors – Nadine Tayara & Maria Abi Hanna are the co-founders of KeepEATreal & licensed dietitians and nutrition consultants. KeepEATreal is a nutrition and lifestyle consultancy established in 2015 to meet the growing demand from consumers for healthier food in the Middle East. We noticed that while there were many dietitians who offer one-on-one counseling, few do so at a business level. As the authority on nutrition and wellness, KeepEATreal supports the food, healthcare, hospitality, and education industries, working together to create healthier food initiatives for their customers, clients and students. We are based in Dubai, UAE, but work with clients, big and small, across the world. Our services include recipe development, marketing communications, nutrition analysis, food and health policy analysis and strategy development. Please see our f&B services and corporate wellness pages to learn more about our work.


“Sparky’s VR Zone” attracts thousands of gamers at the launch over Eid Al Fitr in Sparky’s FEC in Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi



Saudi based Al Hokair Group in partnership with Immotion Group plc successfully launched Sparky’s Virtual reality Zone in Sparky’s family entertainment Center at Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi and now the Al Hokair Group gears up to launch Sparky’s VR Zones all across Saudi Arabia!

JO7A8918 (Custom).JPG

The Mushirf Mall in Abu Dhabi was buzzing over the Eid holidays with thousands of VR fans and gamers pouring in to experience the brand new “Sparky’s VR Zone” in Sparky’s Family entertainment centre. The grand opening was held on the first day of Eid Al fitr 4th of June and to kick-start the celebrations; Sparky’s VR Zone was offered to visitors FREE of charge for the first hour of opening from 5:00pm till 6:00pm, and also a special launching promotion “ Mega Offer” to actively immerse in the overwhelming variety of experiences that are most realistic in nature in the newly opened zone.


“We at Al Hokair Group were extremely pleased to see the incredible turnout at the brand new Sparky’s VR Zone, we feel a great sense of pride and achievement to offer the Middle East an unparalleled experience of Virtual Reality gaming and family entertainment! This huge success of our new addition encourages us to move forward to introducing many more VR zones throughout Saudi Arabia” says, Mr. Mishal Al Hokair / Al Hokair Group Deputy CEO & General Manager – Entertainment

JO7A8932 (Custom).JPG

The state of the art technology based Virtual Reality Zone at Sparky’s family entertainment centre is the first of its kind in the UAE; introduced in the region by Al Hokair Group in partnership with Immotion Group plc. This comprehensive virtual reality (VR) gaming zone includes Chimpact World Rally, a fun racing simulator game, flying in space with Delta Zero , and Swimming with Humpbacks, a global first for the VR industry.  The VR zone adds to Sparky’s already extensive options of entertainment for the whole family including, Bowling alleys, family ice rink, 4D cinema, kids & adults rides and arcade games.

Al Hokair Group:

Al Hokair group is a name that has been tied the world of hospitality and entertainment for decades. To many, it has become the first name that comes to mind when tourism in Saudi Arabia or the Arabian world are mentioned. The group was started in 1975 to invest in the sectors of entertainment and hospitality under the leadership of Sheikh Abdulmohsin Alhokair. Over five decades, the group’s projects expanded to include 91 entertainment centers and 35 hotels spread in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

The group continues to develop its tourism investments to deliver the best of what top global companies offer by attracting expertise and establishing partnerships that enhance returns of investment and makes a difference in the fields of entertainment and hospitality.

Sparky’s ME:

Web: https://www.sparkysme.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Sparkysme/; https://www.facebook.com/sparkysUAE/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparkysme/?hl=en, https://www.instagram.com/sparkys_uae/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparkysme?lang=en ,



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“From escaping war to representing Yemen at the Olympics” the incredible story of the Olympian Fatima Sulaiman Dahman

Fatima Sulaiman Dahman at the 2012 Olympics 

Fatima Sulaiman Dahman was born on 10th of November 1992 in Taiz, Yemen to Abdullah Sulaiman Dahman and Zahra Brek Abdullah Al Zubedi. Little did they know at the time that their daughter will be representing Yemen at the 2012 Olympics in London.

For Fatima, there were many obstacles to overcome, before reaching the Olympics in London. Hailing from Yemen where the country was swarming with internal tribal conflicts and facing debilitating political war. Life in Yemen was absorbed around survival.

With literally no budget for trainers or fitness plans, lack of facilities and resources, Fatima’s ground reality of becoming an Athlete were very grim; despite all the odds stacked against her, for Fatima to reach the Olympics is a story of sheer determination and will.

What made you decide to become a runner?

I always loved running, whether it was playing games at school or running after children; I was quick on my feet. A teacher in school took notice and signed me up for a running competition in school. I ran and did really well, I continued competing and within 2 years was selected nationally for competitions within Yemen.

I competed in close to 50 competitions at the national level and mostly holding top scores; I was noticed and offered to compete internationally too.

