DSC02248.jpgEating out is increasingly becoming a culture in the UAE- in fact, Dubai’s stance as a global destination is reiterated by the booming F&B industry. As international and regional competitors enter the market, the sector will continue to grow exponentially. This raises the question then- why does the F&B Industry need licensed dietitians & nutritionists?

We’re here to share with you the top 4 reasons you need a registered dietitian for your F&B Solutions;

  1. Educate your consumers to become informed buyers!

    As conscious eating becomes trendier, and consumers become smarter, they are constantly on the lookout for an experience further to taste, smell and looks – they want information. By providing credible, reliable and easy to understand nutritional information to consumers, F&B outlets spread a key message – they want to contribute to the bottom-line by detailing a way in which consumers can essentially shop smarter.

  2. Being transparent with your consumers builds trust!

    A registered dietitian enables outlets to have a health professional expert on their team, which gives them the opportunity to educate & most importantly, engage their customers. Dietitians provide a platform of transparency to diners that consequently bring the benefits of brand loyalty. At the brink of it, dietitians & nutritionists make fantastic brand ambassadors– their aim is to protect the brand but also be the voice of reason to build trust.

  3. Helps your team look at solutions differently!

    Based on extensive knowledge of their nutrition database, dietitians provide a unique perspective by bringing certain expertise that traditional culinary teams don’t necessarily have. From the curation of menus and recipes, to ingredient and product vetting, to running competitive analysis on food trends, dietitians offer a deeper level of understanding and education to staff in order to develop ambitious end results and consumers to reap the benefits of those results!

  4. Constantly innovate & develop to stay on top of trends!

    Many brands are largely aware of the conflicting information on health, diet and food trends available to consumers today- dietitians and nutritionists are able to see past the fluff to determine what’s worth implementing in a F&B culture. An expansive part of their advantage is constantly being on top of Food Safety & FDA Regulations, as well as being able to vet the current needs of various customers and in turn, working with a restaurant’s culinary team to develop menus, recipes & items to ensure they adhere to brand standards whilst simultaneously being innovative.

About the authors – Nadine Tayara & Maria Abi Hanna are the co-founders of KeepEATreal & licensed dietitians and nutrition consultants. KeepEATreal is a nutrition and lifestyle consultancy established in 2015 to meet the growing demand from consumers for healthier food in the Middle East. We noticed that while there were many dietitians who offer one-on-one counseling, few do so at a business level. As the authority on nutrition and wellness, KeepEATreal supports the food, healthcare, hospitality, and education industries, working together to create healthier food initiatives for their customers, clients and students. We are based in Dubai, UAE, but work with clients, big and small, across the world. Our services include recipe development, marketing communications, nutrition analysis, food and health policy analysis and strategy development. Please see our f&B services and corporate wellness pages to learn more about our work.