‘ALEPH – A Caravan Serai for South Asia & the Muslim World!’ (5th till 7th of December 2019)


Aleph Collective is proud to announce its flagship project, ‘ALEPH – A Caravan Serai for South Asia & the Muslim World!’ a series of pop-up events scheduled to take place this December at Al Serkal Avenue: Cinema Akil & Sima Performing Arts Centre, and Nasab Dubai. 


The events include a Qawalli night, an exclusive documentary screening & a listening party in collaboration with the regions biggest Podcast show, Kerning Cultures: 
What to expect at the pop-ups:

Focused on South Asia and the Muslim world at large, under the theme, ‘The Root of Everything’, the inaugural edition will be held in Dubai!

Be it food or ecology, heritage to public art, literature, films, theatre and music to tech & science, everything will come together to engage, have authentic conversations, collaborate, and create with the 195+ nationalities that we call community!

Come, be a part of our caravan!

For more details contact: rohadaud24@gmail.com