Aarti Trikannad & Ruchi Undevia’s Film – “The People Whisperer” wins at the Zayed Film Competition by Baynounah TV

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UnSquare’s documentary film pays tribute to the Father of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, from the citizens & residents of the country

Founders of UnSquare Films Aarti Trikannad & Ruchi Undevia win second place at the “Zayed Film Competition by Baynounah TV”, they submitted their film to the channel on 15th of December 2018 and received a confirmation of winning the competition on 9th of June 2019. The official ceremony was held on 26th of June 2019.

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“One of the reasons for starting UnSquare Films was to create documentaries that would truly inspire us. Having grown up in the UAE and seeing the transformation of the country under the vision of Sheikh Zayed, this was a story we wanted to tell. With this competition we would have a platform for it too” explains Ruchi Undevia – Co founder of UnSquare Films.

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Aarti Trikannad – Co Founder of UnSquare Films adds, “For the concept to work, we were keen to interview people who have lived in UAE for decades, who would be able to describe the journey of UAE under Sheikh Zayed and how it had touched their lives and we were fortunate to find so many beautiful stories to weave in to our documentary!”

The award-winning documentary “The People Whisperer” is inspired the life of UAE’s most beloved leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan also known as the Father of the Nation. The film was conceptualized, shot and edited in a frame of fifteen days; the concept revolves around the voices of UAE’s citizens and residents.

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About UnSquare Films:

We venture out of the box to tell stories that celebrate love, laughter and life conversations of the common (wo)man in the Gulf through documentaries, films, web series, CSR videos or unconventional ads.

We have released 2 web series on our YouTube platform, UnSquare Films – Love Beyond Borders and Explorers of the Modern World. We are in the process of creating our third one – Platinum Blondes. We have worked on a documentary on HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. We have worked with corporate brands for their digital videos.

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Documentary name: The People Whisperer

Tagline: The one who echoed the voice of the nation

Logline: A Documentary film that reflects the vision of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan through the eyes of the people he loved the most, the people of United Arab Emirates.

Synopsis: A documentary film that explores the impact of a great leader, the father of United Arab Emirates, HH Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan on the people of UAE. During the course of the film it is the people of the country, the nationals and the expats, who identify his deep rooted values and his vision for the country that shapes their lives today.

Each anecdote shows the driving force of the visionary leader – his love for the people and the people’s love for him. Each segment traces his vision to truly listening to the people of the country. The film explores why he is fondly known as the Father of the Nation. It shares the legacy that he has left behind and how it is followed till today.

Overall the film shares his achievements through the people who mattered most to him as a fitting tribute to him. It looks to discover the source of his vision.


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