Escale’s Revival of traditional craftsmanship by “Empowering Women Artisans”

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Escale is an online fashion house that employees women from rural India in an effort to offer hope and opportunity

Escale was established in 2013 as an online Fashion brand with a passion for reviving traditional crafts. For the last three years the brand has collaborated with Design Deals at the Zoroastrian Welfare association in Ahmedabad in India and Amar Foundation for the widows of war in Iraq to offer employment and hope to women who have limited or close to no other source of income.

Ferzin Irani – Founder of Escale explains “When we began employing women artisans, it was initially challenging to train women to keep up with the production schedules & maintain international standards of quality but we didn’t consider it as a hurdle but rather an opportunity to make a difference. The idea was to firstly, offer women financial independence by creating a source of income for them and secondly we wanted to save and revive old traditional designs, embroidery’s and stitches.”

  Escale has 5 full time artisans & many freelancers who come in to the workshop on a per day basis. These could range from eight to twelve persons at a day depending on their domestic commitments, therefore the company remains flexible to continuously offer more employment opportunities to women and looks forward to establishing Escale as a globally recognized brand with a conscience. Currently Escale is working on several projects, which are under the research & development process. One of them is to revive the old Parsi craft of Gara back in to mainstream fashion.

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About Escale:

Escale is for women who touch lives. Caring, confident women, determined to unlock their full potential and to help others achieve their dreams at the same time. When you choose to buy a design from Escale, you are touching the lives of the very people who have inspired the extraordinary in you.

We source fair trade natural fabrics from around the world and employ gifted artisan women in their own countries to add that exclusive Escale touch of beautiful challenge.

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Awards won by Escale:

  • Women Leaders in UAE in 2015
  • Women Super Achiever Award at 6th World Women Leadership Congress in 2019
  • Best Eco-friendly Women’s Fashion Brand 2019 & Distinction award for Disadvantaged Female Empowerment 2019 at MEA Markets 2019


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