“In Monochrome” a Solo Art Exhibition by Priyanka Vijayan


“In Monochrome, do We Find the Complexities of Life” is the theme of Priyanka’s Solo Exhibition opening on 4th of December at Studio Seven Art Gallery

“In Monochrome” a solo art exhibition by Priyanka Vijayan combines the strokes of white and black to form a full picture, creating hyper realistic pieces by utilizing the emotions and passions of each of these colors, weaving them together to create a fuller, complete piece of art. Exhibition is set to open on 4th of December from 7:00pm onwards and the works will be on display till 8th of December at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE.

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Priyanka Vijayan

It is only by allowing vulnerability that art can truly come to life. While many of my works fill the viewer with awe and emotion by its beauty and lavishness, the works within this show does much more than that – it seeks to connect to the soul of the viewer, and forces them to stare back into what, at the end of the day, we all truly are – mixtures of darkness and light, in varying measure” say’s Priyanka Vijayan.

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Self-taught artist Priyanka Vijayan finds the beauty, the most real, and the starkest depictions of life within her work in monochrome. Visitors of the show can expect to see the richness stripped away into something more raw – something more real. Priyanka, successfully reinforces the theme by playing with darkness and light to a point where the artworks realistically starts to stare back at the viewer. The show opens from 4th till 8th of December 2019 at Studio Sever Art Gallery.


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