Sustainable Art Exhibition – “a true renaissance of trash!”


Sustainable Art Exhibition is a collaborative show by contemporary artists Beena Samuel and Diyali Bhalla, exploring the idea of mindful consumption, promoting conscious and sustainable living practices by using pre-used materials to create intriguing forms from paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, fabric, metal wire.  Their works are at once feminine and yet also strong, offering a striking balance between hard and soft material. The exhibition will open on 16th of November at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre.


Diyali Bhalla says, “The objective of this thought provoking collaborative exhibition is to consider the environmental effects of mass production, commercialism, and consumerism. We are on a mission to be part of the change – to reduce, re-use, upcycle”.  

Beena Wilson Samuel US Visa 2019.jpg
“Our art aims to evoke a beautiful balance between strong and soft textures. The works are organic and in a state of constant evolution to symbolize the constant change in the environment and how humans are always a constant part of that!” adds Beena Samuel

The exhibition is set to showcase a mix of artworks like Collage, Tapestry, Sculptural Wall Mounted Pieces and Woven Wall installations, their material journeys are all works in progress, cutting and pieced together, constantly evolving to create one collective tapestry. They become powerful visual metaphors that tackle topics of renewal, upcycling and our fragile earth.

Sustainable Art exhibition is open to public and art lovers alike, opening of the exhibition on 16th November till the 23rd of November 2019 at Gallery76, Dubai International Art Centre, Jumeira.

Interestingly there are interactive pieces included in the show, which can be worked on by the viewers during the opening and all throughout the weeklong show, creating an immersive experience for the UAE community in this ‘Year of Tolerance’.

About DIAC:

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