“The Vanishing Pole” a glance at the climate change crisis in the Arctic


 “The Vanishing Pole” an exhibition by wildlife photographer Nitin Michael

Canon in partnership with Nature Art Trails Institute will be hosting a one month exclusive photographic exhibition “The Vanishing Pole” showcasing the endangered wildlife in the Arctic region captured by the award winning wildlife photographer Nitin Michael from 12th of December 2019 till 11th of January 2020 at the Time Square Centre.


“The Vanishing Pole” explores the extreme climate change affecting the wildlife; this show depicts Nitin Michael’s collection of photographs taken during his recent expedition to the Arctic. Nitin Michael went on his first ever safari when he was 14 years old, and fell in love with wildlife instantly. An avid traveler and wildlife lover, Nitin has been an active contributor in the wildlife photography industry over the last ten years.


Hermis Haridas – Co Founder of Nature Art Trails Institute says,  “Nature Art Institute believes in telling stories through photographs; hosting Nitin’s work is a step towards sharing a devastating fact about our current climate crisis and how its directly impacting the wildlife. According to WWF, the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. The average temperature of the Arctic has increased 2.3 Degrees Celsius since 1970’s and at this rate in a few years, there may be no ice left in the Arctic Ocean!”


 “We believe that a photograph can speak a thousand words, we hope that the images of this exhibition will educate the visitors about the seriousness of Climate change and we hope that it will inspire the visitors to play their part in conserving our environment and opting for a more sustainable lifestyle”  adds Nisha Pururshothaman – Co Founder of Nature Art Trails Institute


The Show opens on Thursday 12th of December 2019 from 7:00pm onwards at the Time Square Centre in Dubai and will run till the 11th of January 2020. Hosted by Canon and Nature Art Trails Institute, which is founded by Award winning Wildlife photographers Hermis Haridas & Nisha Pururshothaman with a vision of bringing people closer to nature using photography & art as the medium to spread awareness and education about conservation.

About the founders of Paws Trails Explorers & Nature Art Institute:

Paws Trails is a global platform for wildlife conservation, photography, art and travel, initiated by two wildlife photographers, Hermis Haridas and Nisha Purushothaman, in 2015. It is now a collective dream of a group of dedicated nature and wildlife enthusiasts – you could call it a unique initiative from the UAE to spread awareness on wildlife and conservation through art and photography. With the growing concerns the world is facing, this is an initiative to transform the youth population to connect with nature and our surrounding environment, to make our planet a better place to live in.

Paws Trails started with international wildlife photography workshops, and in the last four years, has expanded to four verticals: Education, Tours, Events, and Publishing. Having started with two individuals, we now have a team of approximately 200, including but not limited to photographers, conservationists, and scientists volunteering with us on our mission.

In 2018, Paws Trails organized an international wildlife festival in Dubai along with National Geographic Abu Dhabi and Emirates Nature-WWF, which was the first of its kind of event that the Middle East had seen. We have also organized 18 international wildlife photography exhibitions in UAE, and by December 2019, Paws Trails will have published its 20th edition of its online bi-monthly magazine, PT Explorers. Finally, within its 4 years of its commencement, Paws Trails has completed more than 50 international wildlife photography workshops in various parts of the world, with an increase in its popularity.  Now is 2019 the founders of Paws Trails Explorers take a step further and founded “Nature Art Trails Institute” to continue their mission to educate and conserve.

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