“Learning has no Age” is the powerful message behind Mahmood & Son’s latest commercial


Mahmood 500 Premium Basmati RICE 1121 is now available online www.mahmoodsons.com

Mahmood & Sons is now officially online and is championing the concept that “Learning has no age” with its brand new commercial for produced by Selfie TV team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bMF86YDyWw&t=11s

JO7A5416.JPGThe commercial revolves around two principle characters, a daughter and her mother. The Mother comes home from a tiresome grocery trip and the daughter suggests to try online shopping, to which the mother shows hesitation; which inspires the daughter to walk her Mother step by step guide to online shopping, explaining and encouraging her Mother with the confidence to try something new with the notion that “Learning has no age”.

IMG_5170.JPG“When we were brainstorming for the commercial, on the best way to announce that Mahmood 500 Premium Basmati Rice 1121 is available online; we didn’t want to challenge the conventional way of shopping instead we wanted to show an alternative and a more convenient way of shopping to the buyers, constantly keeping in mind that “Learning has no age” says Sahar Mahmud – Founder of Selfie TV.

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Website: http://mahmoodsons.com

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