Fatima with her Mom and Dad 

Was your family supportive?

Well, if it wasn’t for my parents I think none of this would be possible. My father is a Yemeni and comes from a very conservative background, my Mother is half Yemeni and half African and she is very encouraging of empowering girls. My mother was with me every step of the way, she did for me what even the best coach couldn’t do. She constantly believed in me, even when I wasn’t sure, she always was. When I was tired and wanted to drop the towel, she held me up and motivated me to think the unthinkable and to do the impossible. She didn’t just make me dream big, but once I started competing nationally, more than 20 other girls joined the sports, we were opening doors that were once closed to females.

Where my mother fed my soul, my Father educated me about physical strength and health, he is a Pharmacist by profession and he guided me about nutrition and how to take care of my body to compete in the grueling conditions.


How did your community react?

Initially, everyone was very skeptical and critical of my choice to be a runner. They had never seen a Muslim Hijabi athlete, it was unheard off at the time and I was under a microscope. It’s only recently that brands have taken consideration of female Muslim athletes and started designing sportswear that is more modest. But when I was starting off, it was me against the world and my community followed all my competitions closely, from what I wore to how I scored, when they saw that I was representing a positive side to the country, I gained their respect and truly enjoy the overwhelming fan following from my hometown.

Fatima Sulaiman Dahman – The Yemeni Olympian

What’s been your biggest learning as an Athlete?

I was a teen when competing on a national level and just 19yrs old when I got to the Olympics. For me, being in sports changed my life, it opened my world to other cultures, I met people from across the globe, different faces and different races. We all came together with a vision to make our country proud, to work hard to prove our self. The amount of self-discipline and dedication that an Olympian has to go through can either make you or break you. I am grateful that it made me who I am today, I am a woman with so much gratitude to be given the opportunity to realize my dream and compete in the highest playing field in the world, the Olympics!

Note by the Author:

I had always been a fan of Fatima but my meeting her was a sheer coincidence. I had been visiting my sister in Vancouver (April 2019) and while I was there, I signed up to volunteer my time at the local mosque. While, I was packing food items – next to me stood none other than the Olympian runner Fatima Sulaiman Dahman. I instantly requested her for a quick interview and she politely accepted. Fatima had to relocate from Yemen to Canada in 2015, due to war and unrest in her hometown. She now resides in Vancouver with her husband and one daughter. Even though she no longer is competing professionally, she offers fitness training to the ladies in the community on a volunteer basis. Such is the heart of this beautiful athlete, which continues to inspire and support everyone around her.

Zareen Khan

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“Back to Basics” a solo Art exhibition by the celebrated Pakistani Artist Sadaqat Pervaiz

Sadaqar P Q.jpg

Opening on Saturday 22nd of June till 29th of June at Gallery 76

“Back to Basics” is a collection of intricately detailed sketches, scenic landscapes and alluring portraits that have inspired the talented artist Sadaqat Pervaiz through his creative endeavors. This solo exhibition will showcase around 40 of Sadaqat’s incredible artworks; the show opens on Saturday 22nd of June at 7:00pm onwards and runs till the 29th of June at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre.


Sadaqat was born in Wazirabad, Punjab in 1956 and his passion for the arts led him to enroll in the National College of Arts in Lahore. Sadaqat’s first job was as a cartoonist in 1979 at The Muslim Newspaper – the first English daily newspaper in Islamabad. Later he joined MIDAS Advertising in Lahore, and took charge of the Art Department, where he dedicated himself to a number of national level projects. In 1991, he moved to the UAE, and soon joined Expo Centre Sharjah, where he worked as the Art Director for 18 years.


In his own words, Sadaqat explains: “I had always been interested in drawing and painting; sketching, making people’s portraits, and creating landscapes was like second nature to me. When I am painting or drawing, I do not think about the type of medium I have before me or the type of stationary in my hand. It could be a pencil, a ballpoint pen, or even a paintbrush, but to me it does not make a difference. What matters is capturing the image that has caught my attention. At times the urge to draw something is so strong that I just grab whatever is closest to me and start sketching.”


A celebrated landscape artist, Sadaqat’s work has been showcased at a number of art events in cities across Pakistan including solo exhibitions in Lahore and Islamabad. ‘Back to Basics’ will be his first Solo Art Exhibition in Dubai, opening on 22nd of June till 29th of June at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre.


Exhibition Details: –

Venue: Gallery 76 at Dubai International Art Centre, 75 B street, Villa 27 Jumeirah 1

Opening Date: Saturday 22nd of June, 2019

Time: 7:00pm onwards

Exhibition dates: 22nd till 29th of June 2019

To RSVP: zareen@w2wevents.com

Gallery Contact: 04 344 4398


For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: zareen@w2wevents.com052 – 765 55255