#EveryGirlCan Summer Camp is the first All Girls Camp at Dubai Sports World


Starting from 7th July till 1st of August

EVERY GIRL CAN Summer Camp, providing girls aged 6-14 the opportunity to feel empowered through the enjoyment of physical activity.

The camp aims to address alarming statistics showing that just 1 in 10 girls in the UAE meet the recommended levels of 150 minutes of physical activity per day. Research shows that the key reasons for girls dropping out of physical activity are shortage of confidence, lack of positive body image, and a perception that sport is too competitive. On the other hand, feedback from girls on what motivates them to be active cites simply, fun and enjoyment – which is precisely in line with the values of Dubai-based physical literacy company, Movement&Me, creators of the #EveryGirlCan summer camp.


This unique all girls camp aims to offer a variety of sporting activities for girls including Basketball, Volleyball, Cycling Studio, Kickboxing, Ninja Warrior Course, Badminton, Ping Pong (Table Tennis) and Yoga. However, what truly makes this camp a power packed all girls camp is the Leadership and team building efforts that the organizers have conceptualized; the all girls camp creates a safe environment for girls to step out of their comfort zone and build their confidence and interpersonal skills by engaging them as moderators in an informal friendly talk session; where campers take charge and run sessions themselves, challenge themselves not just in the sporting activities but are also encouraged to lead panel discussion sessions with their peers.

Paul Dodd, Founder of Movement&Me explains the initiative, “We believe that for people to engage in and value physical activity for life, we must create enjoyable experiences. Enjoyment is the biggest driver of physical activity, which in turn creates happier, healthier, confident and more resilient children and adults. EveryGirlCan is dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls to develop their enthusiasm for sport.”

Adding to this, Robyn Heatherington, Camp Co-ordinator explains, “As concerns about children’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing continue to rise, the importance of motivating children to be active could not be any greater, and this is particularly true for girls and young women. I’ve always taken fitness seriously since childhood and realized how it’s helped me not just to stay physically strong but even mentally. It’s been my vision to make sure more girls take up to sport and being in Dubai which truly is a great space for entrepreneurs and startups, launching #EVERYGIRLCAN with Movement and Me just proves that EVERY GIRL CAN”.

Every Girl Can is lead by sporting athletes and ambassadors inspiring the next generation of girls across the UAE by sharing their own stories, their fall and rise and what it takes to make things happen. The camp will introduce the girls to athletes, fitness experts, nutritionists and nature and wildlife conservationists; ensuring that this experience is a life changing one, for all who participate.

Event Details: –

Gender: For all girls

Ages: 6–14 years

Dates: 7th July to 1st August (Sunday–Thursday)

Venue: Dubai Sports World at The Dubai World Trade Centre

Time: 10:00am till 2:00pm

Cost per week: AED 550 per week

To register: info@movementandme.com

Criteria to enter: You don’t have to love sport, whether you’re actively playing sports, or never ever played sport… the #EveryGirlCan Summer Camp can be the first step to a confident new YOU!

About Movement&Me:

Movement&Me has one mission: To get more people, more active, more often by enjoying it. We believe that through movement, we can do more than just help people get fit we build confidence, competence and self-esteem, positively impacting an individual’s everyday life. We deliver physical activity programmes and training that supports in creating active communities, work spaces and schools, building a legacy in our path.

Our Physical Literacy approach encompasses the holistic benefits that Movement, Play and Physical Activity bring to us all, which in turn directly improves an individual’s:

  • Motor development
  • Thinking and learning
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Self-esteem and self-worth
  • Attention and focus

The EveryGirlCan summer camp will host:

  • I Can Sports: Activities to develop an ‘I can’ attitude to a range of sports,
  • Empower Workshops: Talks from sporting role models,
  • Challenge Me: Activities focusing on leadership, teambuilding and wellbeing.


FB: https://www.facebook.com/everygirlcan.ae/

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