“Pakistan is full of heroes. Some are recognizable, some are anonymous. I wanted to meet and photograph them all” ~ Mobeen Ansari



True to his words, Mobeen has documented humanitarian efforts and CSR initiatives throughout Pakistan; in-turn giving a voice to the voiceless and an identity to the otherwise anonymous.

The undeniably selfless humanitarian – Abdul Sattar Edhi was also featured in Mobeen’s book – “Dharkan – the Heartbeat of a Nation” the book celebrates Pakistan’s incredible icons who have been instrumental in transforming the country with their talent and service. Edhi Sahib had founded the Edhi Foundation, which operates the worlds largest volunteer ambulance network, along with homeless shelters, animal shelters, orphanages and rehab centres across Pakistan.

July 29th  Post.jpg

To see more of this brilliant Photojournalist’s work, visit Mobeen Ansari’s solo exhibition in Dubai “Conversations through Centuries”; opening on Tuesday the 17th of September at 7:00pm and the show will continue till the 28th of September at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.

Presenting Photojournalist:
Mobeen Ansari is an extremely talented photographer, filmmaker, author, artist & trekker based in Islamabad, Pakistan. His work tells stories of Pakistan and its people like never seen before.

Event & PR:
W2W Events

Event is supported by:
Studio Seven Art Gallery – Karachi. Dubai.
Poetic Strokes
Selfie Tv
KC24 – Kalash Creatives
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